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Rarity wakes up one morning to notice her toenails are grossly overgrown. To fix this, she goes on an epic adventure to find her nailclippers. Oh, and Applejack's in this fic as well.

The long awaited sequel to Rarity's Hairbrush! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/39980/Rarity's-Hairbrush

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I don't even................................................................................................................................................................................:rainbowderp:

1224200 Wasn't it amazing?


1224220 If you read the fic it will make sense.

Yes, it was.

I read some funny random things:pinkiesmile:, I've also read random funny things:pinkiehappy:. But I never read any funny and random things:pinkiegasp:!

I think my brain broke.:rainbowderp: That's it, I'm faving this!:trollestia:


1224233 i.qkme.me/35j7jb.jpg

Too bad the tital is off putting, people are scared away and just disliking without reading! :rainbowlaugh:

That... was...


... fairly funny :moustache:

-Reads title
"What is this she doesn't..."
(Expects to tear it apart)

-Reads story
(Is mildly amused)

To be honest, I found the in-character bits (Sweetie Belle's 'cooking' and Rarity's drama) funnier than the out-of-character bits (most everything else). But it wasn't bad.

Inb4 feature box due to being a short, silly story

I was there. I saw half of this happen! I AM A GOD NOW!

Good shit damn !

Okay, honestly, it felt like you were trying a little too hard. It was amusing, but not really laugh-out-loud funny. Keep writing!

“And now my pancake should be- GOLD AGAIN?” I remember that Doritos commercial.

1224501 Ah, if only.

Weird, usually 1000-word silly fics get instant feature box, 11/10 times. :rainbowhuh:

1226386 I guess the system hates me.

i made an account just to favorite this :rainbowlaugh:

1251778 Hey, thanks! I get that a lot...


1260518 Yay! More Mustaches! I'll add them to my collection...

Keep up the weird, Regidar. Discord and Pinkie aren't nearly enough.

This was the best worst fanfiction I've ever read. Have my babies? :fluttercry:

That was hilarious. Good job! :rainbowlaugh:

I want to see two things: an expansion of Twilight forcing her weird fetishes on Spike until that situation reaches a breaking point, and Sweetie Belle donning armor to do epic battle with an army of rats.

.... Why did I even click this? :facehoof:

1674978 Ah, yes. Because of Regidar and his weirdness. WELL! Off to read more pointless shit that turns my brain to mush.

Weird comedy that makes no sense in any way of mind... checkmate.

Also, 'Seven Psychopaths' reference.

1791453 I loved that movie.

“Aw, shut up and cry some more! This was just getting sexy!” Rainbow Dash yelled from the background.

Like Voldemort and Goku, i fucking died. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Very funny and most excellent! :rainbowwild:

I wonder sometimes about things. I wonder about the existence of life and why things are the way they are. Why can't things be different. Is that selfish to think that way? It is human to always want more. If we were gods, we would wish to be greater gods. If we were given another world, we would jump all over it.

Good and bad is all in the eye of each person. Good and bad do not truly exist. There is only what is and what isn't and how we choose to react to those two things. I react by breathing, smiling, and wondering about life's purpose for each individual.

No more words. I will only move forward. Your story, I smiled a couple times reading this.
-Reader Out-

4302167 it's all subjective, yes

4303086 My mind was all over the place when I wrote that comment. :facehoof: I normally don't do that kind of thing. :/

Half a horse's whinny.

I feel something like regret

I'm not sure that it's as good as the first one, but I like that Applejack comes back from the last story's catapult.

In any case I’m glad you found the early 2010s Internet-era attempted comedy of a 14 year old entertaining
It does something nearly like warming a cockle of my heart

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