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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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Call-sign Shaka

"Audio recording, personal log, seven days ago."

"This is Cassity Francis, designation Raptor two-two, Call-sign Cass. I was never a 'bad ass' special forces soldier like the others, I was a Blackwatch public relations officer... it was the easy'st job ever, i never did anything. But when the Mercer virus went world wide we were all called into active duty, I guess we were lucky that the special infected including the evolved but excluding the brawlers stayed in the NMZ. That's the New Manhattan Zero for those of you who don't know. I was at Yonkers, I was there when the American war machine failed to stop the infected. I watched from the safety of a Bradly as the majority of Zulu squad was devoured as the order to fallback was given, thats why i joined them.
But more importantly Right now Lamar or Prince Raptor is missing. We have no doubt that he will find his way back to Canterlot, but we are catching a lot of flack from the other Royal guard for not going after him. But we know better than to go after troops presumed behind enemy lines, not because of the enemy but because we would be putting them in more danger than they already are. But winter is here so I feel bad for anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with the prince in a blizzard. On a more positive note the element bearers have returned to Ponyville and have returned to there various adventures receiving Blackwatch support only on there distant excursions. Any way this is Cassity Francis, designation Raptor two-two, Call-sign Cass. logging off."

seven days ago.

"I'll make my way home" Shaka said as he watched the VTOL take off before turning around to see five C.E.L.L trooper leveling there weapons at him.

"Its over Ass hole!" the leader of this small group said before Shaka leaped into the air towards them as they fired there weapons at him.

'Air stomp'

The ground cracked and cratered as he slammed his fist into the ground, the concussion of the blast killing one out right. Before he rose to his hooves snatching the Feline SMG from the closest trooper before kicking him into the rock Wolfpack was using as cover, and as his bones shattered Shaka turned and shot the third trooper in the chest, neck, and head. Before he ejecting the empty magazine catching it and throwing the empty piece of metal at the last trooper, embedding it in his skull. Looking to his right Shaka engaged one of the passive functions in his Nano-suit.

'maximum: power'

He could feel the suits muscle amplifiers attach themselves to what passed for his mussels and as they grew he pumped bio mass through out his body, before sprinting to a nearby CELL trooper picking him up and slamming him through the flimsy wooden wall of the building behind him, before stomping on the cripples head as he reloaded his weapon in a blur of motion. Upon hearing a noise he immediately spun dropping to a knee and kicking a CELL Marksman severing his lower leg. Before snatching the stallions sidearm as he fell clutching the stump where his right knee had once been.

"You stupid Fu..." he got out before Shaka stepped on his throat as he made his way to a near by window as he switched Power back to passive.

Shaka knelt as he made his way up a set of stares as he heard the sound of C.E.L.L Troops entering the building below him. SECOND highlighted the main support column of the building as he neared it passing a CELL ordnance cache.

'Cloak engaged'

The Cryfibril that made up his suits exterior began to crystallize as he turned invisible making his way passed two CELL squads. Before he placed the C4 charges he had taken from the cache on the column before disengaging his cloak, immediately coming under fire, dropping the Feline, and jumping out of a window before flying to a near by building and detonating the charge. Bringing the building crashing down on the heads of 15 CELL Soldiers burring them under rubble.

"Have you now you fucker." A CELL enforcer said leveling a black and yellow weapon before he had a hole punched through his chest before being consumed by the Nano-suit clad evolved.

"Nice." Shaka smirked under his helmet as he lifted the Typhoon reloading the weapon before slinging across his back. He paused taking this time to tag targets with tactical mode before sprinting down the hall pulling the pin on a grenade and tossing it down a hall with out breaking stride, before leaping out another window towards the street below.

'Air Stomp'

He landed in the middle of a squad of troopers who were knocked in every direction. Quickly he plucked a Grenadier from the air, holding him by his neck before pulling the grenade pins on his new 'friends' chest before throwing him into a nearby ammo cache.

"That was not my best plan." he said to himself as he leaned to the left dodging a missile that came from the cache before it blew up a building behind him, unknowingly killing a sniper.

'gosh,gosh,gush, CRASH' he heard as he turned to see a C.E.L.L A.S.T emerge from the building that he had brought down.

"Hey fat ass." Shaka greeted as he watched the A.S.T's operator level his right arms weapon a 50.CAL HMG as he himself un-slung the Typhoon from his back and leveling it at the operator.

'maximum: Armor'

'thud, thud, thud,crack!, CRACK!' he felt the first few rounds slam into his arm as he was foced to lean back lest he break his arm, before immediately re-leveling his weapon and unleashing a volley of 4mm ceaseless rounds at 500 sounds a second into the operators visor shattering, it forcing him to cover his face. And when he lowered his arm his target was no were to be seen before he suddenly felt his back burst open as the last thing he heard was the distinct sound of a Typhoon firing.

