• Published 22nd May 2014
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Terror in Equestria 6: The Great War - StormLuna

3,000 years have passed since the unmaking of evil. The world has lived in peace and harmony but the assassination of two high level officers near and international border will bring that peace to an abrupt end.

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Attack on Los Alicornus

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle finally reached the west coast and the Los Alicornus naval base. When they landed they were greeted by the dark Alicorn general, Dark Mane. He could tell they were friendly but still wanted to know who they were. He asked, "Who are you two and what do you want?"

Apple Bloom replied, "Howdy! I am Apple Bloom and this is my adopted sister Sweetie Belle. We have been sent here by Colgate to give you guys some important information and direct orders from her."

Dark Mane asked, "Oh, and what is this information and what are these orders?"

Sweetie Belle replied, "Well Commander Scootaloo has captured Lemon Hearts. You know that eye that Colgate scans the world with?"

Dark Mane asked, "Yes, I know about it. Did she hear any important information?"

Sweetie Belle replied, "Yes, she has. During enhanced interrogation Lemon Hearts told Scootaloo that Lyra has plans on sending her whole fleet to Equestria to not just attack this base and the city of Los Alicornus. She wants to launch a full scale invasion of Equestria. Colgate wants you guys to do patrols up and down the entire coast."

Dark Mane said, "Thank you. I will relay that information to my other officers." He paused for a minute and asked, "What about you two? Will you be heading home now?"

Apple Bloom replied, "No. We have been ordered to stay here. Since our power is equal to Scootaloo's, Colgate figured that we would be able to help in defending against any attacks."

Dark Mane nodded his head and told the two that there are sleeping quarters that are going unused on the largest carrier, the E.S.S. Colgate. The two headed to their new bedrooms while the general headed over to the shipyard to discuss the orders from their Supreme Commander.

Everypony saw him, lined up, stood at attention and saluted him. Colonel Storm Hooves asked, "Sir, what do you wish for us to do sir?"

Dark Mane replied, "At ease. Ok, two of Colgate's higher ups have flown here and notified me that we are under risk of being attacked."

Storm Hooves asked, "The base?"

Dark Mane replied, "More than just the base and more than just the city of Los Alicornus. The whole coast is at risk so Colgate has ordered that we do patrols up and down the coast."

Captain Thundermane asked, "Are these threats from Neigh Zealand? I have heard they modernized their army and built a real fleet."

Dark Mane replied, "Yes, these are from Neigh Zealand. I will be staying here but I do want Colonel Storm Hooves, Captain Thundermane and Lieutenant Black Sun to sail up and down the coast. Major Stinging Blades will stay here. Each of you grab 200 dark Alicorns and 200 changelings and get going. You are dismissed."

While the officers grabbed their soldiers and headed off on their patrols, Lyra called a meeting with her officers in Prancington. In her throne room she addressed them. She started, "Ok officers, the time has come. Our enemy must pay for their crimes."

General Black Rocks, her dark Alicorn general, asked, "Enemy? I thought we had three enemies."

Lyra replied, "The Equine Empire is in shambles. Despite being liberated by Equestrian forces and then capturing Lemon Hearts, they are suffering economically so we don't have to worry about them."

General Green Eyes, her changeling general asked, "What about Alicorn Island? Aren't they an enemy too?"

Lyra replied, "Yes, they are but since all they export is silk I'm not so worried about them. It is that arrogant Supreme Commander Colgate that I want to destroy."

Green Eyes asked, "So I take it the attack on the Equine Empire is off?"

Lyra laughed, "I never planned on helping that wimp Lemon Hearts to start with. I only told her I would so she would take part in this war. All forces will attack Equestria."

Lieutenant Gray Mist, her dark Alicorn lieutenant asked, "So when will we begin this attack?"

Lyra glared at the lieutenant and replied, "We shall set sail immediately after this meeting. First I want twenty carriers to set sail for the west coast of Equestria. For now I shall stay put here in Prancington. Once things heat up more, then I will join in on the attack. The generals will stay here while the rest of you officers will gather soldiers and head out. Chop, chop, get going."

