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Not all Alicorns are female and not all Alicorns are royalty. Some are working class ponies that the masses can relate with.



This story is a sequel to Terror in Equestria 2: Quest for the Jade Alicorn

Twilight now has the Jade Alicorn and can see all over the world through the great green eye at the top of her tower. Now she seeks more than just Equestria, she wants everything. Will she conquer the whole planet or will she lose everything and face a wrathful punishment from the royal family on Alicorn Island?

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Wow! this is a great story! onto the next chapter... :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Like how Rainbowdash points out the Loyalty spell Idea. I myself have been wondering the same thing. Smart move. :pinkiehappy:

I know I wrote the words, "The End" at the end of this, but what would anypony think if I were to continue on with this, with other things the new Dark Goddess Twilight does, perhaps somepony, close to her or not, were to challenge her authority, etc?

:pinkiegasp: That! Ending!

I'm now just realizing that Vanhoover and everywhere else are now entering a 99% chance of Twistorm.

Something better happen in the next story. Could it:rainbowhuh:

3115119 The Ferbguy......I know I put the end at the end of this one but I am thinking about writing a fourth one anyway. I was going to throw something involving Commander Colgate in the third one but then I got to thinking, what if I want to write a fourth one and throw in a global civil war? That is all the more I will reveal as it will still be a ways down the road. There are a lot of things I want to do with Dark Goddess Twilight

3115216 Just saying that the ending in this gives me the creeps. and into consideration that every country in Equestria, if they start even a small rebellion, They will enter that Twistorm.

P.S. Their was a mention to Trixie in this, What are you paning to do with her once you write the fourth story? :rainbowhuh:

3115230 It really depends. I mention Commander Colgate because if Twily and Shining Armor were to go on a trip abroad, Colgate would be in the tower and who knows, perhaps she would find a way into the archives......and do who knows what

I Would Like A 4 Season, But I Would Like to See Something More Q Fights And Military Policy, Also In This World Is Not Missing The Dragon Empire, Grifin And Sebra.:rainbowhuh:

Can It The 4 Temp. Be A Relationship With Those Other Nations, diplomatically, And Prove Twili It Is Not So Bad As They Think. :twilightsmile:

wait... i thought cosmos and luna were corrupted by twilight?

lol, i bet luna was like thinking
"TO THE SUNNN!!!!!!!!!":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Great ending though!!!
FINALLY an evil Twilight wins! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:
i always hated Rarity :twilightangry2:

so yeah, overall it is awesome
though i wonder what twilight is gonna do now that she has conquered the whole world :rainbowwild::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp:
I give it a 11/10

3118304 Mynameisamystery......You want to know what Twilight is going to do now that she has conquered the world? I have decided not to end this series. I have started the 4th one this morning. Just wait and see!

3116799 Mujaker......There is going to be a 4th Terror In Equestria. I just started it this morning. You think I have Twily evil, well I am planning on having something that will challenge her greatly and make her seem not so bad, and yes diplomacy will suddenly become part of the story line....Don't worry, the stewards aren't going to rebel, her problems will come from elsewhere.

Twilight will go from :twilightblush: to :twilightangry2:


If You Say You Want Make Colgate to Start The Revelion That would not make sense, Because Your CM is Being A Dentist As Your Destiny Has A Place, For Twili That Can Be What You Want Because His CM is Magic Nothing Specific

But It's Your Story, While Twilight to Finish Win. This Well

3119225 Mujaker.....Colgate will again be asked to be a commander in chief while Twily and Shining Armor are on a trip abroad. On planet Twilight, being an Alicorn means always being ready to be called upon to serve Equestria, and she is the one with the commanding experience. Kind of like how Alicorns in normal Equestria don't hold regular jobs, Alicorns on planet Twilight (well the ones Twily) created, have to be ready to serve, if they are not already serving as a steward elsewhere. I think you will find the results quite interesting.


What I Want Say Is What She Not Wishes would Usurp The Throne Of Twili.:twilightsmile:

But as I said is His Story. :twilightsmile:

3121393 I made Rarity like that for a reason, she needs to have a bad attitude going into her conflict in the fourth one.