"Nano-suit beats A.S.T... Bitch." Shaka said confidently before reloading and re-slinging his Typhoon bending over and removing the HMG from the A.S.T hefting it with both hands before shifting his grip on the HMG (heavy machine Gun) to hold it like a comically large riffle.

"i love being an Evolved." he quipped before whipping around and kicking a carriage into the lone CELL survivor knocking them both through the wall of a building, spattering the pore fuck against a brick wall. Everyone in this aria was dead and to almost prove that point a building collapsed and caught fire like most of the other buildings thanks to that ammo cache.

"I wander what happened to the things we were fighting before C.E.L.L showed up? I mean that goo relay fucked with my Nano-suit." he said to himself before cloaking to avoid those 'C.E.L.L' drones and moving to the shaded aria he had saved Tick.

'Nano-vision enabeld'

He looked at the corpse of whatever it used to be because "Corpse" would be inaccurate, this was just chunks of meat and limbs. Upon further inspection he noticed that a left leg had survived his earlier onslaught of 50. caliber hollow-points. When he deactivated his Nano-vision and activated the actual night vision he noticed that the limb was Black in color and upon completing the "poke it with your gun test" he discovered that it possessed a hard exterior like an exoskeleton, he could also see that what ever it was had holes in its leg that appeared to be natural making him question the structural integrity of any creature that had naturally occurring holes in there limps. His suit picked up a faint pheromone trail matching the dead what ever it was heading into the nearby rain forest.

"Guess whatever they were bugged out when C.E.L.L showed up?" He questioned as he noticed even more pheromone trails heading into the woods.

"This is Cobalt section Survivors of sector three delta three, fallback to sector three delta five" the radio of the A.S.T crackled.

"Back to work." he said as he began jumped to a near by roof top and began running on the direction of sector three delta five leaving the fire to spread. He was almost at his destination when he felt a a violent impact that almost tore his right wing off.

'Maximum Armor'

Shaka rolled to a stop on the roof he was on before leaping to the left dodging the impact of something hitting the ground. Upon returning to his hooves and bring his new 'riffle' to bear he was met with the piercing, red eyes inside the glowing visor of a C.E.L.L Nano-suit.

"You must be the one who took out all of Tiger section." the other nano-suit soldier questioned confidently as he took out a weird device before a section of it flipped up making a bow before he drew and fired an arrow.

"woah!" Shaka yelled in surprise as he barely dodged the projectile before leveling the HMG and firing on the Spec-ops C.E.L.L only to hit nothing.

"This is not, Okay with me." he complained before he came under fire making his suit begin to short out. And as he turned firing he saw another Spec-ops C.E.L.L holding a K-volt.

He then felt an arrow hit his shoulder followed by the sound of a SCAR being fired. Great, three Spec-ops CELL. He quickly pulled the arrow out, cloaked and burst threw a nearby doorway.

'Nano-Vision enabled'

Shaka tried his damnedest to spot the three Nano-Suit wearing Mercs. However try as he might he just couldn't get see them, the most he would get were glimpses as one fired his K-volt before the other fired his SCAR Mod 3, The one with the bow however could fire the damn thing cloaked so try as he might he couldn't see him. Just as he was hit with that damn SCAR again he was getting fucking pissed off.

"What the fuck! No matter what i do i cant FUCKING find them!" he yelled as he sprinted into another building before falling to his knees and sliding into a washing machine as he clutched his head in pain.

"Stupid mistake." he heard as he looked up to see no one there. However for some reason the world had gained this wired orange hue as what looked like a ping of white appear before warping around something revealing a Spec-ops CELL highlighted in Red even though he was cloaked.

'i have... viral sonar? Bad ass.'

Shaka was quickly shot in the chest three times and once in the head his body going limp as the Spec-ops Trooper turned away from his kill.

"Tango neutralized." he said one hand to the side of his helmet as his right arm swing at his side holding the SCAR, as he began to walk away.

"Send a squad to collect this suit, so we can get back to killing those fucking bu'uugh'..." he began before the inside of he coughed up blood spattering the inside of his visor. He looked down to see a jagged triangular blade jutting threw his chest and upper stomach. His SCAR clattered falling to the floor as he clutched the blade that protruded from his chest.

"Your mistake." he heard in his ear as he was slowly lifted into the air with the blade as pain shot threw his body, but he was unable to scream as his lungs were filling with blood all he could muster was a low gurgling sound. Warning and other assorted messages were flashing across his suit as he looked to the sealing.

"Viper, Viper respond" His radio squawked and his world went dark, as the blade was brought up threw his left shoulder bisecting him.

