• Published 26th Apr 2015
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Silver Kisses - MegatronsPen

Cheerilee finds love from an unexpected source from a past student.

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Take A Chance

Silver Spoon gazed upon Cheerilee with teary, hopeful eyes that pierced straight through to the mare’s heart. Cheerilee had recognized that expression upon Silver Spoon’s features that mirrored strictly her own when she had quietly watched Fluttershy and the love of her life walk down the aisle and exchange vows, including a kiss that brought tears of regret that was mistaken by all during the ceremony as tears of joy.

However, unlike Silver Spoon, Cheerilee did not act upon what she believed was right at the time. She allowed her love to slip away without a fight. Cheerilee had her chance to make things right in her heart and she stood idly by, allowing it to happen and to forever loathe the knowledge that she was too afraid to step out from under her career’s looming, comfortable shadow and genuinely live upon a path of true happiness.

How was Cheerilee supposed to know that her life-lesson speech to her former student was to reveal that she herself was the one that Silver Spoon admired; and with such conviction?

Although deeply moved to which was quite evident considering what was written upon her face, Cheerilee sat silently, as if some higher force; an all too familiar feeling, was preventing her from speaking even though she desperately wanted to.

“I-I understand if you have somepony else,” Silver Spoon murmured, “b-but I had to say something, because, you are all that I want. I know it’s silly of me to think that I could be with a pony like you, but I had to come out and say. I had to confront it.”

Cheerilee shook her head gently, her voice meek and softly whispered. “Silver Spoon, don’t say such—”

“I have to because I don’t deserve a pony so nice, and so… incredible. I tried really hard to forget about you and even when I graduated from school and moved on with my life with Diamond Tiara. I just… I just couldn’t. Every time I closed my eyes and went to sleep I dreamt of only you... Every time I touched myself, I thought of only you, Miss Cheerilee. Every waking moment you were there in my life but only in memory. I thought that was enough... but I was wrong... I wanted more—I want, more.”

Silver Spoon also sat back on her haunches, staring back at Cheerilee with a sad, smiling expression that could only be the result of a cathartic feeling, mixed with a desperation in the young mare’s eyes that whittled away as time went by.

Silver Spoon was desperate to show her true herself to the one she loved and Cheerilee? She admired that. She felt proud that her former student would surpass her fears and come out finally to the one she loved; tossing aside any doubt or thought of rejection…

To just simply be who she wanted to be.

Silver Spoon wanted to be happy.

Cheerilee was not quite sure she could or should be the one to do it.

“Why?” Cheerilee croaked, barely able to speak considering how dry her mouth had become. “Why me?”

“I know I wasn’t a nice filly and I know I probably was a nightmare for you… I was stuck up, arrogant and extremely foul to everypony around me I deemed lesser but, I… I just wanted to be like you.” Silver Spoon smiled sweetly, reminiscing as she stared down at the still ignored bouquet of flowers she had brought for her. “You’re so strong and brave and I wanted to emulate that. You came to school everyday with a smile on your face as if nothing could bring you down, even when things did go wrong. You made me feel safe and secure, but, above all else, you really cared about your students. You… you’re amazing, Miss Cheerilee. How could I not fall in love with that?”



Such words did not resonate with Cheerilee and she most certainly did not associate herself with such qualities.

Her facade was so well worn that even this mare that had fallen in love with her because of it. Silver Spoon was fooled into thinking Cheerilee was everything and more than just a lonely academic too afraid to speak up about what was truly within her heart.

Regret washed heavily onto the teacher, as she came to realize not only was she lying to herself, but she had also inadvertently lied to her students.

They looked up to her as a strong figure; an adult to be trusted and admired.

Somepony to emulate.

Cheerilee could no longer take it. She felt her face twist as she sobbed, catching Silver Spoon completely by surprise.

“M-Miss Cheerilee?” The young mare stepped forward. “I’m sorry if I… I am sorry if I upset you… I… I know it was wrong of me to confess when you—”

“N-no… i-it’s not that…” Cheerilee whimpered. “It’s not your fault, Silver Spoon…”

“Then, what’s wrong?” Abandoning her feelings and her confession, Silver Spoon drew close to Cheerilee, embracing the older mare gently with her forehooves in an attempt to calm her down. “Is something the matter? Did somepony hurt you?”

It was only natural for Silver Spoon to sound so unsure. After all, since when had she seen Cheerilee ever cry?

“I-I’m… I’m not what you think I am…” Cheerilee wept.

Silver Spoon, pulled back from the embrace to properly look at the older mare’s face. “I’ve learnt that everypony has something to hide about themselves. I tried hiding away my love for you by forcing myself to think I was in love with Diamond Tiara, but, really, I was just running away. I’m not perfect; you know that, Miss Cheerilee. I don’t expect you to be without skeletons in your closet, either.”

Cheerilee lifted up a foreleg and wiped her face against it, trying her best to control herself, though completely unable to look at Silver Spoon in the eyes. “I-I’m in love with somepony… s-somepony I’ve lost… I watched him fall i-in love and… I-I was too afraid to say anything… I-I’m not the pony you think I am.” In her despair, Cheerilee felt a wave of anger slip by her crumbling defenses. “I’m not strong, or dependable, or truthful… I’m weak, I’m a liar… I’m a lonely, old mare who’s destined to be alone and I hate myself for it.”

