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Other than a Cybertronian writing utensil, I am an avid brony that is partial to writing novice-level stories whenever an idea pops into my head, whether I like it, or not. It's mostly the latter.


Cheerilee has lived the life of a schoolteacher with a smile and devotion that is unparalleled to any other pony in Equestria and yet, her career has left her single and lonely.

However, a simple and unexpected reunion with a student she almost forgot about may perhaps change that.

((Characters Aged Up. Cheerilee x Silver Spoon.))

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This story is a sequel to Sex On A Desk

Keeping what had transpired in Sex On A Desk as a secret between the two rivals, the story continues several weeks after the Sonic Rainbooms' crushing victory over the Dazzlings at the Battle of the Bands, with an emotionally ambivalent Sunset Shimmer uncertain on what to feel about her brief and yet heated affair with the Dazzling’s lead singer, Adagio Dazzle, who has yet to return to school.

((Although not essential, it is preferable to read the prequel.))

(Edited by the awesome: Ladrian)

(Cover art by the lovely and talented: SkycatcherEQ. Catch his deviantart page on his fimfic profile and check out the stories there too for more SunDagio!)

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This story is a sequel to My Life For You

I will sacrifice everything, if it means you will last one second longer.

Derpy will sacrifice everything for her daughter.

Wouldn't we all.

But is she right?

(Thanks to Soaring for being there to edit and thanks to Lord Inquisitor for listening to my creation of this story. Thanks bro.)

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Scar, having somehow escaped death, finds himself unharmed and in Equestria among a bed of strange looking flowers within a strange looking forest, where a rather regrettable and magical mishap occurs...

But that was to be the least of his worries.

Being stuck in a strange new world comes at a price and he can only hope something... or somepony can change him back to normal.

(One-shot randomness I had to get out of my head).

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“Another day, another tomorrow,” Ditzy whispered, “another day with you is everything I live for.”

A parent is willing to sacrifice everything for their child.

Ditzy Doo knows this all too well.

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Applejack is in love.

Having fought against her desires and hidden her sexuality for far too long, Applejack comes to terms with the prospect she has fallen hard for a certain young princess she believes is way out of her league.

What will she do?

(Featured on 29/10/14. Woot.

Because of popular demand, this is no longer a one-shot. But guess what? This fic is now a collaboration, with an alternate universe! Want to know what would happen if Twilight was the one in love with Applejack? See below for details.)

This Universe Written by: Me
Alternative Universe Written by: Creed Located Here: Chasing Applejack

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The nightmare of that evening haunts my every waking moment.

A flash of light.

Her powerful form with wings spread wide before me…

She was not just my mentor.

She was also my best friend and for that I will always be grateful for knowing her not as a Princess of Equestria, but as Celestia… The only one who really understood me...

But now? Now I can never tell her how much I truly loved her and how much she meant to me.

They took her away from me.

So I will take everything away from them.

There is a sequel! D=S-M2 and side story! D=S-M: Emerald Mirror

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