• Published 22nd May 2014
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Terror in Equestria 6: The Great War - StormLuna

3,000 years have passed since the unmaking of evil. The world has lived in peace and harmony but the assassination of two high level officers near and international border will bring that peace to an abrupt end.

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The Arrival and the Departure

Early in the morning after the fall of Maredrid an exhausted Luna and her officers finally arrived in Marescow. She and her officers landed in the city square. At first the citizens were terrified when they saw an Alicorn with numerous changelings and dark Alicorns land in their city until a filly from Maredrid ran up to her.

"Queen Luna! Are you ok? What happened to Maredrid?" asked the filly

Luna had a sad look on her face and replied, "I am sorry little one, but those who were unable to evacuate were killed and the city was leveled to the ground."

The filly began to cry and asked, "Even Aunt Tulip and Uncle Anvil?"

While Luna did not personally know the two she could tell by the filly's question that they had not evacuated when the attack occurred. Luna leaned down, nuzzled the filly and replied, "I'm sorry, but they did not survive the attack."

She grabbed of Luna's hoof and held on to it tightly and cried harder and harder. Very soon her parents, Misty Mae and Cactus Joe came running to the sound of their daughter's cries.

Misty Mae said, "Primrose, you leave Queen Luna alone. I'm sure she has bigger issues to worry about than your crying."

Luna interrupted, "Ma'am, your daughter is crying because her aunt Tulip and uncle Anvil were unable to evacuate before the attack and were killed by enemy forces. Her sadness is important to me."

Primrose's parents ran to their daughter and Luna hugged all three of them. Luna said, "I know there are many here who are going through the same situation as you three are. I need to address those who relocated here."

Luna flew up to the balcony of the ancient citadel that rose from the city's center and began to address the crowd. She started, "Citizens of Marescow, refugees from Maredrid, I want you all to know that the city of Maredrid has been attacked, everypony who was unable to evacuate has been killed and the city has been leveled."

When she said this a lot of ponies in the crowd began to cry and comfort one another. Luna saw this and continued, "Alright everypony, I want you to know that I am here for you. If you need to talk, come to the ancient throne room in the citadel and discuss things with me. Right now I can't do much but comfort you."

While the refugees and Marescow natives who lost family in the attack were distraught, they knew that eventually Luna would find a way to help them anyway she could.

Two days had passed and in Ponyville Colgate's forces were ready to head to the coast and set sail. Colgate stood before her troops and said, "Alright troops, an ally and a very dear friend of ours needs our help. I am going to duplicate ALL of you. I am going to do this because we need forces both here and to drive Saddle Arabian forces back into Saddle Arabia."

General Dark Night asked, "Colgate, so where are we going to make landfall?"

Colgate replied, "Well I have been listening in on their conversations and the final city their forces plan on attacking by sea is Braylin. That is where you guys will be setting sail for. We should arrive there before they do. That way, we can ambush them before they can do much damage and prevent them from heading to Marescow."

Dark Night asked, "Colgate, will you be going with us?"

Colgate replied, "No. I am sending Commander Scootaloo with you guys. Don't worry, she has an immense amount of military knowledge and she possesses very powerful magic, almost as powerful as my own."

Scootaloo stood there stunned. She never imagined that Colgate would put her in charge of a full scale invasion. Scootaloo asked, "Colgate, can I say goodbye to my friends and family before we leave?"

Colgate replied, "Sure, just make it quick because I want you guys to set sail before nightfall."

Scootaloo nodded and headed over to Sweet Apple Acres. Everypony was in the barn enjoying lunch. She went running to them and said, "Goodbye everypony."

Applejack spit out her cider and asked, "What do you mean by goodbye sugar cube?"

Scootaloo replied, "Well Lemon Hearts launched a full scale invasion of the Equine Empire. Colgate has put me in charge of a mission in which we will sail to Braylin and lay in wait to attack Saddle Arabian forces when they get there."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom ran up to her. Apple Bloom asked, "Scootaloo, why are y'all saying goodbye for. You're acting like you're not coming back."

Sweetie Belle added, "Yeah, you act like you're going to get killed."

Scootaloo replied, "What if I do?"

Applejack said, "Now don't you worry Scootaloo. Your power is great, your knowledge of how opposing forces work is immense. Just use your energy, keep your troops well disciplined and everything will be just fine."

Scootaloo hugged them and said, "Well I better get back over to the base. Colgate said to make it quick and you know how she gets when somepony is late. Instead of good bye, how about I say see you guys later."

Applejack replied, "Now that's better. See y'all later."

Scootaloo nodded and flew back over to the base and was met by a surprised Colgate. Colgate said, "Wow, that was quick. I know I said to make it quick but I didn't expect you to be back this quickly."

