• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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The road ahead

"Audio recording, personal log, classified time, classified location."

"Classified, classified, Blackwatch intelligence, call-sign Agent Orion. I Cant say much about my previous life, but what i can say is Agency, Orion super soldier everything else, you guest it is Classified.
I will tell you that I work intelligence and long range recon for Prince Raptor not blackwatch. Raptor saved by life from a EQ revolutionary breeding camp. I ow him my life and when he came to me and asked me if i wanted to join blackwatch I agreed under the condition that i work for him not the princesses. This is Agent Orion signing off."

Shaka walked through the burning town, executing any C.E.L.L survivors that remained. He continued like this for hours before he finally came to the house where it all started. The corpses of the dead CELL troopers were being eaten by timber wolves.

"Alright. lets try this again." he said to himself as he dropped the 50. he salvaged from the destroyed A.S.T earlier, before he drew his SCAR and kicked the door into the house. He quickly and quietly cleared the entire first floor before entering the second level. However as he neared something from the room at the end of the hall, he braced himself against the wall before attempting to kick the door down only to be knocked on his ass as the door glowed green.

"Ow! well then." he stated, he knew he should have paid more attention to Twilight when she tried to teach him magic.

"Ok, lets try this again." he said before he punched it making it ripple.

"FUCK!" he tired waving his hands around before thinking and coming to the conclusion that he needed a new approach.

"Who ever's in there can you open the door pleas, so i don't sit out here making myself look like a fucking asshole." then all of a sudden the door pulsed green before slowly opening. Quickly he leveled his SCAR before entering the room to find the windows boarded up, a desk, a bed, and a closet but pretty spartan aside from the mare huddled in the corner of the room dressed in a tight wight shirt that complemented her pink coat and jeans.

"Wait a minute, Nymph?" he questioned lowering his SCAR as she looked into his visor.

"Raptor? what are you doing here?" she asked standing up before looking over his now outfit.

"I was about to ask you the same thing." he stated leaning out of the door and checking down the hall, clear.

"I was here visiting my family while Carapace stayed back in Canterlot to watch the house and attend the Galla, before these guys with weird armor showed up. I have been in here for two days" she explained crossing her arms under her chest and watching him with a very stern/quizzical and if you asked Shaka 'cute' look.

"I am here to figure out why the town is empty, guess CELL took everypony, the rest probably fled into that rain forest." he explained as she continued to watch him move around the room with that strange weapon of his as he came to rest by the window.

"Well i have to get back to Canterlot Carapace is expecting me back so is there anyway you could take me?" she asked curiously as she observed that he was looking out of the window before he took a small rectangle from his weapon check it for something, then slapped it back in.

"My ride had to beat feet. So it looks like we are walking, there is no other way back to Canterlot and its a two hundred mile walk." he stated before pushing himself off of the wall.

"What! Im not going out there with those guys still here..." she was about to continue before she was cut off.

"Look if you want to stick around here and wait for a rescue that's never coming, that's your business. But I am leaving in five minutes." he said before she watched him pull something on his weapon back before letting it go, making the weapon produce a 'Click, chick' sound. And Just like that the stallion who had saved her before just left to search her and her sisters house.

"...Hey wait up!"

(five minutes later)

'This house sucked, Not even a god damn ammo cache.' Shaka thought as he neared the main entrance having 'changed' into his Blackwatch uniform. As he neared the door he saw Nymph standing in the stare case with a white mid thy length yellow skirt and black polo while she held the straps to a pink back pack with a sleeping bag tucked under one arm.

"Deiced to come along huh?" he said removing his goggles and gas mask and lowering his hood. Not that he needed them, his nano-suit was part of his body.

"I- of course i did." she responded this was the first time she had seen his face. After all he did were a mask all the time he could have looked like any thing. But she was presently surprised instead of an ugly or old face she was met with the face of a stallion who appeared to be in his early 20's, somepony that could have been a model but decided to be what he is today instead.

"What? have i got something on my face." he asked coldly.