"...This is Viper." He said as he picked up he scar. He clutched his head for a moment before shaking it off.

"Rattler, this is Viper I am Oscar mike." Viper said as he activated his cloak and proceeded out the door.

"what the hell took you so long?" the cloaked K-volt welding Spec-ops C.E.L.L questioned.

"Hey Rattler I've got a quick question." Viper asked as he neared his cloaked comrade.

"What is it?" He asked without turning around.

"Does this look infected to you?" Viper asked nearing his friend

"What? 'guugh'" Rattler said before he was impaled threw the stomach and lifted into the air making his suit de-cloak.

"This." Shaka stated as he reverted back into a Nano-suit clad alicorn before quickly consuming him, and crushing that damned K-volt. He then slung the SCAR across his back with his Typhoon.

He quickly sent out another Sonar pulse while having Tactical mode enabled and quickly found the dirty fucker with the bow who was actually on another rooftop, so he turned his arms back to normal tagged him, and jumped over to the roof.

'Air Stomp'

He landed right next to the Last Nano-suit trooper knocking him into a wall however he quickly recovered. He looked to see the Delta Nano-suit user so he quickly draw Vipers SCAR Mod 3 and shoulder it, so he acted in kind with his Predator Bow.

"Lets go bitch." Shaka challenged as the two Nano-suit Veterans Squared off.

'maximum power/armor'

Shaka sprinted at the other Nano-suit soldier whose call-sign was Cobra. When he was halfway to his target he dropped to his back and slid firing his SCAR into his chest, jumping just as Cobra fired an arrow at him. Cobra rolled to the left as Shaka brought his fist down embedding it into the thatched roof.

'Maximum armor/speed'

Cobra quickly switched to and fired an air-burst arrow at Shaka, then sprinted at his foe. The Cryfibril on Shaka's suits' exterior bunched together before going ridged, as the arrow exploded knocking him onto his back, he quickly stood and superman punched Cobra in the face as he exited the smoke.

'Maximum power/strength'

Shaka turned and delivered a savage punch straight down into Cobras chest sending him straight into the ground, cracking the already damaged roof and sending the two of them crashing into the room below. Cobra then quickly recovered and delivered a powerful kick into Shaka's stomach. Unfortunately Shaka saw this coming and took the kick catching the hoof.

'Maximum power/armor'

Cobra realized to late that he had made the terrible mistake of engaging Shaka in close quarters combat. He learned all to late as he watched the alicorn before him bring his fist down on his right leg. shattering the bone and shattering the knee joint of his suit, unfortunately his opponent didn't stop there as Shaka delivered a powerful kick to the crouch sending him to the floor. Shaka still had his leg in his hands as he stomped on Cobras chest watching chips of Cryfibril fly off as he stomped again. Only this time he ripped the lower leg from Cobras body before lifting his hoof and slamming it down separating his right arm at the elbow.

"wha-what are you?" Cobra pleaded as he witnessed the Nano-suit soldiers arms turn into jagged triangular blades.

"Evolved." Shaka said flatly as he stabbed and consumed Cobra.

"These guys didn't know anymore than I do about those weird things" he questioned as he retrieved HIS new Bow before folding it and continuing to sector three delta five.

'Time for some shock and awe.' he thought to himself smirking under his helmet.

"Serpent team had gone Dark!"

"ooah Fuck!"

"Look out!"

'Air Stomp'

They Began firing at the rapidly descending evolved, before he slammed into the ground sending three CELL into a nearby carriage dead. Quickly Shaka rose to his hooves grabbed a charging CELL enforcer by the head lifting him up and squeezing as his victims body went limp he felt the helmet be crushed as he moved the body to block incoming fire.

'cloak engaged'

Shaka dropped the body before sprinting into an ally, much to his shock he actually ran up the wall a bit before he jumped to the roof. A CELL Recon trooper turned to see his body and SCARAB fall to the ground before an armored hoof stepped on his head. Shaka then spun dropping to a knee firing an arrow into a CELL Marksman's stomach before turning around and firing another arrow into a troopers head, before storing his bow leaping to another roof top shifting to his left arm into a blade while he took out his Typhoon.

'maximum armor'

He could feel the bullets from the street below striking his armor. They hurt like a mother fucker but at the moment he was in the zone. As he neared the roof he rolled into a kneeling position unleashing a short burst from his typhoon mulching the pore shit, before quickly standing and bisecting a charging Jackal welding enforcer. He dodge rolled to the right as a thermobaric rocket struck the building slamming him into a wall. He could taste the blood as he slung his weapon before shakily standing back up and shifting his arm back to normal before sprinted to a near by radio tower. He ran up a section of the structure before grabbing a small beam, swung inside, and quickly vaulting off of the beam in front of him pushing himself up. He burst through the top of the tower in a shower of sparks and broken and bent metal, coming to rest on the top of the structure. And with a massive surge of biomass into his wings he launched himself into the sky.

