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Not all Alicorns are female and not all Alicorns are royalty. Some are working class ponies that the masses can relate with.



This story is a sequel to Terror in Equestria 5: One Thousand Years Later

Three thousand years have passed since the unmaking of the Dark Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her minions and the world has lived in perfect harmony ever since. An assassination of a high level officer near an international border along with deteriorating economic conditions in a couple of nations will bring that peace to an end. This will bring about a terrifying war, the type that the world has never before seen.

In the end, the use of never before used spells which cause horribly unimaginable damage will cause dark forces from the distant past to return, causing the world to transition from one war straight into another.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 29 )

Wow, it took you 300 words to make me ignore my extremely long to do list and give in, I'm seriously impressed. :raritystarry:

I just have a few questions

Is everyone here an alicorn now? (Mane six -one and all)
What happened with Twilight?
In becoming an alicorn, did Scootaloo learn to fly?
What's with "dark" alicorns, they're working with the protagonist so it can't mean that they're bad (unless I misread something)?

Another question
What's the deal with "duplication," at first I though it meant recruiting but now I think it means literally copying ponies, can she copy only changelings, or others as well?:pinkiegasp:
Why didn't Colgate cast the time spell again so that Luna could save her subjects and destroy Lyra's forces without so much as a scratch for her army, it can't be a hard spell, because she acted like it was easy last time?:rainbowhuh:
Drowning in questions!:raritycry:

Now I understand the duplication thing, but I have one more question

Why not duplicate Scootaloo or herself (cause, you know, they're really powerful and all)?
Also, This Is Only My PERSONAL Preference, I feel that your writing would improve if you removed most of the "guys" ( this is the military after all and it sounds out of place to me).
Really enjoying this story, it's favorited.:raritystarry:

5793273 Regarding duplicating Scootaloo, here is the problem. The duplicate Scootaloo would be exactly like the original and of course that would lead to a power struggle, especially given that leadership roles have been established in other nations and as far as the leaders of other nations, Scootaloo (original or duplicate) could easily overthrow them. It is why I never had Twilight duplicate herself to watch over other provinces because she would have the same desires and would cause a global war against herself. Drones and some officers are ok to duplicate, but major characters would not be a wise idea, well in the way my stories go. Thanks for the fave.

Regarding Twilight, she was unmade by Brevity Thrash at the end of Terror in Equestria 5. And the dark Alicorn and changeling soldiers have had loyalty spells cast upon them so they will be working with protagonists, and once public enemy number one returns in # 7 (Twilight), she will take control of some changelings and dark Alicorns.

Once again I feel as though this is amazing but could be/flow better without the "guys" this is the military after all. Wonderful story though! :twilightsmile:

5793247 Duplication does mean making an exact copy and it can be done on more than changelings and dark Alicorns. She could even duplicate Scootaloo or with the aid of a mirror, herself but that would be way too dangerous since duplicates are carbon copies, having the same desires as the original. That is why Twilight placed stewards around the world rather than copying herself, the duplicates of her would declare war on her and each other. I didn't have Colgate do the time spell again because I wanted there to be death and destruction to make this war a bit more realistic.

5979248 Thanks, that makes sense. Also, I just recently realized that it wasn't just a title and so I started from the beginning.

5793155 Ok, regarding the Alicorns. Twilight transformed many of Sombra's old dark unicorn soldiers into dark Alicorns because she needed forces that can fly. Of course they eventually became Colgate's forces. Speaking of Twilight, she was unmade at the end of the fifth story. Yes Scootaloo learned to fly upon becoming an Alicorn. Regarding the Mane Six + 3, Twilight transformed them. Colgate transformed Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and the whole Apple Family in the fourth story to take on Twilight. Yes this world has a whole lot more Alicorns but they were transformed because of necessity in wars.

7294688 Hi. If you wish to have a conversation with me, PM me. I hope you liked the story.

7295074 Wait, how do I PM you? I made this account long ago, but I'm not really sure how each button works yet. I saw the PM button on my profile's right, but didn't get it.

7295466 I'll PM you and you just reply to me.


Wait i thought Dark Hooves was killed when he joined Twilight:applejackunsure:

my goodness Lyra and Colgate are turning weirdly mad over power:pinkiecrazy::trixieshiftright::facehoof:

7356157 Yep and the funny thing is, in most of my other stories I portray them as sisters.

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8000619 The gore is for death in battle and an execution.

Fires be a startin, ires being sparked, deaths' hands drip from the pools of crimson clinging to his filthy bony fingers, his grin spreads to his ears...
"Let is begin." His voice cackles as the bombs drop us to our doom.

"You're losing to yourself to the slaughter, Colgate." - Dragondarko

Does the E.S.S. Colgate translate into The Equiestrian Security Ship Colgate?

I know right. Lyra is being over confident like Twilight was. I was like, dude you are as paranoid as twilight.

Hey Storm Luna, will Twilight EVER reform? And if she does, will they try to reform her to the way she was before she was corrupted by Sombra and Chrysalis?

Oh she will reform eventually....I'm not going to tell you when though.

hey how do you pm Does it mea n private meeting or what. But what I mean is will she be turned ack to good at some point? Not when but will she become back to normal or will she stay evil? Also... YOUR STORIES ARE AMAZING!!!!


Twilight will come back, this one is the only one that does not have her in it. I will send you a private message and then all you will have to do is reply.

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