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Not all Alicorns are female and not all Alicorns are royalty. Some are working class ponies that the masses can relate with.



This story is a sequel to Terror In Equestria 3: Twilight's Conquest

Not too long after completing her conquest. the Dark Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her first in line Shining Armor have started traveling to visit her stewards on a regular basis, leaving Commander Colgate as the acting leader of Equestria. Colgate is sick and tired of this. She decides that the time has come to make herself the supreme commander of all Equestria. The results of this could change the future of not just Equestria, but the entire planet.

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Oh yeah another one! Whate did you think of the songs I have planned to be on the When brothers wage war soundtrack?

Oh also here's more.
Lyra's theme- U.N. Owen was her ( touhou: EoSD ost)
Rarity's theme- escapist ( nightwish)

3186122 I think they are awesome. I do have a question. What would you think of a Terror in Equestria: 1000 Years Later which would take place when Twily and Celestia's sentences in the sun are over?

3186136 The most violent war known to pony, man, or otherwise between the two.

3186136 I haven't read the whole thing, in fact I just started. You should add videos and make a soundtrack.

3187107 What I was thinking of for a fifth one would be a war between a Celestia and Twilight who have reconciled and a wrathful Luna/Colgate.

3187201more soundtrack
Celestia's theme-sleeping sun (nightwish)
Ultimate Twilight's theme- end of all hope ( still nightwish)
Ultimate supremacy's theme- the messenger ( your favorite enemies)
Ultimate Colgate's theme-satori maiden~ the third eye ( touhou:SA ost)

3192861 If she went off to parallel universes to learn other things, if she learned things from the games I play, she would most likely learn how to put huge hits on her enemies the way hockey players do their opponents and I don't think that will help that much. As far as movies go, there aren't DeLoreans in Equestria and blowing up Graboids won't help her since there is no dynamite in Equestria either, not to mention no Graboids.

If by huge hits you mean martial arts, she could learn Hokuto Shinken from Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 1 and 2(yes, i know it is based on the Hokuto No Ken manga and anime, but we are talking about games), an martial art that attacks the opponents from inside by sending energy disrupting the body functions, capable of making heads explode, hearts blow up, spines cracking themselves, have the literal skeleton jump out of their body, diminish physical capabilities to at least 1\100th of what an normal human has even if they had super powers.
Here is some examples of Hokuto Shinken(some of these attacks are in both games even)

3207536 You will probably find this odd, but had you not posted video of what you were talking about,

Wait i did not post any videos?
If not here they are in link form
But basically, i think Twilight would find hokuto shinken useful as it allows her to use 100% of the physical potential of her body and then some(because the users get Touki, an battle aura that acts like armor and increase all physical capabilities), it can negate all poisons(as Ken gleefully demonstrates to an ninja in the anime), gives an spider-sense(the technique "musou-insatsu" that subscounciously predicts when someone will attack and then subscounciously takes the best action possible by escaping and attacking the attacker), can manipulate the opponents body in any way the user wants by touching them or beams and the ultimate technique "Musou Tensei" is OP as hell as it basically makes the user an ghost that can not be hit but can attack at even an molecular level that can bypass armors at the same time as it creates ghost clones that can also attack enemies and gives unlimited energy to use beams and magic(though the use needs to experience true deep grief to unlock "Musou Tensei")

Excellent conclusion to Terror in Equestria. Feel Relaxed after all of this. :ajsleepy:

and Vanhoover is now finally in peace and will not be touched by Dark Goddess Twilight Sparkle. :pinkiehappy:

3221745 The Ferbguy, Twily was banished to the sun with Celestia for the duration of her sentence. There is a fifth one coming out. I have named it Terror In Equestria 5: 1,000 Years Later. I am working on it right now and it should be done before the end of the month.

3224736 What!!! :rainbowhuh:

How are you going to pull this off? Feels like it's the first episode of the first season all over again except the fact that Colgate doesn't have a student and is not going to go on a quest to find the Elements of Harmony to change her back to the old Twilight before the influence of Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra!

3226079 TheFerbguy, just wait, you'll see how things turn out in the fifth and final part of the series. I never even thought about giving Colgate a student, but then again considering I made her a Supreme Commander instead of a princess it never crossed my mind.

Lol at the beginning, I actually was rooting for Twilight and was mad at Colgate, since in the other stories were in her perspective. But, that story was AMAZING!!!!:pinkiehappy: loved it very much I had a hard time stopping! :heart::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::heart::heart:

3421750 Twily's banishment only goes along with the banishment of Celestia. At the end of Celestia's banishment, both of them will be freed, Twilight's powers will be restored and Twily will try to reclaim the world. I won't share much more except that there will be some strange twists in this story.

3422702 Awesome!! I totally can't wait!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3186129 Your songs are very nice. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been fairly busy here lately.

i was rooting for Twilight as well and i was sad that she didnt win:facehoof::applecry::heart: story was great though

Excuse me, but I call BULLSHIT ON LUNA. You can not justify covering the planet in eternal night & killing all plants which in turn KILLS ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET. Shiny's & Dark Goddesses Twi's story does not fucking equal what Luna did. Sorry for ranting, but committing global genocide is unreasonable.

Twilight replied, "Well it went (well)."
There's a word missing here after the word "went".

Lyra said, "What are (you) doing here?"

"You" is missing between are & doing.

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