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Veteran, nerd, lover of Sci-Fi, and generaly angry black min. X box gamer tag: A Shiny Latias.


The year is 2062. 15 years after the fall of C.E.L.L and the defeat of the Ceph. Now 12 years after the events of the first Blacklight outbreak, New Manhattan Zero is a war zone with the infected, CELL remnant, and I.P.L.A attacking from all sides, and with Blackwatch and its allies are stuck in the middle. Now a Death squad consisting of Raptor squad led by lieutenant Lamar Qu Jameson delta force Nano-suit operations, and Reaper squad led by sergeant Mikelson and seconded by grenadier corporeal Cooper Conner Ex US Army Rangers, both squads are caught in an ambush with little hope of survival.
Little do the survivors of Death squad Zulu know that there lives are about to be changed forever. Can these hardened Blackwatch troopers save this new world from the coming storm and finally find peace, or will they be consumed by it?

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My own take on Red vs blue, and the halo universe.

Two Recovery agents, One an ODST whose skill against the covenant made him a spartan Four candidate. The other an ONI Beta-5 mercenary with trust issues and a mysterious past, get a mission that sends them to everyone's favorite planet.

What will these two Battle hardened soldiers find there? Love, Ponies, "The magic of friendship?" or all three? And what happened to the UNSC while they were gone? After all a lot can happen in three thousand years.

multiple game canon crossovers.

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(rewritten. go to my account for friends to the end rebirth)
Two Blackwatch soldiers. Best friends since they where young who after deserting their squads
to save some civilians are the last of Raptor and Reaper Squads. They are taken from their world just before there death at the hands of James Heller the Tango Primary. Now they must survive in a world full of colorful ponies.


More based on their militaristic side instead of just focusing on their powers. Also tell me if you liked it or not and why please.
And any ideas for future chapters are always welcome.

oc harems

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It was an average day for Shor Vadum zealot and descendant of Rtas Vadum who served as a fleet master in the covenant civil war.
Shor was trained in every weapon system in the galaxy and is the youngest ship master to ever serve in the human-sangheili alliance. But not even the
training of both the strongest forces in the galaxy can prepare him for today. This day will change the rest of his life.
How will he react when a world full of talking ponies needs protection and how will they react to him?

Halo crossover

more parts on my deviant art
parts are unedited

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