'air stomp'

The CELL forces fired at him as he threw a smoke grenade into the ground before impact creating crater. They watched an arrow come sailing from the smoke and into there only A.S.T they had left and watched the arrow slam into him knocking him onto his back before he exploded. By this time a majority of the town was a blaze and as he rose his arms replaced with the blades the fires behind him making him resemble some kind of angel of death. He then quickly shot off impaling and lifting a CELL trooper with a JAW before stabbing him three more times before consuming him, taking the Launcher and firing it into a crowd of three CELL troopers.

To Shaka's surprise the projectile fired wasn't a missile at all instead it was flechette, and as the hundreds of small steel spikes shredded the CELL troopers he quickly spun and punched a hole through the cell recon trooper with a K-volt. As he began consuming him he leaped into the air running along the side of a nearby building before leaping off, and firing an Air-burst arrow into a crowd of CELL before landing on and impaling a particularly annoying CELL Recon trooper with a typhoon. He then spun extending the weapon that earned him the name Shaka and impaled the stupid fuck who tried to flank him, through the throat with his Assegai (four foot stabbing spear).

"bitch." Shaka insulted before dropping his Assegai, spinning and firing his last arrow into one of the few remaining CELL in this entire town. He then picked up his Assegai collapsing the handle making it just look like a large 'knife' and sliding it back into the sheath on his lower right leg. He then immediately began going out and destroying those fucking "C.E.L.L" drones that had been following him around.

'The hunt is on... I love my job.' he thought to himself as he flipped out his Newly acquired, very bloody predator bow finally getting a chance to admire the surprisingly VERY lethal weapon. He then retrieved the arrows in the immediate vicinity before, he dropped into a crouch upon seeing a lone CELL trooper walking out in the open like a tard, so he fired an arrow into his head.

'this thing is bad ass. I feel a bow-centric monologue coming on.' he thought to himself as he stood up and stretched his wings before retrieving his arrow.

"no matter what man tells himself self, in his heart resides the spirit of the hunter. He can build cities, erect monuments to his greatness. But at his core he can not escape his own nature." He said out loud thinking he sounded cool as he tore the arrow out of this losers head.

"The Bow and arrow, Beautiful in its simplicity. Is it coincidence that every culture on earth developed it independent of one another? Or is it something else, something in our blood... something, primal that allowed us to manifest it?" he continued before hearing the sound of a weapon cocking and flying to a near by roof top.

'Bro, you are the bravest man i have ever seen.' he thought to himself almost feeling bad about having to kill the dude... Almost. I mean honestly thought he had a chance with that shittly little pistol.

"Of course the trickiest part about hunting, is making sure your the hunter... and not the hunted." he said with a smirk under his helmet before he pinned the dumb fuck to the ground with an arrow before he jumped down before yanking out the arrow.

"Are you the hunter? Or the hunted?" he asked himself before spinning around and firing an arrow into the fucking Drone he walked up standing over it bow in hand as he looked into the lens.

"I know for Damn sure which one i am." he said confidently and coldly before taking the arrow and walking off.

Canterlot (grand galloping Galla)

"That was Bad ass!" was the collective statement from the Blackwatch troopers. However their enthusiasm wasn't shared with the present company who eather through up, passed out, or stood there in shock and fear.

"That was... tha-that was..." Celestia

"Yes he is back!" Starnes yelled in excitement.

"What do you mean by that my dear pony?" Celestia asked regaining her barrings.

"When i first joined Zulu team he was just like this. Then we started loosing people and he turned into a puss." Starnes laughed.

"Any way, Shining armor do you see why we aren't going after him? He can take care of him self." Connor said

"What i am worried about were those Spec-ops. I didn't even know C.E.L.L had Nano-suits." Cass commented.

"They do, but they're rare." a new voice said and when the group turned they saw a Large earthpony with strange armor standing in the hologram. He stood the same size as Luna the his brown fur and closely cut slightly graying mane contrasted heavenly with the black and Blue armor. In one of his large hands which could easily palm one of their heads was a large black tube with five smaller tubes with glowing slits on the front of the device, which as a hole was more than half his size, but he was holding it like some of the blackwatch troopers sometimes lazily hold one of there rifles, and n his back was a large boxy rifle easily his size. But back to his armor it looked like it was struggling to hide his bulging muscle despite the armor plates. In fact on his right chest plate he had a stranger symbol it resembled a circle that had an A in the middle with two lines on the left and right and a smaller one coming from the top.

"And who might you be?" Cadence asked for everypony.

"Blackwatch Agent Orion. And yes that was bad ass as fuck."

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