It was only a matter of time before Cheerilee’s outer shell would crack under the pressure building up inside of her, desperate to break out.

She had figured she would take her regret to her lonely grave… so to finally speak about it like this so out in the open? It felt good.

“You don’t have to be alone.” Silver Spoon whispered, as she lifted a hoof to press against Cheerilee’s muzzle, smiling the best she can given the barrage of emotions swirling between the two. “I-I know that I’m not… I mean, I know nopony can replace him; whoever he is, but, you can’t go on holding onto a love that is never going to never give anything back.”

“W-what about you?” Cheerilee ventured, looking up at her with a questioning gaze. “Are you going to g-give up on me, even though I… I don’t like you in the way you want me to? I… I’m not saying I wouldn’t, but, you’re a former student of mine and I… I just don’t know if I could… even with a mare...”

Silver Spoon felt her hoof fall away as she turned her gaze up over the top of Cheerilee’s head, quiet for a moment as she considered her response.

“I… I sort of came here knowing that you wouldn't accept my feelings, Miss. I… I figured you would have had somepony you loved, or, maybe you just didn't swing that way, or… I thought of many, many things that would result with an unfavorable result. I suppose, in a way, I have readied myself against any impending rejection, so... it’s okay,” Silver Spoon beamed, bravely in the face of defeat, “I understand.”

Stunned by the maturity Silver Spoon was showing when compared to her falsified own, Cheerilee found herself smiling through her tears. “I’m, so proud of you. You've grown up so much. If anything, Silver Spoon, I would give anything to be more like y—”

Cheerilee, I—”

Cheerilee closed her eyes, chuckling to herself as her words naturally slipped from her in a calm and authoritative tone. “Let me finish, Miss Spoon.”

Sorry, M’am.” Silver Spoon instinctively sat up straight, her body trembling the tone of voice stirred up a lot of distant memories and more recent feelings.

Taking a deep breath and rubbing at her closed eyelids, Cheerilee opened them to gaze calmly towards her former student, gnawing idly on her lower lip for a second as she considered her words carefully.

“You’re an amazing young mare and to be honest, I just can’t understand why it is you had fallen in love with me,” Cheerilee lifted a hoof as Silver Spoon parted her lips to interject, silencing her with a stern stare, “but I am not going to try and dissuade your feelings. It would be wrong of me. But, I am old, now. I mean, there are plenty of younger stallions—I mean mares, out there that you could probably have a happier, longer life with. I’m… I’m not exactly in my prime anymore.”

“I don’t care.” Silver Spoon gently settled a hoof against her own chest, trying to steady her beating heart and still the concept of hope from blossoming in her chest. “Age and gender doesn’t matter… I know if I had done something when I was filly it would had dropped you in hot water, but now? Now I am old enough to make my own decisions. I can love who I want... and that person? It is always going to be you, Miss Cheerilee. I love you.”

For so long she had dreamed of hearing those words from Big Macintosh... but hearing it from a former student instead? Cheerilee was not quite entirely sure how she should feel.

A part of her told her it was wrong and yet another part felt elated; her heart pumped quickly at the words and for first time in a long time, Cheerilee felt a genuine form of happiness permanently locked upon her lips.

“I… I know I have to let him go, but, it is going to be difficult for me… I’ve never really thought of being with anypony younger than me or… or with a mare either, so...”

Miss?” Silver Spoon questioned with widening eyes.

Cheerilee drew her eyes to the forgotten bouquet, moving a hoof out to drag them closer to her, staring down at it with a warm gaze that had finally stopped trickling tears of sadness. Instead, they misted with a glint of joy.

Somepony loved her.

This was her chance to feel love from another.

But... is it selfish of me?

Yes,” Cheerilee whispered, even if the words shook her with a fear of uncertainty, “I will be your special somepony.”


Wait a minute—hold your horses there for a second but did you just say you said, yes?!” Berry Punch lowered her glass of whiskey, leaning forward on the couch as she gawked at Cheerilee, who shifted uncomfortably under the mare’s gaze.

Though, Cheerilee just about managed to nod under the other mare’s intense gaze, sipping quietly at her own glass of the bourbon.

Whoa...” Berry Punch settled back into the couch, her eyes staring ahead of her as she absorbed it all, going over once again the story as if to confirm with her brain that the entire conversation did play out as she heard it. “When you said you wanted to talk, I figured it was about a particularly bad day at school, not a… confession! That’s great news! So who is the returning student?”

Mm…” Cheerilee shrugged, her eyes locked upon the rim of her glass before lifting to the bouquet sitting on a vase upon a coffee table in front of the couch.

Frowning, Berry Punch hoisted a brow towards her friend. “Something tells me you invited me over not to brag about how you finally got a date?”

Cheerilee sighed. “It’s, complicated…” She took her eyes suddenly to Berry Punch, looking quite unsure of herself. “Well, not that it is complicated, but more so that it … It almost seems like… I can’t quite explain it.” The teacher poured a good mouthful from the glass, savoring the burning sensation as it warmed her gut on the way down.