"Stay close to me, and you'll be alright." Raptor said before she watched him walk passed her and out of the door before hesitating to pick something up that was beside the door.

"Do i smell smoke?" she asked as she reached the botom of the stares.

"Yes." was the only response she received as she exited her and her sisters home for the first time in two days the magical ward she had placed on her room had blocked out any outside sounds aside from people she knew.

It was then when her eyes finally refocus allowing her to see the degree of the destruction. The entire town was on fire with random explosions rocking the landscape. Buildings collapsed as there frames or supports scummed to the flames, with broken bodies lying in the streets. Nymph then watched Raptor casually walk up to a stallion who was actually trying to drag himself away. So thinking Raptor was going to help him she was about to rush to his aide before Raptor reached down grabbed his long knife and stabbed him in the neck before turning to her as he put the knife back into the scabbard on his leg.

'Multiple contacts closing. Calculating alternate route'

"Suns coming up... Let's, Go" Raptor said before clicking the safety off on his scar and making sure she herd him before beginning to walk slowly towards the rain forest.

"So whats your family like?" he asked as he stepped over the first root of the forest trying to keep his companions spirits up.

"My mother is nice she adopted Carapace and I when we were just foals, we never knew our birth mother. My aunt is a little weird though she claims to own this forest." she answered before smacking a mosquito as she then looked up as she to stepped over the root. She noticed jealously that the insects of the forest seamed to be actively avoiding him, even the annoying mosquito's outright refused to go anywhere near him let alone bite him.

"That,s good to hear... hang on." he stated before dropped his large weapon and fired an arrow into the forest. Nymph was about to question why he did that before he lifted a bush to reveal one of those strangely armored stallions impaled to a tree.

"Ya sorry about that." she heard him say as he yanked the arrow out of the stallions heart. she was in utter shock no pony killed with such heartless efficiency. She saw the body erupt into orange fire as they walked away going unnoticed by her escort. Two continued for about three hours before another instead happened they found a very attractive mare just dancing in the forest.

"MA'am!...Ma'am!...I don't have time for this." Raptor said before hefting the HMG in the mares general direction 'chlick, chlick'. Almost immediately Nymph recognized the mare and tired to get her to move but it was no use because as it turned out she was out of ear shot.

"Wait. Let me try." Nymph pleaded. The two of them looked at one another for what felt like hours before he sighed.

"Your lucky I like you Nymph." Raptor said as he lowered his large weapon actually making her blush before he turned around lifting the weapon and began sweeping it over the area.

"What is this shit?" Shaka asked himself as he walked off, over to a pile of rank smelling purple goo and poked it with a stick.

' squish, squish' "Gross"

"Raptor?" he heard and when he turned around he saw Nymph in front of him. But something was off and he quickly found out why because he saw the Tag she had placed on her but back where he had left her.

"Rapto..'gugh'" he quickly grabbed and lifted the impostor by the throat before SECOND scanned her for any traces of the Mercer virus finding none.

'No viral catalysts detected. recommend immediate termination.'

"Nice try." 'squelch' he quipped before impaling the impostor through the stomach. But what he didn't expect was for the body to quickly ignite with green flames making him drop the corps immediately.

"...I didn't expect that." he stated genuinely confused. But he had to admit that this thing looked fucking cool. He then decided to poke it with his typhoon for about 15 minutes before getting bored picking it up and walking off.

"Thanks for understanding this means alot to me..." Nymph said.

"We drones live to serve mistress." the mare said with a bow.

"Now go tell the others drones not to.."

"Hey Hymph! Have you ever seen one of these things they are cool as shi..." the two heard before turning around to see Raptor walking out from behind a bush dragging a dead drone behind him by the horn.

"Well then? this is new." he said holding his Typhoon across his chest. The two creatures in front of him looked almost exactly like the one he had just killed. however while the one he killed had green parts, he could easily Nymph identify by the dress and backpack despite her black exoskeleton and the pail yellow parts to her body, she kept her silver mane only now it had the ever so slightest hint of platinum blond that brought out her green and pink slitted eyes, that were accented by her transparent yellow insect like wings. She stood the taller then the other one who looked kind of gender neutral but more like a mare sort of who had orange/yellow parts to her body?

