Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth

by Carmine Prophet





“coming.” Fluttershy said hearing three laud bangs. Getting to the door she was greeted to the sight of five all-around intimidating ponys, so she slammed the door in the ponies faces.

“well that was rather rood. Cass if she does it again shoot her in the face."

"Yes sir."

“please go away.” they heard from the other side of the door.

“Come on. We are lost and could use some help here." Lamar said and when they saw the door open they saw a yellow female with a pink mane and a light blue sundress answer the door.

“pleas wait in the kitchen. I mean if it is alright with you.”

“What ever." Lamar said sitting down in a chair followed by the others. They began to rummage threw the few magazines on the girls kitchen table. And while she was gone they learned a lot about the town they were in, the 'ponies' as they were called, a little about this Princess Celestia. But most importantly they read the upcoming summer sun celebration.

“Oh I almost forgot my manners my name is Lamar. But you can call me Raptor two-one, Shaka just Raptor.” He said as he saw the yellow mare come into the kitchen

"Starnes. Raeper one-three "

"Cass. Raptor two-two"

"Jewis young. but they call me SWAT for some reason."

"Cooper Connor, Connor or Reaper one-one."

“Nice to meet you all I’m Fluttershy.” She said with a smile.

“Well I’m lucky we met someone as kind as you when we did, otherwise we would have ended up wandering around the town.” Lamar said thinking for a moment then looking at a nearby calendar.

“Is there anything we could do to make it up to you for helping us?” Cass asked

“Well I don’t need much help but you could help my friend Rarity if it isn't to much to ask.” Fluttershy answered

“ok can you tell me how to get there pleas?" Lamar replied as he aimed his pistol at the ground checking the sights.

“Angel!” fluttershy called and a white rabbit came out of the living room with an annoyed look on its face.

“can you please show mister Raptor and his friends to Rarity’s boutique?” She asked receiving a nod from the rabbit.

“Connor. stay here and help her with whatever she needs to prepare for the summer sun celebration. But when you get some free time today send up a flair.” Raptor orders

“Any way let’s get going shall we” he said bending over and attempting to pickup the rabbit but it shied away like he had the plague.

"Smart rabbit." Starnes commented.

“Thank you again for everything.” Cass said before the group of four turned back around and walked out the door.

On the way to Rarities boutique let’s just say it was rather annoying because every time Lamar would veer off course Angel would tug his tail effectively ruining it. But other than that it was just plain awkward because the residents of Ponyville would stop whatever they were doing and ether stair at him and start muttering things to each other mainly having to do with his armor, other three Ponies with him, or him being an alicorn leading to some of them thinking he was a 'prince' for some reason and bowing to him. Along the way he met a cyan pony with a rainbow mane that almost crashed into him who after some conversation identified herself as Rainbow Dash.

But what really made him think was when he tried to talk to a pink pony with a cotton candy pink mane who the second she saw him she gasped and shot off in a blur of pink, and nearly a nod Cass was off after her, eventually he made it to a building that resembled a large carousel.

“I guess this is it” He said.


"Shut the fuck up starnes."

Looking to the ground where angel was he noticed that he was long gone so he knocked on the door.

“Great we got ditched by a fucking rabbit.” Lamar said to himself as he turned around and knocked on the door again. Again getting no response and just as he was about to kick the door in he heard something.

“Sweetie Bell would you be a dear and get the door?” He heard after a fuss from the other side.

“Fine Rarity. Coming!” he heard a younger voice say before the door opened to revile a small unicorn filly wearing a pink t-shirt and a cyan dress she had a white coat, lilac and pink mane, and jade green eyes that came up to his lower waist.

“Coooool” She said looking staring at Lamar, Starnes and Swat.

“Hay there my names Lamar but you can call me Raptor. What is your name?” he said kneeling down and patting her on the head.

“My name is Sweetie Bell. Wow your armor is so cool looking. And where did you get those weird Crossbows on your back?” she asked putting on her best cute face. Earning a chuckle from the three stallions in front of her.

“These'll put your best crossbows to shame.” Starnes said as he stepped inside receiving an OK from her. Just as Rarity stepped around the corner having just herd her sisters’ question and three new comers answer.

“Sweetie Bell who are you talking to. . .” *gasp!* she snatched the alicorn up in a magical blue aura and moved him to a pedestal in front of three mirrors (you know the one she used for twilight) and proceeded to style his tail much to his protest.



"Yes sir." the sniper said

“Sweetie Bell why don’t you go and play outside." Rarity told her sister and with that the small filly was gone out the door.

