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Silver Kisses - MegatronsPen

Cheerilee finds love from an unexpected source from a past student.

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No Regrets

There was no greater pride for Cheerilee than watching her students grow into young intellectuals; a sensation that caused a deep satisfaction within the teacher upon the eventual discovery of their very special talent to which led to the acquisition of their cutie mark.

It always brought a smile upon her face whenever they ran back into school the very next day to flaunt the addition to their flank, to classmates and friends alike.

Over the course of the many years, she never really grew tired of it all. It was perhaps why she had remained single for such a length of time.

She was no stranger to sex; she had her flings from time to time, but it never really developed into anything else. A serious relationship was far from her mind whenever she indulged in the temptations of the flesh.

Or at least, that was what she used to think.

It had not gone from Cheerilee’s attention that gray strands had started to make itself known within her mane, causing the mare to seriously take pause and come to the realization that she was not getting any younger.

Cheerilee had passed up her one opportunity with Big Macintosh long ago, who was now more than happily married with the most kindest mare in Ponyville (or even Equestria for that matter), Fluttershy. They were a great couple and an even greater set of parents to their young and rambunctious foals to which she had the pleasure to teach.

Who had thought Fluttershy would had gone through three pregnancies already?

Always the quiet ones, mused Cheerilee as she looked over desks, the empty classroom bathed in the dimming rays of Celestia’s sun, I can’t say I am not a little bit jealous. Oh well… I had my opportunity and I kind of blew it.

There was no denying that Cheerilee had liked big Macintosh. In fact, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Applebloom were right on the mark when they had tried to set them up on a date before… even if the event was a complete and utter disaster of magical proportions.

She almost ended up marrying the stallion, after all...

A bittersweet smile drew across her lips as she looked to the red apple sitting atop of her desk, her eyes softening at it as tears threatened to linger at the corners.

As usual, she was gifted an apple from her students everyday after class. It was a touching gesture that had followed her through her many years of teaching; passed down from class to class as they graduated on in life. A tradition she had hoped would die out.

She never ate the apples.

Although her students' kindness touched her heart, Cheerilee could not bring herself to take pleasure in devouring the gift in front of them.

Just looking at the red flesh reminded her of just what she willingly allowed to slip through her hooves.

A family.


Big Macintosh

Shaking her head to break herself out of her melancholy, Cheerilee rolled her eyes as she turned away from her desk, trotting towards the classroom door. “Now there is no need to feel sorry for yourself, Cheerilee. You made your bed, so you best just sleep in it.”

Opening the door, Cheerilee sighed, the door’s obnoxious creak reminding her that she needs to oil the hinges.

Much like herself, the classroom was beginning to show its age. She had considered closing the school down for a few days to give this old structure a good face lift. Perhaps paint up the outside, replace the doors; breathe some new life into an environment that needed it desperately.

It was at that point, she had considered putting herself under the same process.

Maybe a good hooficure and massage at the local spa would do her some good?

Resolute to committing to both ideas, Cheerilee made her final rounds about the premise to make with absolute certainty that the school was empty before locking up. She had made the mistake of locking in a certain trio of fillies one afternoon, many years ago. The resulting chaos that ensued almost gave Cheerilee a heart attack.

A slumber party at school? What were those girls thinking… I was cleaning up confetti for days!

They had detention for a week, even if no real harm had been done. After all, she was most certainly not going to clean up by herself if she had anything to say about it.

I wonder how those three are doing? The last I heard Scootaloo was still touring with the Wonderbolts and Sweetie Belle was recording her next album in Manehatten… perhaps I’ll bother Applebloom at the stall tomorrow and ask about them.

It was only right for her to inquire, since the three still go out of their way to visit the school whenever they could.

Cheerilee smiled at the memory, giggling a little as she turned away from the main entrance of the school, only to yelp moments later in surprise as she stared wide eyed at a pony that had crept up behind her.

“I-I am so sorry I did not notice you there earlier! My head was in the clouds, so to speak… Miss?” Cheerilee looked upon the grey mare holding a small bouquet of flowers in her mouth with a perplexed expression as a feeling of familiarity rung true inside of the teacher, and yet, she could not quite place a name to the face, even if it was upon the tip of her tongue. “I’m sorry, but have we met before? I think finally after all these years I might be going senile. Are you a former student of mine?”

The mare shifted nervously upon her hooves, her long silver mane framing her pretty features as she dipped her head and settled the bouquet upon the ground so she could speak.

“Y-yes,” the mare spoke nervously, her eyes averted, “I was.”

Cheerilee’s attention drifted to the bouquet of flowers then back up to the mare again, her brows raising at the mare’s unusual demeanor.

In her professional career as a teacher, she considered herself well liked by her students. Sure, there were a few bad eggs like there always was in every classroom, but she never once thought that her relationship with her students; current and former, would amass to this kind of awkward reunion.