The officers, with the exception of the generals, headed to the base to address the regular soldiers. Colonel Stone Gray addressed them. He started, "Ok men, the time has come. We have been ordered by Queen Lyra to set sail for the west coast of Equestria."

One of the soldiers asked, "Are we sailing there to begin the war?"

Stone Gray, his voice dripping with sarcasm replied, "No, we're going there to have a friendly chit chat with their soldiers!" He paused and then continued, "Well duh we're going there to begin the war. Now I think we should leave around 1,000 of each type of soldier here. You will be staying here with the generals."

Major Green Death asked, "You ready for this soldiers?"

The soldiers shouted, "Yes sir!"

The major nodded and the officers rounded up the soldiers they would be taking with them. In the end 20 of the 30 carriers did head off to the northeast. Lyra was standing there with her generals with a sadistic grin on her face. She said, "Oh pretty soon that arrogant rat Colgate will be begging us for mercy and I will NOT give it to her! She will pay dearly for her crimes against us!"

Black Rocks asked, "Don't get mad my queen but what kind of crimes did she commit against us?"

Lyra replied, "It is economic crimes that she has committed against us for a very long time. Equestria has increased it's own sheep population and now produces it's own wool, which means they no longer have to import from us. That lost revenue is harming our economy so it is a matter of Equestria harming every single citizen here. She will pay dearly. You know how much I love the ponies here. I am doing this for them."

The two generals nodded and agreed with their queen. Ten days pass and the carriers from Neigh Zealand see the Equestrian coast off in the distance. Stone Gray addresses the troops on his carrier. He said, "Alright troops. You see that city off in the distance? That is Los Alicornus. That is our target. I want us to destroy the city and kill as many civilians as possible."

One of the soldiers asked, "What about the other carriers? Where will they attack?"

Stone Gray replied, "A couple will attack their base, some will attack other cities and one will invade an uninhabited area and fly off towards Ponyville." He paused for a minute and then shouted, "TO WAR, TO VICTORY! KILL THEM ALL!"

It was an ordinary day in Los Alicornus. The sun was shining, a westerly breeze was keeping things cool and everypony was out doing their business. Suddenly a dark cloud drifted over the city and energy along with ooze began to be fired down from the city. One of the residents shouted, "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!"

This caused mass panic in the streets. Eventually the unicorns began to fire energy back at the energy forces until they were covered with ooze. The dark Alicorns began to strike the citizens multiple times until they were killed. Finally a few troops who were stationed near the city flew in and began to take out the enemy forces. After an hour long fight, Equestrian forces had killed every enemy combatant except for Colonel Stone Gray, who was found laying in the street with a broken wing and two broken legs.

Before acquiring the injured colonel, the dark Alicorns freed the city's residents from the ooze. After that they captured the colonel and dragged him to the city's military office. While none of them were officers, they still had the authority to question those that they capture. The largest of the soldiers looked down at the colonel and asked, "Who are you and what are your forces' plans?"

Stone Gray replied, "I'm not telling a lowly hoof soldier anything!"

A changeling soldier said, "Well it is your choice. We do have the authority to punish enemy forces we capture."

Again Stone Gray refused to say anything so the dark Alicorn officers began to beat him with chains. Still he refused, so they tied him to a gurney and proceeded to waterboard him. After an hour of waterboarding he finally squealed. He said, "Ok, I will tell you everything."

The soldiers stopped the torture, motioned for him to talk and he did. Stone Gray said, "Ok, there are still 19 other carriers out there. There are some which will invade other cities, some will invade other bases and one which will land in an uninhabited area. Those soldiers will fly towards Ponyville."

After he spoke the soldiers continued beating him with chains until he breathed his last. In Ponyville Colgate saw this and became so enraged the whole town could hear her screaming and yelling. General Dark Night ran up to her room and asked, "Colgate, what is wrong?"