Berry Punch rolled her eyes at her friend’s usual avoidance. “Listen, Cher, I know how reserved you can be about sex and relationships and—”

The academic sat up suddenly, quite evidently annoyed by the accusation. “I am not at all that prudish! I have had sex! Multiple times!”

“I know you don’t like bragging about it, or discussing it in detail—that is what I meant. I never said you were a prude, but you do tend to gloss over the details by avoiding the subject when it does come up from time to time.” Berry Punch pointed with her glass of whiskey. “Now, who is the stallion that has asked you out, hm? And don’t try and think you can talk yourself out of this one because I want to know ALL the juicy details… is he a hot, young hunk? Hm? Carrying a big package?” Berry Punch leaned in close.

Cheerilee flushed red. “Well… she’s—”

WHAT?!” Berry Punch yelled. “She?!”

Clearing her throat, Cheerilee continued without looking towards her friend’s opened-mouthed face she could notice in her peripherals. “I have never really found mares attractive before in the past… or even thought of them in that way, so, it is a bit hard to answer that question, Berry.”

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

Cheerilee almost spluttered as she went for another sip. “No! Of course not! You’re my friend; I would never think of you like that!”

Not entirely convinced, Berry Punch pondered for a moment as she stared at her near empty glass. “Fine, fine… so… do you find this pony attractive, then? What’s her name?”

“S-Silver Spoon…”

Hang on! The little grey filly that used to give you hell with Filth Rich’s daughter way back when? The very one you said you wanted to throttle because of how misbehaving and arrogant she was? That, Silver Spoon?”

Aghast, Cheerilee glared at Berry Punch. “I would never talk of my students in such a manner! Sure, she was quite the bully during her younger years—”

“Cheerilee, you really come out of your shell when you’re drunk. Trust me when I say this… you said those words.”

Fine! But… she’s nothing like that now.” Cheerilee idly swirled the whiskey about in the glass, trying her best not to look at Berry Punch as she expanded upon that statement. “She’s kind, she’s surprisingly mature and… she’s probably the most bravest pony I have ever met.”

Ooooh? Sounds like you’ve fallen for her quite hard, huh? Who would had thought you were such a cougar ready to sink her claws into young, pony flesh that used to be one of her stu—”

“I haven’t, quite, fallen for her.” Cheerilee corrected quickly, much to Berry Punch’s confusion.

Finishing up the drink, Berry Punch settled the empty glass down onto the coffee table before the couch. “So, then why did you say yes? I didn’t expect you to be the type to lead a pony on.”

Cheerilee shook her head. “It’s not like that! I’m… I’m not sure why I said yes, but something inside of me felt sort of… happy that somepony was willing to confess their feelings to me so directly and with such passion. She didn’t try to convince me to say yes, nor did she try and force herself upon me.” The kiss they had shared however, flashed through Cheerilee’s mind, causing the mare to suddenly stutter. “I-I suppose I—um, felt like giving her a chance… maybe, I’ll… grow to love her?”

“As your friend, I have to say this, so please don’t be upset, okay?” Berry punch scooted on the couch closer to Cheerilee and settled her forehooves down upon one of the mare’s thighs. “Be careful. You can’t go forcing yourself to love somepony because, I can assure you, it will go horribly wrong and it will be all your fault. I am not saying you would do it on purpose but you need to understand that you have to tread carefully and not lead her on into thinking you return her feelings, when in fact you don’t. It could end ugly for everypony involved.”

“I know,” Cheerilee nodded, smiling at her friend and more so at the concern, “and I won’t. Silver Spoon already knows that I am unsure and a little bit weary of a same sex relationship so, don’t worry, Berry. If things don’t work out, then at the very least, I can say I tried my best to make it work.”

Author's Note:

Thanks for those that have fav'd and liked this so far! I don't normally go full on cheese-romance or drama, but, here it is.

Comment your thoughts, hates, loves! Thumbs up/drown if you like/hate. Whatever it is it is all good.

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5910743 Huh, aren't you an observant estrogen-filled cookie? In that case, there are some people in this world that aren't so observant. He's allowing everyone to make sure they know what they're getting into without clicking on the chapters. Understanding is for everyone, and that includes people who pinpoint every pointless little thing like you.

Why don't you try to be a bit less sarcastic and a bit more respectful? Otherwise you'll continue to earn those downvotes.

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It is on the best way to be one of my favourie storys, but i still want to wait, and read a bit more.

Man this is weird. I wouldn't think this would work, but you've written it well enough that it turns out ok in my head. I'd like to see more of this odd little couple. You got a new follower, my friend!

"Who had thought Fluttershy would had gone through three pregnancies already?

Always the quiet ones, mused Cheerilee"
Its a wonder that poor Fluttershy can still trot!(squee)

Well I'm sorry to hear Diamond and Silver didn't work out because Silver was in love with a mare who may or may not return her feelings but WOW what a great ship for SilverLee CherSpoon and so very well written!:twilightsmile:

Dang, I wished there was continuation.

I read the title of this chapter and this popped into my head.


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