Even the bullies of the school that grew up often returned to Cheerilee, thanking her for her hard work and for putting up with their immature attitudes. Of course, Cheerilee almost always jokingly chalked it up to hormones.

Cheerilee finally leaned to one side, looking at the mare’s cutie mark.

It was at that point that Cheerilee immediately recognized her. “Oh my, Celestia! Silver Spoon? Is that you?”

The mare nodded.

Silver Spoon!” Cheerilee beamed, moving forward to hug the mare in a gentle embrace. “You have grown up so much! You have become quite the pretty mare, indeed! What are you doing here? To be honest, I am surprised Diamond Tiara isn't here with you! How is she? And since when did you stop wearing glasses?”

“Oh… we’re not really friends anymore—I wear contacts, now. It’s better than wearing that lame thing I used to wear. It’s not really in style at the moment, you know?” Silver Spoon muttered, quickly avoiding that subject to which Cheerilee noted with a little frown upon removing herself from the very one sided embrace.

Why is she so tense?

Although the young filly she once knew was all grown up and more than capable to look after herself, Cheerilee could not help but appear concerned. “I am so sorry to hear that… I hate to hear when fillyhood friends grow apart like that. But, I suppose, ponies change when they grow older. It’s just another fact of life, unfortunately we have to get through.”

Cheerilee internally scolded herself for offering advice on life when she herself did not necessarily have one outside of teaching to begin with. But then again, the caring and doting teacher figure would always be ingrained in her responses, no matter what.

It was an automatic reflex she consciously could not control.

An awkward silence descended between the two for several seconds, to which caused Cheerilee to pry further into Silver Spoon's reappearance. “Is… something the matter? Do you need to talk about something? If something is bothering you, Silver Spoon; and although I am not your teacher anymore, I would be more than happy to lend an ear, or two, and give advice.”

Silver Spoon inhaled a shakened breath, before sighing out her words. “I don’t even know why I am here.”

“Whatever the reason, it looks like something is really bothering you, Silver Spoon.” Cheerilee looked to the flowers. “Are those for somepony?”

Silver Spoon nodded.

Cheerilee smiled, a motherly tone softening her words. “Did you… get rejected?”

The Silver Spoon’s eyes lifted up, wide towards Cheerilee before she bit at her lower lip. “Not yet. I am just… afraid, I will...”

Cheerilee appeared stunned. “You? Afraid? If I am remember correctly, you were such a very forward and very confident little filly… if borderline arrogant at times… but in a way, I suppose I found it kind of cute how you used to think you and Diamond Tiara were so mature at the time. It often led you both in to trouble.”

“That isn't funny, you know…” Silver Spoon blushed heavily. “I know I wasn't exactly the kindest of fillies when I hung around Diamond Tiara and to be honest, I regret the things I did to everypony… the things I… didn't do.”

Cheerilee’s heart clenched at the mare’s words. A sympathetic smile crossed her lips. “I know exactly how you feel. But you can’t live in regret for the rest of your life. If anything, I believe you should do something about it because, I can assure you, ignoring it now will only make the pain grow stronger. If there is anything I can do to help…”

Cheerilee words drifted away as her concern only deepened as tears streaked down Silver Spoon’s cheeks. She could tell the poor mare was trembling and resisting a sob.

“Silver Spoon,” Cheerilee lifted a hoof towards the mare, resisting her own tears at the restrained agony displayed upon the younger mare's face, "don’t be afraid. I promise, if you speak what is truly inside of your heart, then nothing—”

Cheerilee’s heart stopped dead in her chest as Silver Spoon drew in close and pressed her lips against her own.

Shocked more than appalled by the sudden kiss, Cheerilee pulled back almost immediately. “S-Silver Spoon?!” She yelped.

“I-I always admired you,” Silver Spoon sobbed, her lips quivering as Cheerilee pulled away, “I didn't understand the feeling but… but when I grew older I… I realized that I was in love with you Miss Cheerilee, even when I was a filly… I didn't realize my sexuality until myself and Diamond Tiara… until we… but when we did it, all I could think of was you. I… I ruined a perfectly good relationship with her because all I could think about was you… I-I can’t run, or hide… you’re right.” She pressed hoof against her chest, her tears still flowing unrestrained. “I can’t be afraid because I have to be strong. I can’t get on with my life without knowing I did not at least try... I-I know if I don't say something now, th-then I am going to probably regret it for the rest of my life... so... M-Miss Cheerilee...”

“S-Silver…” Cheerilee lifted a hoof to her lips, falling back onto her haunches, unable to formulate words as the mare poured out her heart.

“Accept my feelings. Please, be my special somepony.”

Author's Note:

Like, hate, flame, kiss the silverlee, it's all good.

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