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When a snowstorm ends the fun of three kids, they all decide to head home and bundle up for the evening. Of course for Sweetie Belle, she doesn't want her time to end with her boyfriend Rumble and she promptly invites him over to her place. He agrees and they end up both sharing a tender moment by the fireplace.

Edited by: The Abyss, SolidFire, Mikemeiers, and Shadowflash

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Why is there no cute tag on this site?

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This is your first everyone story in a looooooong time :trixieshiftright:

Heh, you're right...

This is fully needing a "cute" tag...

~Skeeter The Lurker

I read the description and noticed the lack of Romance tag, so I was confused. After reading it that situation hasn't changed.

Really cute story, although I'd love to know why it lacks that tag.

honestly slipped my mind. Fixed.

wait, so what happened to button mash?

plz fix description... I actially loled @ the badd grammer...

Not a bad read. I liked it. Good work.:pinkiesmile:


Cute fic. Short and sweet.

3946038 They missed one comma. Go play in traffic.

Well that was so hearth warming I have heart burn. I can't say I have of rumbelle as a ship but I like it. Sickening sweet!!!

3946112 Oh, but the way it made me interpret the sentence was even more fun than that!


3947112 Either explain what you think is so funny or go troll somewhere else.

Wow... I just... It's very nice to see a story like this. It is an everyday story. It is a story that is told everyday in numerous ways. And yet... you have told the story in a way that... I don't know... it is very sweet.

“Hey, Rumble?” she asked, hoping he would say
yes to the question she was about to ask. “You wanna come
over to my place and warm up?”

Sweetie Belle giggled and turned for the direction
of her home before she looked up, noticing that the snow
was already beginning to fall. Knowing her home was on
the other side of town, Sweetie opted to take the safer route
and head to her sister’s for the time being.

“You’re such a dork when you try to sweet talk
me,” Sweetie replied as she nudged her body into his and
began to walk.

I think you may have missed a line after Sweetie asks Rumble over, as I currently see no evidence of the little blighter's sweet-talking.

Other than that, you're good. :eeyup:

3947445 Oh! Dearest FRIEND, I commend you on your efforts of moderation! It is not for the purpose of "trolling", as you suggest, that I impeded on this story the slight occurrence of grammatical error, which I did! No, no, no... You have soiled my good name and put forth my shame, on pedestal, for all to see. So, it is at this significant point in time, without further ado, that I wish to explain to you the workings of my mind on the insignificance of your slander. So: it is no mystery the slogans of the "bronies", and the love and personality that we all share with one-another. It is for this sole reason that I wish to rely on our shared psychology and consider each member a friend, and address them as I would such. I do not wish to anger another, and so I give you my greatest condolences... However, the sarcastic manner in which my stated hyperbole was made was to perform a justice...which it obviously has.


3949963 Your bullshitting could use some work. There are quicker ways of saying "u mad bro?" You only think you got a rise out of me because that's what you were looking for, for some reason. Honestly, I was just being succinct.

For some odd reason I ship Rumble with Applebloom in my head a lot. No idea why.

Odd, the doc I wrote it in has the extra sentence. Guess it glitched slightly when the file was transferred. Thanks for catching that, i'll fix it right now.


How about pointing out the damn mistake rather than dodging the question?

Jesus. Even when you said there was a grammatical error, I couldn't take you seriously.

3950021 ok... I can't believe I have to say this, but here goes... There was a comma. I pointed it out. Now there's not. My message worked. And I'm saying THERE'S NO NEED TO BE MAD. There we go.


Rumbloo and ButtonBelle shippers are going to hate me.

Eeyup... but it was still cute.

Rumblebelle is fine too

Aww, this was sweet! Not big on this ship but it was still awesome.

Once again you leave me wondering why you don't write less clop and more stories like this.

Oh. Wait.
This is the internet.


This is not clop.
I am suprised.


3950293 I guess you are an important person. Which must mean that you know what you're talking about. Therefore, thumbs up.

Though I personally ship Buttonbelle, I found this story adorable and admire you for not letting the fear of backlash from Buttonbelle and Rumbleloo shippers stop you from publishing it. Well done! :twilightsmile:

Fuller review here, but in brief: simple, warm-hearted fluff. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

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