"Feel free to yell, and shun my like the others." Nymph said strongly crossing her arms with her wings fluttering a bit with a slight chittering sound.

"I don't care." he said with an emotionless face.

"Do you see now? We can never form relationships outside of out hives. Non changelings are to fearful, to scared of what they don't understand to accept something like us." the changeling to next to her said.

"I said i don't care. your different I understand." he said slinging his weapon it was going to be dark in two hours and his suits visor was going crazy with blue static before he shook it off.

"What makes you different, pony? what makes you think you are worthy of me? What makes you thing you can understand me?" Nymph asked defensively yet arrogantly. Before she and the drone beside her actually recoiled slightly as his body was covered in a mass of writhing black and red tendrils as his body shifted. When they receded Raptor was replaced with an average sized earthpony in the same armor as some of the dead stallions from back in the town.

"This." he said in different voice with a smirk under his glowing red downward facing triangle shaped visor.

"you are dismissed speak of this to nopony." she was actually surprised she had never heard of a race that could change forms besides Changelings.

"Yes mistress." the changeling said before flying off.

"Well i guess we all have our secrets don't we, Raptor. Now shall we continue onward?" Nymph said with a kind of smirk that Lamar couldn't place.

"sure. I like this you by the way." he said as shifted back to his original form before took out his SCAR.

"Lead the way." she responded with a small smile. Before her escort began trudging through the forest as she followed close behind. The two walked in relative silence collecting firewood along the way.

(two hours later)

"Come on. We'll stay in here for the night." Shaka offered climbing onto a rock and set down the HMG before kneeling down holding his left out a hand to help which was promptly slapped away.

"I appreciate the sentiment Raptor, but I can take care of my self." Nymph stated climbing onto the rock swaying her hips as she walked into the cave ahead of him.

"im sure you can" He stated as he continued staring into the forest tracing left and right with his riffle. As he attached a scope he could hear his companion setting things up for the night.

"will you tell me something?"Nymph asked as she opened her sleeping bag.

"anything." he responded as he aimed down the sight of the scope at something that caught his interest.

'sonar engaged...Cell detected. recommend immediate termination'

"Why don't you return to your natural form?"she asked as tried to start a fire with the wood they had collected. She watched him lower his riffle was it, before raising it again.

"this is my natural form." he said looking over his shoulder before attaching a silencer to his SCAR.

"Whelp." he continued to say as he fired a round into a distant Cell troopers head. Before standing up and walking over to where Nymph was struggling to start a fire much to his amusement.

"Need some help there shape shifter?" shaka asked before placing the HMG against the wall and pulling out a flare and tossing it into the makeshift fire pit.

"Man im beat." he said exasperated as he sat down across from Nymph and shifting into his Nano-suit before placing his SCAR in front of him before proceeding to clean the weapon.



"What was your family like?" Nymph questioned before she watched him pick up his weapon and took out the barrel.

"I dont remember." he said as he watched his charge get into her sleeping bag, before dawning the nanosuits mask and reassembling his SCAR.

"Lets get some sleep." he continued before punting out the small fire.

"Where are you going to sleep?" Nymph asked shifting further into her bag and watching him shift about. Despite the lack of ambient light being a changeling has its advantages such as night vision. She continued to look at him as he seemed to be just sitting there silently staring at her, however truth be told she couldn't really tell thanks to that visor. She then heard something behind her and saw Raptor shoot up with his weapon before walking up and stepping over her.

He just stood there for what felt like hours, before finally lowing his weapon and retaking his spot across from her, and the staring contest continued before she saw his head dip before his body slightly relaxed.

"Good night to you too." She quipped before falling asleep.


'WARNING Unknown shutdown. All systems impaired. switching to, core function mode, Life support priority'

Author's Note:

Hey let me know what you thought.

Also how do you think i am incorporating the Nano-suit and the evolved powers together, as well as separately?

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