• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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Going Hot

"Flash out."


"Blackwatch, get on the ground, Repeat, get on the ground!" A blackwatch trooper yelled as he entered the room a red line sweeping across his left goggle.

"Thermals clear. Raptors move up." He said as he started started moving up the right side of the hallway. His side arm raised and rifle slung with five other men following close behind.

"Civilian Body, elevator right." he stated never taking his eyes off of the hallway as he stopped in his tracks and waved his hand and another group of five Blackwatch troopers came in on the left side of the hallway.

"Dead sir." one of the troopers stated after checking the body.

"Roger. Raptors, Reapers move it up." the leader ordered as they started moving again.

"Sargent what have we got?"

"CELL heavily armed, Infected on there way." said a man judging by his voice he was in his mid-to-late thirties.

"How long?"

"30, 40 minutes max."

"Rook verify?"

"...tch, confirmed."

"Okay, meet us on the street. Alright boys, lets get the fuck out of here. He don't want to be here when the maggot farms arrive." The 21 year old Lieutenant stated earning a few laughs from the other nine troopers.

"Ha, I heard that-" the random Reaper was cut off by a shot to the head.

"Shots Fired! Retreat!" the lieutenant yelled as he started firing his Glock 45 down the hall.

"Talk to me, SHAKA!" the Sergeant of Reaper quad yelled.

"I've got nothing on NANO! They must be using thermal jammers!" He yelled, backpedaling. He fired with his sidearm, using himself as a shield to protect his men. Luckily, no shots had come his way.

"Let's get the fuck out of here! Connor get some smoke out." he said over the radio as he reloaded.

"Yes. sir!"a heavily-armored Blackwatch trooper replied before bringing his M33 six-shot grenade launcher to bare. He fired all six grenades down the hall.

"Clear sir."

"Got it Cooper. Move out, I'm right behind you." he ordered, unbuckling a frag grenade. He tossed it down the hall as he backed out the door.

"'...Tch... Kill team Zulu, this is Checkmate. Do you copy?" the lieutenant heard as he and his men exited the building. He saw a truck pulling up with some kind of big silver and red container on the back.

"Checkmate." He responded.

"Change of plans. The Gentec nerds want us to escort that last canister of Whitelight to disposal." Colonel Rooks stated over communicator.

"Solid copy, Zulu out. Let's saddle up, boys!" Lieutenant Jameson ordered as he helped his team's sniper up.

"This is KT ZULU requesting over watch." Mikelson said over his radio.

"Roger that KT ZULU. Viper one-one is inbound" the Radio operator said.


Princess Celestia woke up in a cold sweat after a particularly bad dream. She walked out of her chambers and onto a balcony. It the griphions have began increasing hostility's and she feared the worst.

"I sense that a powerful friendship is in jeopardy." she murmured breathlessly to herself, resting a hand on her chest.

"I have to do something." She focused upon a centuries-old spell. When she opened her eyes again, she stood somewhere she'd never seen before.


It smelled of death and burning flames. Buildings towered overhead, and strange airships zipped about them, firing bright streaks of fire. All Celestia could hear were the screams of unseen people, the roars of machines, and the loud bangs that filled the air. She saw a poser that said NMZ-RZ and under that it said New Manhattan Zero Red Zone. The solar princess continued to look around before she heard a screech across the street from her. When she looked over she saw a large carriage of some kind with some kind of strange bipedal creature in black clothes on and and a vest with the word POLICE on the back, he was waving his hands around and yelling in some language she didn't understand. This went on for a few seconds before two other creatures in different armor came out of the carriage and pushed the other back. They spoke such a strange language, it was close to equestrian but she couldn't place it. So She focused on a translation spell to understand what they were saying.

"What have we got here Bro." the one in much bulkier armor with some kind of cylindrical object with more cylinders on it said.

"We're on duty, fuckface. It's Sir to you." the second one in armor that matched the ones in the carriage but unlike them or his friend it looked like parts of his armor had small hexagons on it. The armor these beings wore was so strange compared to the gold of her Calestial guard.

"Oh fuck... Hey boss, we got a problem." a higher pitched voice said as she looked over and saw one of these creatures jump out of the carriage unlike the others in this one was smaller, slimmer and had female curves in its armor.

"Talk to me Cas?" the leader asked

"We just got a call, Tango Primary inbound. Just took out Viper one-one." the obvious female stated.

"Alright, let's get the hell out of here. You too, SWAT boy." the leader stated as the three of them climbed them before there was a sharp bang and the large canister exploded throwing all of the nine creatures to the ground.

"Lets hope this works." Celestia stated as she began charging a new spell. These beings had proven that they were indeed deserving. So she closed her eyes and shutout the world, as she did that...

Human Pov

"Sniper! Get to cover!" the another yelled as it took off its mask before coughing up blood and passing.

"Mikelson's down! The Sarge is dead!" one of the troopers yelled before his head exploded.

"Ambush! Fire at will!" the Jameson ordered as he raised his weapon.

"Jameson! we've got to get out of here!" another trooper yelled before he was hit in the stomach.

"Not enough time! Connor! get your squad over here, we'll cover you!" he responded yelled before the princess watched as he took a crouching step out from behind a burned out car and fired a round with his riffle into an I.P.L.A insurgent who was charging a dying trooper resulting in the majority of his victims chest cavity exploding.

"Jesus! what are you using in that thing?!" the swat officer yelled as he reloaded his MP-10

"50 caliber hollow points." jameson responded before he was cut off by the sound of his friend being an ass hole.

"YAH, suck grenade!" Connor yelled as he blew up a car as he and the last of his squad got behind a large piece of debris with Raptor squad.

"Thirty seconds, sir!" Axelson yelled before she turned around and noticed that the LT and the Corporeal were coughing.

"We could really use a miracle right about now..." Lamar yelled as he watched helplessly as Cas got shot in the neck, and as she struggled to stop the bleeding, a bullet from her CO ended her suffering. Fortunately for them, the Solar Princess was almost finished with her spell.

"SWAT take that riffle!"he ordered before that of the nine troopers his Death squad had to start he was down to five.

"Where the fuck is Axelson!" Starnes yelled as his friend was crushed by a flying tank.

"Never mind." he responded as parts of his armor and the other four blackwatch troopers flashed red or orange.

"Reapers, Raptors Fire at will!" Lamar yelled as he brought his riffle to bare on James Heller before there was a flash of light as Heller fired a volley of TOW missiles at the remainder of Reaper and Raptor squads.

Here goes nothing... Welcome to Equestria. Celestia thought as the spell activated, and just as the missiles hit the five were gone.

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