Scootaloo replied, "Well the sooner we get going the sooner we can liberate the Equine Empire."

Colgate said, "Now that's why I made you the commander so long ago. You have the initiative to go get things done."

Colgate looked out at her troops and continued, "Alright troops, I need you all to stand out in that field. I need to duplicate you."

Colgate motioned for her forces to go to the field and once they got there she began to glow as she recited, "From one to two, two to four and so much more, when one is simple mere, more and more shall appear."

Suddenly there were twice as many officers as there were before. Scootaloo asked, "Colgate, I am taking the duplicates with me, right?"

Colgate replied, "Yes, they are the ones who will be going with you."

Scootaloo looked at the soldiers and said, "Those of you who are duplicates, follow me. We need to get to the coast as soon as possible. Colgate wants us to set sail by nightfall."

Scootaloo and the duplicates flew off to the east. Colgate felt like a proud parent as her commander led the duplicate soldiers off to the east. General Dark Night asked, "Colgate, aren't you worried that something might happen to her?"

Colgate replied, "General, I know you are concerned about her but she is tough as nails and isn't the type of pony to make dumb decisions. Besides, I have taught her many spells, the armor spell being one of them, so I am thinking everything should be fine. Troops, you are dismissed. It is time for lunch anyway, officers, let's go grab a bite to eat."

Five hours later Scootaloo and her forces landed out at the shore where three ships sit there waiting. Colonel Black Mist asked, "Scootaloo, what are we going to do for food and water? I highly doubt those ships are already stocked."

Scootaloo replied, "We are going to have to pick these plum bushes empty. The voyage to Braylin is a four to six day journey depending on the weather. Luckily these plums have enough juices in them that they will keep us hydrated. Before we start stocking the ships, let's eat a few of them. I'm hungry after that long flight."

Scootaloo and her forces spend around thirty minutes eating and then spent two and a half hours picking the plum bushes clean so they would have adequate food for their journey. Finally right as the sun was setting they finished. Scootaloo said, "Alright troops, let's get going. Board one of the ships, let's raise our anchors and let's get going!"

Right as the sun dipped below the horizon Equestria disappeared from the skyline. Scootaloo looked back and said to herself, "Colgate, I won't let you down and Equestria, I promise to return."

It was right after supper in Ponyville as Colgate was watching them set sail to the east. Colgate said to herself, "Good job Scootaloo, you set sail exactly on time. I take this as a good sign."

Author's Note:

Colgate's dark Alicorns

General Dark Night
Colonel Black Mist
Major Frigid Wind
Captain Black Ice
Lieutenant Dark Crystal


General Lightning Storm
Colonel Green Toxin
Major Deadly Cloud
Captain Green Storm
Lieutenant Southern Haze

NOTE: Since the changelings and dark Alicorns that Colgate duplicated for Scootaloo to take to the Equine Empire, the officers will have the same names since duplicates are EXACT duplicates.

Lyra's Grand Prince
Grand Prince Silver Star (DEAD)

Lyra's dark Alicorns

General Black Rocks
Colonel Stone Gray
Major Rock Crusher
Captain Steel Seas
Lieutenant Gray Mist


General Green Eyes
Colonel Blue Streak
Major Green Death
Captain Fly Wings
Lieutenant Black Haze

Lemon Hearts' Grand Prince
Crescent Moon (DEAD)

dark Alicorns

General Black Feet
Colonel Iron Hooves
Major Black Iron
Captain Dark Hooves
Lieutenant Thunder Hooves

dark unicorns

General Eternal Darkness
Colonel Killer Mist
Major Dark Death
Captain Storm Force
Lieutenant Crushing Death


General Green Cloud
Colonel Sticky Ooze
Major Green Poison
Captain Deadly Ooze
Lieutenant Chryso

Luna's dark Alicorns

General Black Night
Colonel Dark Rocks
Major Black Seas
Captain Gravel Crusher
Lieutenant Night Sky

General Green Waters
Colonel Choking Mist
Major Dim Sun
Captain Dark Rage
Lieutenant Steel Wrath

Brevity's officers
General Green Star
Colonel Stargazer
Lt. Colonel Moonrise
Major Starry Skies
Captain Moonlight
Lieutenant Soaring Skies

Invisibility----"Whether it be one or a bunch of ones, nopony needs to see so that we don't have to flee, invisibility is the treat of not having to retreat."

Visibility---"The unseen shall now be seen, with their friends being present, hiding only shows resent, those who have disappeared shall now appear."

Duplication---"From one to two, two to four and so much more, when one is simple mere, more and more shall appear."

Banish to void--- "You have committed treason and that is not in season, you are a threat to me and I simply can not let that be, I can no longer be annoyed so you shall be cast into the void."

