• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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"Audio recording, personal log, five days ago."

"This is Lamar Jameson Raptor Two-one call sign Shaka. It has been about two weeks since Deathsquad Zulu arrived in Equestria, I somehow become 'EQ' royalty... now what the fuck was going threw there heads when they thought of that i will never know. Any way two days I accepted Celestia's invitation into the royal family and requested dossiers on all personnel affiliated with the equestrian 'military', I have also requested dossiers on all incarcerated persons in the equestrian prison system on top of that if I can I will begin a recruitment program. And i have talked to Celestia in private and apparently we aren't the first humans transported here from various points in time and fortunately some of our old friends have come along... guess we wont be sitting idle for very long. I have been able to track some of the other former humans down and i will be meeting with some of the ones in canterlot today. And i have already made contact with an ex Agency operative an earthpony and a BIG one he wears this weird armor, I've never seen it before even back in Nano ops. Anyway he joined up and is currently deployed surveying suspected CELL activity in Canterlot And will be reporting in in a few hours. One more thing i have noticed a boom in Griphion activity in equestria lately I will be monitoring this closely. Anyway this is Prince Raptor Equenus Callsign Shaka Signing out."

'knock,knock,knock' "Hello?" A tan black heard brown eyed pegaus said as he answered the door.

"Are yot Marty Julian little Aka Flight Easy?" a fully armored Starnes asked as holding up a clipboard.

"Yes.? is there a problem?" Easy asked as his wife a white unicorn walked up and he held her.

"My boss would like to have a word with you Major." Lewis said as he gestured to an Alicorn in strange armor who was standing behind him.

"P-p-pleas come in." his wife said gesturing them inside.

Upon entering Lamar wandered into the living room where he saw medals and a patch above the fireplace, and an old flight suit in a display case. However what he wasn't expecting were the five other's in the room giving him strange looks.

"Gentlemen." he said as he took off his mask and placed it on his belt then lowered his hood.

"Allow me to introduce my self sir. I am Flight Easy, these are my men." The tan pegaus began

"Lightning." he started as he gestured to a silver, brown eyed, red mane and tailed pegasus who nodded in response.

"Coffee." this time a brown unicorn nodded

"Joker" a blue unicorn nodded

"Deke" A white Pegasus nodded

"and Junior" a grey earthpony nodded

"We all served in the 332 fighter squadron 2040." Lightning said

"Now what brings you here?"

"I have places to be so ill get straight to the point. I am forming my royal guard and i'm trying to get my hands on any former humans that were in the military i can find. Before i start branching out and recruiting from other sources." Lamar said immediately putting the six stallions and three mares in the room on edge.

"Now how did ya'll know that we used to be human?" Joker said with a fake southern ascent.

"Let me introduce my self. Lamar Jameson call sign Shaka, lieutenant first class, Nano suit operations, Blackwatch special forces Biowarfare division, Squad leader of Deathsquad Zulu and designation Raptor Two-one. And as for finding you all i had to do was ask Celestia weather or not we were the first Humans sent here and from there i found you and some others.

"Well i can say that i didn't even know that there were other humans sent here. " a new voice said as a brown unicorn walked in this unicorn was finely shaven.

"Colonel Grey. US Air force, its a pleasure." he said as he shook raptors hand steering the prince in the eye.

"Well sir if you need our help you have our full support the 332 fighter group is in. Our Talons will be in stand by" he continued

"fantastic gentlemen, You have 13 days to get them in flight condition, you have an air show to put on at my coronation. Colonel." Lamar stated before saluting receiving salutes in return and leaving the house.

Two days later we find Lamar and Connor walking around Canterlot just enjoying the view.

"So did you catch the game last night?"

"Yah but i don't understand there sports so..."

"-------- ----"

"wait up." Lamar said as he stopped.

'audio received'

'tracing' NEXT said as it brought up lamars mini map and highlighted an ally with a green circle.


"Somepony Help!"

"Connor lets go!"

"Right away." Cooper said as he and his friend jumped onto a near by roof.

The two evolved pumped biomass into there legs resulting in translucent trails following them as they sprinted towards there destination. The citizens on the ground wandered what the heavy thuds were above them as they watched two ponies jump from one roof to another.

"Nopony can help you. Now my friends and i are going to have some fun." a stallion said as he and ten of his friends drew closer, and while they did a florescent pink unicorn wearing tarted green and withered shirt and ripped skirt and a Silver mane who was standing over the prone form of her sister a florescent pink unicorn with a Teal mane wearing a whiteish-red and green shirt and and a tan skirt the mare stood over her sister hoping that anypony would come to there aid.

However just as the lead male a large Griphion went to pin her to a near by wall the group watched his head and upperbody simply burst into shards of meat, bone, and brain matter as they heard a defining crack. They then saw two large forms fall with a heavy thud in between the two mares and the now nine other males the two actually cracked the stone tiles that made up the ground here. As the two stood and they got a better look they saw that they had on very strange armor with masks and lights, The one on the right a male Pegasus had particularly bulky armor with a strange box behind his right bisep and a strange box under his left wing, And to there horror another male by his build the one on the left stood a full foot and a half taller than the other and had wings and a horn he had smaller cloth and plate armor with a blade attached to his left forearm. Both of these new arrivals carried strange Crossbows and the large one in the alicorns hands had a barrel that was smoking.

"Are you alright?" the alicorn asked turning around and kneeling down to the unicorn mare who had been knocked over from the shock wave made by there arrival.

"Yes thank you." the mare said before her twin sister awoke and the two continued to stared as the Alicorn nodded to them before standing back up and nodding to his companion.

"You might want to close your eyes this ain't gonna be pretty." Cooper said as both his and lamars arms were covered in black and red tendrils before being replaced with there blades.

As the two mares held there eyes closed they could hear the screamed of there would be rapists as they were ripped apart. specifically they were ripped, sliced, diced, crushed, and smashed but no matter how you put it when they opened there eyes the nine stallions were gone but the ally walls and the ground were covered in blood. And the alicorn and pegasus were holding there hands out to help them up.

"Come on we'll escort you home just lead the way." The alicorn said as he helped the silver maned unicorn to her hooves.

On the way to there home just on the outskirts of canterlot 'city' the two troopers learned that the silver maned mares' name was Nymph and that she was the slightly older sister to the teal maned mare Carapace.

"Well here we are. We will see you later, stay sage out there. And if you ever need us again take this and hit the button And we'll come running. By the way The names Raptor and this is Co-Reaper." Lamar said as he threw an extra locator beacon to Nymph.

"Thank you so much again." Carapace said shyly before they watched the two Evolved walk off towards the castel.

Author's Note:

Hey i am looking for an editor. and sorry for the lack of activity lately i am posting this while i am at work at 2:54am.

Any way Let me know what you think pleas and if you have any suggestions for the future let me know.

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