• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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Portal to Equestria

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Lamar screamed as the whole of his body hurt but more so in his back and his head. As visions of a land a planet that were not his own filled his mind, the burning in his back intensified as wings sprouted and skull spit as a horn appeared and knowledge of a life he didn't live was installed but keeping the integrity of his old life.
"FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Lamar shouted in pain as he slammed into the ground then darkness.


“Activating Defibrillator."



'cough' 'cough' Raptors, Reapers 'cough' sound off.” Lamar struggled to say as he opened his eyes and tried to stand up and fell to his knees. He tried to stand again this time with success and as he stumbled to his feet he found his riffle shouldered his weapon, took a deep breath exhaled slowly and started to listen.

The freshness of the air greeted his nostrils the scent of rotting leaves, fresh pine, and spross reminded him of his home state of Pennsylvania. The non-polluted air the bite of a cool midnight breeze at his back and forehead, the sounds of night time creatures greeted his ears crickets and a rattel snake at the border of the small clearing he was in. However the sound of a distant howl brought him out of his trance.

"Wolves? They don't keep wolves in the habitat domes?" He asked himself before looking up shocked and amazed that above him there was no lattes work of massive plexi reflective panels, No giant spires to rain missile retailed death from above, no raur of VTOL engines no screams of pain or pleas for death, and that moon it was strange like it was to close to the planet and had a strange pattern of craters that resemble a unicorn, it was all to strange for him so he got back to the task at hand.

"Raptors, Reapers. This is Raptor two-one call sign Shaka to Zulu Death squad sound off." He ordered as he did a scan of the area with Nano vision but a strange red mist seamed to be jamming the readout.

"Mother? Redcrown? NAX?" he tried again asking for the three over watch AI's on any Blackwatch mission and again he was meet with nothing, so he decided to try chaining frequencies.


"Ah FUCK!" he yelled as he wretched the ear peace off of his head and threw it down.

"Well that explains it, my radio was fuck'n broken." he stated as he knelt down and took off his rucksack.

"There it is. the fucker took a round." Jameson stated as he unhooked the radio receiver from his pack, hefted his rucksack back onto his back and set the radio to vaporize. He watched the peace of kit burn before the unmistakable sound of a grenade being launched the 'phuungk' in question was near by, so was the resulting trail and the temporary bright red star lazily arching its way down towards the ground.

"Whelp i have my heading." Lamar said to himself before he started jogging in the direction of the flair. Unknown to him the entire time he was being watched by two sets of eyes wandering who this strange being was who seamed to have a strange pair glowing red goggles.


To say Cooper was having a shit time would be an understatement first he wakes up in a fucking ditch in the middle of some god forsaken forest it figures that the one time he didn't bring his radio on an OP some wearied shit has to happen. Now he is stuck in the middle of butt fuck nowhere with no way to call for aid short of flairs.

"Well i'm in the shit aren't i?" he asked no one in particular as he fired a flare into the sky and sat down.

"I don't know where in satans butt hole i am or where anyone else is. And to top it all off i'm fucking in a forest, i hate forests. this is the best day in the fucking universe." Connor complained as he reloaded his M33 and took stock of his ammo.

"Cooper quit your bitching." he heard a familiar voice say as he watched a figure jump over a rock and land near him.

"What the shit?/What the Fuck!" he and the figure said at the same time. There standing in front of him was one of the weirdest things he had ever seen. It had the shape of a human it, sounded like a human, even had on the blackwatch armor. But it was wearied it stood at six foot four, had a pointy thing on its head, a set of mat black angelic wings on its back, it stood on two thick hooves the same color as the rest of its body and a had a black and red tail that would swing every once in awhile, however its face was covered by the blackwatch mark 2 hazardous combat mask but what got it was when he saw a red line swipe across the figures left goggle.

"Corporeal?/lieutenant!" they both said at the same time.

"What the hell are you supposed to be? some kind of weird angel, horned, hoofed thing?" cooper asked.

"What the fuck are you talking about? look at your self mister im so fucking purple theirs some green. you look like some kind of fucked up angel winged, hoofed creature." Lamar retorted.

"You want to go?" Connor challenged as the lights on his armor flashed red.

"Bitch?! i will fuck, you, up corporeal." Lamar responded the same time as a new figure steeped into the clearing.

"Whats that red stuff?" a new voice asked and when they turned around they saw the uniform of the SWAT officer from before he had a brown point sticking out of his helmet

"what red stuff?" a second voice asked as it tuned out to be Starnes as he walked up every one noticed him.

"What the Fuck!? how come Starnes is the only one who is normal?" Lamar yelled

"What do you mean..." the Swat officer asked

"Look at him! He has no protrusions like you two fucks!" Connor yelled

"Enough!" Jameson yelled gaining everyone's attention.

"Now then! I think we should find shelter and water for the night and we can pick this up in the morning." he ordered before he noticed what he was getting strange looks from his three companions.


"Lamar what happened to your arms?" Connor asked


"Look at your hands."

"What the Fuck!" The lieutenant screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked at his hands.

"Starnes, Connor Look at your hands!" he screamed none of them noticing a small wisp of red smoke and a heavy thud.

"aaaaaaaahhhhhh!/aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh/aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" the three of them yelled finally noticing that there arms resembled organic nasty looking blades.

five minutes of screaming and cursing later

"Are you three finished!" they heard a high pitched voice yell at them. when they looked over they saw, well the only girl in blackwatch who like SWAT boy over there seamed to be 'normal'.

"Holy shit its Cas!" Starnes yelled

"Shut up starnes."

"Yep that's Cas" Lamar said

"Ok well i think that we might be infected with the mercer virous." Cooper said.

"How did you three get infected?"

"Well our masks don't do shit against whitelight obviously. we have known that from the start." Jameson said

"Ok more importantly how do we turn our hands back to normal?" Starnes

"Maybe if you focus?" Cass suggested before she and the SWAT officer watched as the three turned there blades back into normal arms.

"Holy shit it works!" Cooper yelled.

"Ok,ok back to the original plan. water and shelter." Lamar ordered hefting his riffle into his hands. The group of five continued deeper into the unknown forest in complete silence, after all for all they know they could be in enemy territory.

"Sir movement in the clearing up ahead." Starnes stated resulting in Jameson holding his fist up stopping the group.

"Cass flank left, Connor flank right, SWAT your with me, Starnes your on over watch if anything moves Drop it." Lamar orders as he saw them all get into positions as he and SWAT moved forward.

"Hey SWAT boy you got a name?" Lamar asked as he stepped over a root

"Ya. its Lewis Young" the officer said as he stepped over the same root.

"Nice to meat you Lewis. Welcome to our merry band of misfits." Lamar whispered as he rounded a large rock formation to see a bear about to start eating something.

"Stand down its just a bear." Lamar

"bear." Lewis echoed

"I've got this come in." the lieutenant said as he stood up and fired three shots of his pistol into the air scareing it away.

"Nice we've got a stream and a small cave, we can post up here for the night." he continued as the other three began entering the clearing.

"Lets set up camp. Starnes see if you can get that drone in your pack working."

3 hours later the squad had all come to terms with being what they have become haveing a job to do helping them find peas.


"What have you got starnes?" Lamar asked.

"a small cottage at the edge of a small town just five miles from here." Starnes said

"Good now get some rest we spend the night here." Lamar said as he sat down to take first watch.


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