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Other than a Cybertronian writing utensil, I am an avid brony that is partial to writing novice-level stories whenever an idea pops into my head, whether I like it, or not. It's mostly the latter.



The nightmare of that evening haunts my every waking moment.

A flash of light.

Her powerful form with wings spread wide before me…

She was not just my mentor.

She was also my best friend and for that I will always be grateful for knowing her not as a Princess of Equestria, but as Celestia… The only one who really understood me...

But now? Now I can never tell her how much I truly loved her and how much she meant to me.

They took her away from me.

So I will take everything away from them.

There is a sequel! D=S-M2 and side story! D=S-M: Emerald Mirror

((Somehow Featured on: 12/03/2014 and again on the 06/07/14... mad.

Much love and all credit to the artist: Ventious who owns that picture and is all kinds of awesome. While I have yet to get permission (working on that one at some point), I will remove the picture if the artist demands it so.

And much thanks to these guys for helping me edit/proof and generally bounce ideas about this monstrosity: Grammar Nazi Tach, Discorded Discord,Curify, Lord Inquisitor

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Well, this looks promising, and I can see Twi becoming a bit angry later on in the story, which is awesome for me. Just so long as this Gryphon wasn't Gilda.

4061663 No spoilers, but, I do have plans for her. We'll see. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowkiss:

Well, looks like I'll just have to keep reading then.
Oh woe is me, I must struggle on through this fic. :pinkiecrazy: (Just kidding. I love it already)

Picture looks kinda like a CrookedTrees piece. He's hands-down one of my top five pony artists, and you should totally check him out.

4061794 Thanks, I'll try and see if it is his and link him as the owner. Thanks for that :D:pinkiecrazy:


Man that pic is awesome. Now the story. Interesting. I like the idea of a mentally fragile twilight losing her will to be a good person, and teetering towards the path of revenge. And Celestia dead? It's got to be a bombing. No way a non-magical being can kill Celestia, not even Chrysalis. Also, please tell me Spike is dead. PLEASE! This is what could totally push her off the edge. Like not just Celestia be dead, but if her brother/child died too.... I just don't want to have a character be too innocent, and too close, to hold Twilight back, from her destiny.

Anyways, I likes it. I want to see more. Can't wait for the next chapter.

4061877 Thanks so much for the comment, and the ideas, as well. And in regards to how Celestia died? Well, you'll get to see how, soon enough. And your not quite far off the correct path in regards as to how, in the first place. Just not so much as a bomb, but as... Well. We'll see! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowkiss:


That's awesome that you want to support the artist, but CrookedTrees kind of quit some time ago. If you do happen to find him though, tell him that all of his fans (myself included) say hi.

4062077 It's the least I can do. The picture inspired the story.

4062266 THANK YOU SIR! Here's some Spikes for your helpfulness. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Seems interesting, I should give it a shot once a couple of chapters are released !

I can sense that this will turn really dark, really fast.

And I like it. :pinkiecrazy:

4062491 I hope you enjoy it. And it may turn dark. Maaaaybe...

Who am I kidding. Hopefully it is the enjoyable kind of dark. :pinkiecrazy:

Now I really want you to go Adventure tag on us, exploring why the Griffon Empire would even consider this, all while Twilight's mind slowly but surely crumbles...:pinkiecrazy:

4062712 I'm beginning to get the same vibe. I wanted this to be a five-chapter long descent into madness, but now I'm beginning to question the original end-game of the story, and actually expand on the universe.

It happened so fast... Thought the Luna, I... Can't believe, Twilight Sparkle did that...


Looks VERY promising. Please, proceed. :ajsmug:

4063504 Thanks for that. Didn't even notice the error. :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by ANONGLADJE deleted Mar 10th, 2014
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Comment posted by ANONGLADJE deleted Mar 10th, 2014

4061663 Well, unless Gilda got a sex change, probably not. It says 'he' in the following lines('he should pay' 'he should suffer') so, probably not Gilda.

as she stared out a singular amethyst

Amethyst what?

Luna was inexperienced ruler.
an inexperienced

so picking up the pieces what Celestia
of what

Rarity was here!:raritywink: And good story, deary. I love it a lot!

4063964 amethyst eye. Single amethyst eluded to her having one eye. Sorry for if it was vague.

4064077 No really, thanks. I can't believe I did not see that. :pinkiesad2:

4064381 That's what I thought, the word 'eye' just happened to be missing.

4064412 It's not easy to spot small mishaps. I'm just happy I could help.:twilightsmile:

4064426 I want to said eye, but for creative sake, I'm sticking with it. I know it isn't right, when read, but for me, I like how it sounds. I do see what you mean tho. /)

4064428 :pinkiesad2: No thanks, I can't believe I missed that. I need an editor for this fic so bad. XD

4064428 Let me rephrase that. Thanks, but, thanks? Gah. Yeah.

:rainbowhuh: Not really? Because at the moment it just reads like she's looking through piece of amethyst as opposed to something amethyst coloured.

4064488 It was descriptive sentence in regards to her eye color.

4064457 I'm really busy today and tomorrow. But I have some free time after those two days. I could take a crack at it. It's small enough right now to were I might be able to do it tomorrow even. You know... if you want the help. :twilightsheepish:

4064412 meaning I would not mind helping, but it would have to wait a day or so... if that makes sense.

4064588 I don't mind waiting. I don't post often. :d

4064611 Alright So I'll be your proofreader... if you'll have me. :twilightsmile:

Is it bad that your title made me think of the DSM IV? After reading your intro, I couldn't help but have a cheap chuckle.

No insult meant, dear author. Was just things that added up to amuse me.

4064646 Should I bring flowers?
I'll Pm you my email address... unless you had something else in mind? :raritywink:

4064773 No fear dear sir, I am not insulted. The title of the story is an added play of the psychological equation of D=S-M, where by the underlying, secret theme, is a play of BDSM.

4064797 BDSM was another thought of mine. Then again, things like that are always floating around my mind. Ask my wife :rainbowlaugh:

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