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In the absence of Princess Celestia, Luna, and Twilight Sparkle, Prince Blueblood has usurped the throne and claims sovereign of Equestria, the other five Element bearers storm the castle to find out what's happened.
A short story for One-shot-ober.
Teen for a few suggestive comments and mild alcoholism.

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Comments ( 32 )

Cute but Fun!

Kind of sad though to find out your entire existence is to be a scapegoat.

Near the end it is sad but has a comedy touch to it....alicorn blueblood anyone?

Cute but feels a bit off. I mean surely poor Bluey deserves better than that. Also I feel like Rarity gets off easy. She was genuinely a golddigger and nobody calls her on it.

on most of brony community hates blueblood and rarity is a main charcter so more people will be on her side rather than blue bloods small fan base side...but i still think blueblood is best pony.

3414612 You have an odd way of showing it then. Your comment makes it sound less like you wrote this because it was something you wanted to write and more something you wrote to get views.

Umm... I wrote it. My name being purple will vouch for me. :twilightblush:
Anywho, my opinion on the matter is that Rarity didn't want Blueblood solely for his wealth, but to live the fairytale fantasy of being whisked away by a handsome prince, and got so caught up in that fantasy she didn't take into account that he might be a living being like everyone else, him using her as a shield being what brought her back down to earth.
At least, I don't remember anything about Rarity saying she planned to axe Blueblood once the honeymoon was over and roll in bits for the rest of her days. :derpyderp1:

Meh....I was confused at the time....and it was hard to write it.

3416463 You might've misunderstood my comment:derpytongue2: I wasn't claiming that you weren't the author. I know you are. I was more question *why* you wrote it.:twistnerd:

Why does there need to be a scene of her stating she plans on killing BB?:rainbowhuh:

Oh! I wrote it at Moons' urging and because I wanted to do the Dracula-Richter bit with Bb and the most likely heroes that would charge in to stop him. :pinkiehappy:
That, and I've never seen the theory that the Prince's family have been the 'hatchet ponies' (or at all, until reading a forum page last week or so, actually) since around Luna's banishment demonstrated in a story. I would guess Luna wasn't so well-liked partially because she had 'bad guy' duty all those years and it started getting to her, on top of everything else. Celestia might have brought in the Bluebloods to fill that void and probably hasn't had to worry about the drawbacks of the 'perfect ruler' illusion she and Luna probably worked out happening again, as they don't live with the role as long as Luna did. Or such is my guess. :trixieshiftright:

Anywho, that's more or less why I wrote the story, Castlevania reference and speculation as to why Celestia keeps Blueblood around. :twilightsmile:

She doesn't have to say she wants to kill him to be a gold digger, but I never got the impression all she cared about was his money, which is, I think, what defines the term. What makes you say she was, apart from the big ol' diamond in her daydream? :applejackconfused:

3420919 Gotcha, never been much into the Castlevania series so I think most of that went over my head :twilightsheepish:

To me golddigger is a more modern term for status seekers. She didn't care anything about BB she only liked him because he was titled. Her daydreams showed she had no caring to what his feelings were, they all centered around him catering to her whims. Which to me means she deserved what she got. Yeah having her dress wrecked sucks, but it serves her right for going after him only for what he can do for her rather than liking who he is.:twistnerd:

Had not thought of it that way, with that definition you are entirely correct, I think! :coolphoto:
Well, apart from her dress being ruined, she wore it again during the song in Sweet and Elite. (which, as it happens, was a fine demonstration of her being almost exactly as you described, though not enough to forsake her friends, luckily. Not sure she liked/cared about Fancy Pants at all either. :applejackunsure:)

So blueblood alicorn????? just wondering.
alicorn amulet blueblood...

That's kinda been explored, and it was pretty awesome. :raritystarry:
Blueblood is best supervillain!
If I weren't working on another story, and work in general, I'd totally be writing Prince Charmless out in full. :eeyup:

But dont you have only one story?

It'll take me a few months to write it all out, I think, get all the little imperfections I can manage patched up before I even start posting chapters, but when I do I should be updating it every day (still takes time to convert from MS word to FimFic, afterall, italics and bold print apparently not carrying over) until the whole story's there.
I'm doing it that way because I hate getting sucked into a story only to have to wait months before it's finally finished, figure getting the whole thing done then posting the chapters in rapid succession avoids that probably-not-intentionally-sadistic trap. :twilightsheepish:
In addition, maximum time for editing out mistakes, adding details, and rewriting stuff that just doesn't feel right. :pinkiehappy:

Writing a story? Yes, but no alicorn Blueblood, I'm afraid. :derpytongue2:

Interesting, reminds me quite a bit of the Blueblood family in The Best of All Possible Worlds.

Yeah, this really reminded me of that. I do like the stories where there's a hidden reason for Blueblood acting idiotic and obnoxious.

New head cannon accepted

Blueblood only sneered. “What is a princess?” he asked nopony in particular, hurling his glass dramatically to the floor, “A miserable little pile of secrets!”
Rainbow took to the air, wings outstretched and ready for action. “We’re sending you back where you belong!”
“W-where is that exactly…?” Fluttershy’s quiet question went unanswered.
“Then enough talk,” Blueblood growled, “HAVE AT Y-“

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I'm glad it was appreciated, that little exchange was half the reason for writing this story. :pinkiehappy:


No surprise, I've never played Castlevania but even I know the meme, I guess it's just one of those memes everyone knows, like over 9000.

There must always be a villain. Still to be rich is nice compensation.

Think of the power. You could pretend to be against some new law and everyone would vote for it because they hate you.

That plot twist though!:twilightsmile:

Oh that was good, nice twist at the end. Notice though once Luna was banished Celestia quickly replaced her with a family of villians. Celestia truly is a troll.

3521844 Thanks for pointing me to that comic. I really liked it.:pinkiehappy:

Funnily enough, I've gotten around to trying to write that story, but it's being done in conjunction with half a dozen others. So little time. :derpyderp2:


This is an interesting theory for why Celestia keeps Blueblood around. Very interesting.

This deserves way more likes then it has, good job eyeswirl :pinkiesmile:

So, not just Prince Blueblood, but his entire family for the past thousand years, have been playing the role of "The Bad Guy."
That's clever. I like it. One or two other writers have left that task to the natural chaos and spitefulness of the lower nobility, but having an ablative nobility between the people and the Princesses is less viscerally satisfying than having a proper villain at hand.

One question went begging, though. What dirty deeds did Prince Blueblood carry out for the Princesses during their day off? :trollestia:

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