Still screaming in a rage, Colgate replied, "THAT DIRTY RAT! She's finished! I am going to turn Neigh Zealand into an uninhabitable wasteland for what she has done!"

Dark Night asked, "But what about your nuke spell tearing a hole in the void? Aren't you worried about doing further damage?"


Dark Night asked, "Did her forces attack Equestria?"

Colgate calmed down some and replied, "Yes, she did. I am calling an emergency meeting at the base. You notify every officer and soldier. I am going to notify my recruits. Anypony who refuses to attend this meeting will be executed."

For the first time in his entire life, Dark Night was truly terrified. While Sombra could be brutal and Twilight would use brute force, he knew that Colgate would stop at nothing short of destroying Neigh Zealand entirely and most likely killing or at least severely injuring Lyra. While Colgate headed to Sugarcube Corner Dark Night headed to the base to notify the army of what had happened.

Author's Note:

Colgate's Nuke spell---- "The atoms must be split so I can send my enemies into a pit. The explosion shall be big so my enemies will squeal like a pig. The time has come to make my enemies numb. The big fire shall be great, it shall destroy all the hate."

Colgate's dark Alicorns

General Dark Night
Colonel Black Mist
Major Frigid Wind
Captain Black Ice
Lieutenant Dark Crystal


General Lightning Storm
Colonel Green Toxin
Major Deadly Cloud
Captain Green Storm
Lieutenant Southern Haze

NOTE: Since the changelings and dark Alicorns that Colgate duplicated for Scootaloo to take to the Equine Empire, the officers will have the same names since duplicates are EXACT duplicates.

Lyra's Grand Prince
Grand Prince Silver Star (DEAD)

Lyra's dark Alicorns

General Black Rocks
Colonel Stone Gray
Major Rock Crusher
Captain Steel Seas
Lieutenant Gray Mist


General Green Eyes
Colonel Blue Streak
Major Green Death
Captain Fly Wings
Lieutenant Black Haze

Lemon Hearts' Grand Prince
Crescent Moon (DEAD)

dark Alicorns

General Dark Skies
Colonel Steel Armor
Major Iron Blades
Captain Dark Mane
Lieutenant Black Lightning


General Green Skies
Colonel Stinging Ooze
Major Green Death
Captain Burning Haze
Lieutenant Green Cloud

Luna's dark Alicorns

General Black Night
Colonel Dark Rocks
Major Black Seas
Captain Gravel Crusher
Lieutenant Night Sky

General Green Waters
Colonel Choking Mist
Major Dim Sun
Captain Dark Rage
Lieutenant Steel Wrath

Brevity's officers
General Green Star
Colonel Stargazer
Lt. Colonel Moonrise
Major Starry Skies
Captain Moonlight
Lieutenant Soaring Skies

Invisibility----"Whether it be one or a bunch of ones, nopony needs to see so that we don't have to flee, invisibility is the treat of not having to retreat."

Visibility---"The unseen shall now be seen, with their friends being present, hiding only shows resent, those who have disappeared shall now appear."

Duplication---"From one to two, two to four and so much more, when one is simple mere, more and more shall appear."

Banish to void--- "You have committed treason and that is not in season, you are a threat to me and I simply can not let that be, I can no longer be annoyed so you shall be cast into the void."

Loyalty spell---"From another to me, that is where your allegiance will now be, you thought your old commander loved you like pie when all they wanted was for you to die. With me all shall be great, there shall be no hate."

Giving drones a mind of their own---"those without a mind are in a bind, no longer shall they just be, but they will still be loyal to me, for officers they are now but they don't ask how."

Unbanish---"The one who has been banished has done their time, they are now forgiven for their crime, their time has come, now they need to contribute some, it is Equestria that they must serve or into the spiral of the void they shall curve."

Transform unicorn to Alicorn--- "The unicorn who has no wings is bound to the ground, they can not really get around, their smarts are great yet without flight they will be late, with these wings they will be great and they shall never have a bad fate."