“ok now that she is gone what are those ugly things really?” Rarity asked in a demanding tone.

“they are our weapons.” Lamar responded matter of factly.

“Relax we don’t plan on using them.” Lewis added

"Its not like there is anything to shoot at anyway." Starnes concluded

One hour later she had finished and she was proud of her work his tail resembled a slightly shorter version of rainbow dashes tail but it was black with one blood red stripe.

“Perfect now to change you out of that drab and MAY I say ugly armor.” she said as she levitated some other outfits to her causing the normally kind Blackwatch trooper to turn his masked face to her, and she could just feel the glare coming off of him.

“Lets try this again. I am lieutenant Raptor Two-one CO of Blackwatch Raptor team. I'm here to help with the set-up of the summer sun calibration miss Rarity, now do you need help or not?” He demanded

"Oh where are my manners, I'm truly sorry I didn't mean to offend you Mister Raptor two-one, but when I see a pony with such a look I simply have to do something about it no matter how much you protested. On a different note though may I ask what does such a regal pony as yourself doing in my humble shop." She stared at the black alicorn as he began to go wide-eyed at her proclamation.

‘I wonder what an alicorn is doing here let alone armed and armored, never mind those escorts of his.’ she thought

"Please I implore you do not leave Mister Raptor two-one, I assure you are in capable hands. So may I ask what you need form me, and I will take the time to aid YOU in any way as possible. For my rudeness" she said

She watched him stop in his place and turn towards her, his eyes gleaming as he stared at her whole heartily, making her realize that maybe she should have worded things better.

"You'll do anything right Rarity, well I have something in mind." He said as he eyed her she was white like her sister but had a brilliant purple mane, she was wearing an elegant dress that brought out her Blue eyes.

‘oh this is going to be fun’ He thought as he for the first time stretched his wings.

She gulped as he stared into her eyes hungrily, she knew what he was going to ask and silently cried to herself, he was an alicorn while she was some slightly famed seamstress every pony would turn a blind-eye to his actions no matter what.

"Can you treat me and my friends to some food I’m starving, and call me Lamar, Raptor or Shaka, no one calls me Raptor two-one but Redcrown.” He said

She nodded dumbly at the sincerity of his comment, before laughing to herself fretting over nothing and letting her mind wander into much darker territory.

"Sure let me get some bits I'm sure Pinkie Pie and the Cake family would love to have such a resounding figure in their shop.” Lamar nodded Imagining various foods, before being dragged with the same blue aura, before jumping up and walking alongside Rarity.

"Come along Raptor, no time for dilly-dallying I'm quite parched as well, and I have only a few minutes to spare even with such company as yourself." She said as she watched a strange light be shot into the sky.

Trotting alongside Lamar she sparked up a brief conversation with him about his past and everything about him in general. The conversation ended abruptly as Rarity looked on as he licking his lips.

"So this is the place where we get something to eat huh." Rarity couldn't help but stifle a giggle, as Lamars eyes darted back and forth before walking up to the store and going inside.

The disappointment written across her face usually newcomers tried to at least bite the confectionery serving house. It was clear that he was somewhat smarter than the occasional visitor. however that didn't go for one of his 'guards' who moved his masked snout to the building, However much to Rarities dismay she watched the one called Starnes smash Swat's face into the wall.

"WHY!?" Lewis yelled as he tried to get his horn out of the wall resulting in Raptor walking up and yanking him out of the wall and berating Starnes.

"Come on in Rarity all of it looks awesome." Lamar said stepping inside. upon entering he noticed that Cass was sitting at the same table as cooper and the other ponies he had met earlier that day.

“oh man Pinkie that is funny!” cooper practically yelled gaining the attention of every pony in the shop.

“look it’s the alicorn.” A random pony said. making everyone turn to the entrance gaining gasps from the ponies in the room most of whom were frozen by the cold emotionless masks of the two new entry's and stare of the one in different armor his dark brown eyes boring into them.

"Cooper whats up fuckface?" he asked he pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Were off duty right?"

"Oh ya."

"Sweet! Your an asshole" cooper said to the alicorn earning gasps from the non armored ponies.

"Ooh man, i dont know if ill ever recover from that one." Lamar responded

"Hey did i ever tell you guys about the time i shot infected Bill mury?" starnes asked

"No you didnt.?" Cass cut in.

"Bull shit. I shot him in the head, i mean it wasn't Mury but it looked just like him. Talk about your celebrity headshots huh?" Starnes finished

"I Fucking hate you Starnes."