I want to make a spinoff in an alternate timeline where the two sons of LaurFa who have been at war for years team up temporarily to defeat twilight. The first is Armageddon, god of existence. The second is zelarnin, the god of new ideas. Speaking of which, any ideas?

3126069 I like the idea of your spinoff. Regarding any ideas, I decided that this isn't the end and am working on a fourth one. I would suggest regarding LaurFa's sons, to go into some detail involving why they are at war. I would say maybe have Twilight commit some sort of act of aggression against one of them and have the other put family first and join forces with his brother to go against her. That would wind up being the ultimate story of putting family first. I do have a question. In your story will LaurFa be ruling as a goddess or will she be under Twilight's control or even in the story. If you choose to have her under Twilight's control, you could have the two sons decide to put their differences aside to rescue their mom from Twilight and her influence. Those are just some ideas, it really depends on what you have cause the two sons to stop their war against each other and go to war against Twily.

They are warring because one represents the beginning and end and the other represents everything in between. Armageddon wants to bring about the end of days that way he is in control again. And yes, they put aside their differences to save their mom. A subplot I have planned is that the high priests of the gods are having trouble putting up with each other. We also get shining armors return to good in a ponification of tirions speech in fall of the lich king.

wow nice idea:twilightsmile:
would look forward to it, and if possible, tell me the name of the story?:scootangel:

oh and i have a tip for you
try not to focus too much on dialogue and other small minor details.
most important thing: PLOT DEVELOPMENT

I already have the tags and description, but it's really late at the moment. And it will be called " Terror in Equestria Alternate Timeline: When Brothers Wage War."

Wow even the name sounds awesome :yay:
Good luck! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::raritywink:

3162415 The name sounds great. Good luck with it!


P.S. the chapter names won't make much sense, they're lyrics to a song. The messenger by your favorite enemies.

WTF? Is this a miss spell or I'm just going crazy and twilight has a sister!?

3167479 I don't know what you're talking about but Twily has no sister.

Rezimus' theme-cosmos (dissidia ost)
Armageddon's theme- chaos last battle ( dissidia ost)
Queen Twilight Sparkle's theme- Dark maker finale ( jak 3 ost)
Sunbird's theme- here comes the king ( x-ray dog)
Starswirl's theme-wishmaster ( nightwish)
Nifius' theme- protectors of the earth ( two steps from hell)
Colgate's theme- a flower-studded sake dish on mt. Ooe ( touhou: SA ost)
Shining armor's theme- fight the knight ( sonic and the black knight ost)

Here are just a few.

3130780 I do have a question, when will your story be done because I am looking forward to reading it.

The backstory of why Queen Twilight Sparkle was sold along with her brother to Celestia is truly saddening. GET THEM DARK GODDESS TWILIGHT!!!!!

YES! Death to Blueblood.:pinkiecrazy: He deserved it.

3121393 Don't worry....she won't get too far.....

She won't get too far.

:rainbowhuh:I can see the author got in a rush and mixed up who is who. :pinkiegasp:

Get ready to root for the bad guys.:twilightangry2::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

5764069 Thanks for noticing the error so I could fix it.

This story is getting epic. Hey StormLuna, you should have your own TV Tropes page.

Rarity should change he'd identity so far...








Twilight Velvet said, "I do know that Twilight holds a great deal of contempt towards your wife. She is a supermodel and Twilight hates anypony who is elegant. Whether it is because she is jealous of her beauty or she just hates elegance I don't know."
Rarity said, "Given that Twilight discarded the elegant crown and chest plate for that ugly iron crown and body armor, I am guessing that she simply hates elegance and wants the whole world to be unrefined, like she is."

Friggin Canterlot snobs. YOU DONT GET IT! TWILIGHT! KILL EM!!!!

Die Blueballs Die!
He deserves more than death! SUFFERING!

Those four are REALLY gonna get it now!



I was waiting since she got the duplication spell to even think about duplicateing herself


Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8000612 Death in battle, it doesn't get bad at all.

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