Transform multiple unicorns to Alicorns--- "The unicorns who have no wings are bound to the ground, they can not really get around, their smarts are great yet without flight they will be late, with these wings they will be great and they shall never have a bad fate."

Transform Pegasus to Alicorn---"The one who can fly likes to fly free desires the powers that allow the unicorn to be, he/she wishes so much to levitate and create, rather than berate, for the winged one now has magic, without that it would be tragic."

Transform Earth Pony to Alicorn---"The pony without magic or flight is in a bind, for they feel like they have fallen behind, they work themselves to death, even to their very last breath, for now with magic and wings, great things shall be what life brings."

Increase size of pony---"The small one wishes they were tall so that they won't have to crawl, with height their future is bright and everything will be alright, for the small one is small no more, with height their happiness shall be galore."

Mature pony--"The innocent pony is unsure of who she wants to be, that may be cute but it is not what is good for me, she needs to mature if she is to be strong for without maturity she won't last for long, the naive one shall be so no more, for her maturity will carry her into lore."

Strengthen Armor---"The one without armor does not stand a chance, so it is what we must enhance, the unarmed one will likely receive death, with armor he shall continue to draw breath, without armor he will be torn to shreds like a rag but with armor victory is in the bag."

Activate Jade Alicorn---"The jade Alicorn will help me see all, without it I might miss a brawl, while the distances are great, I can see all the hate, wisdom is what comes along with the eye so that overthrowing me nopony will try."

Hurricane spell--- "The nice weather must come to an end, for without a storm the enemy will not bend, the wind shall be strong and my enemies won't last for long, a hurricane is a must so the tyrants will sink and go bust."

Fixing spell--- "The city was devastated by a storm, which is not the norm, their suffering is great yet we can not allow normalcy to be late, the city must be restored to the way it was before so they can pay taxes like they did before.


Unlock---"The door is locked, but from me my information is blocked, a lot of learning I have to do, but with this locked I won't have a clue, now the door is open for me and infinite knowledge for me shall now be."

Lock---"Right now the door is not locked, from others the information is not blocked, the others must not be allowed to learn, for this is not theirs to earn, the door is now closed for all but me because infinite knowledge is not free."

Shatter Armor---"Our foes' armor is great, that is something I hate, with their armor they are strong, but them having armor is just plain wrong, now their armor is gone and it is time for them to say bye as they are struck by energy and die."

Return Blue sky---"The sky is purple which is ok for some, but it just makes me numb, for I miss the way it used to be, blue is beautiful to me, the normal sky shall be back and everything will return on track."

Drain pony---"The large pony is too big for me, for smaller the pony shall be, the size and knowledge will become mine, but the negative qualities is where I draw the line, for what must grow is my power, so that I may remain in the tower."

Change eye blue---"The green eye is not for me, for blue is what it shall be, the evil shall be banished as the good can not vanish, what shall return will be an eye of blue as it is the perfect hue."

Freeze time---"Tick tock, tick tock, look at the racing clock, what is short is time and being late is a crime, we must finish on top so it is time I must stop, with time froze, it is my enemies I shall bulldoze."

Unfreeze time---"Look at the clock, it is stuck in place, with this there can be no pace, everything is still but that does not fit the bill, for now the clock shall again run so everypony can have fun."

Time bubble---"A bubble is what we need, so from frozen time we can be freed, in this bubble we can move fast, while everything else is stuck in the past, it is frozen time which through we must pass so we will never be late to class."

Undo time bubble---"In the bubble time continues to run, but now the time outside runs and allows fun, the bubble must burst so we can quench our thirst, from the bubble we are now free and everything we can clearly see."

Release Brevity Thrash--- "She was banished long ago, but her power she will not forego, it is revenge she wants, it is her sister she shall taunt, for Brevity Thrash shall return once more and be more than just long lost lore."


"The changeling's power is good, but not great, they can fire ooze but not enough to make their foes lose, for them to be great, they must fire bolts of hate, the energy shall be strong so their enemies won't last for long."

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