Loyalty spell---"From another to me, that is where your allegiance will now be, you thought your old commander loved you like pie when all they wanted was for you to die. With me all shall be great, there shall be no hate."

Giving drones a mind of their own---"those without a mind are in a bind, no longer shall they just be, but they will still be loyal to me, for officers they are now but they don't ask how."

Unbanish---"The one who has been banished has done their time, they are now forgiven for their crime, their time has come, now they need to contribute some, it is Equestria that they must serve or into the spiral of the void they shall curve."

Transform unicorn to Alicorn--- "The unicorn who has no wings is bound to the ground, they can not really get around, their smarts are great yet without flight they will be late, with these wings they will be great and they shall never have a bad fate."

Transform multiple unicorns to Alicorns--- "The unicorns who have no wings are bound to the ground, they can not really get around, their smarts are great yet without flight they will be late, with these wings they will be great and they shall never have a bad fate."

Transform Pegasus to Alicorn---"The one who can fly likes to fly free desires the powers that allow the unicorn to be, he/she wishes so much to levitate and create, rather than berate, for the winged one now has magic, without that it would be tragic."

Transform Earth Pony to Alicorn---"The pony without magic or flight is in a bind, for they feel like they have fallen behind, they work themselves to death, even to their very last breath, for now with magic and wings, great things shall be what life brings."

Increase size of pony---"The small one wishes they were tall so that they won't have to crawl, with height their future is bright and everything will be alright, for the small one is small no more, with height their happiness shall be galore."

Mature pony--"The innocent pony is unsure of who she wants to be, that may be cute but it is not what is good for me, she needs to mature if she is to be strong for without maturity she won't last for long, the naive one shall be so no more, for her maturity will carry her into lore."

Strengthen Armor---"The one without armor does not stand a chance, so it is what we must enhance, the unarmed one will likely receive death, with armor he shall continue to draw breath, without armor he will be torn to shreds like a rag but with armor victory is in the bag."

Activate Jade Alicorn---"The jade Alicorn will help me see all, without it I might miss a brawl, while the distances are great, I can see all the hate, wisdom is what comes along with the eye so that overthrowing me nopony will try."

Hurricane spell--- "The nice weather must come to an end, for without a storm the enemy will not bend, the wind shall be strong and my enemies won't last for long, a hurricane is a must so the tyrants will sink and go bust."

Fixing spell--- "The city was devastated by a storm, which is not the norm, their suffering is great yet we can not allow normalcy to be late, the city must be restored to the way it was before so they can pay taxes like they did before.


Unlock---"The door is locked, but from me my information is blocked, a lot of learning I have to do, but with this locked I won't have a clue, now the door is open for me and infinite knowledge for me shall now be."

Lock---"Right now the door is not locked, from others the information is not blocked, the others must not be allowed to learn, for this is not theirs to earn, the door is now closed for all but me because infinite knowledge is not free."

Shatter Armor---"Our foes' armor is great, that is something I hate, with their armor they are strong, but them having armor is just plain wrong, now their armor is gone and it is time for them to say bye as they are struck by energy and die."

Return Blue sky---"The sky is purple which is ok for some, but it just makes me numb, for I miss the way it used to be, blue is beautiful to me, the normal sky shall be back and everything will return on track."

Drain pony---"The large pony is too big for me, for smaller the pony shall be, the size and knowledge will become mine, but the negative qualities is where I draw the line, for what must grow is my power, so that I may remain in the tower."

Change eye blue---"The green eye is not for me, for blue is what it shall be, the evil shall be banished as the good can not vanish, what shall return will be an eye of blue as it is the perfect hue."

Freeze time---"Tick tock, tick tock, look at the racing clock, what is short is time and being late is a crime, we must finish on top so it is time I must stop, with time froze, it is my enemies I shall bulldoze."

Unfreeze time---"Look at the clock, it is stuck in place, with this there can be no pace, everything is still but that does not fit the bill, for now the clock shall again run so everypony can have fun."

Time bubble---"A bubble is what we need, so from frozen time we can be freed, in this bubble we can move fast, while everything else is stuck in the past, it is frozen time which through we must pass so we will never be late to class."

Undo time bubble---"In the bubble time continues to run, but now the time outside runs and allows fun, the bubble must burst so we can quench our thirst, from the bubble we are now free and everything we can clearly see."

Release Brevity Thrash--- "She was banished long ago, but her power she will not forego, it is revenge she wants, it is her sister she shall taunt, for Brevity Thrash shall return once more and be more than just long lost lore."


"The changeling's power is good, but not great, they can fire ooze but not enough to make their foes lose, for them to be great, they must fire bolts of hate, the energy shall be strong so their enemies won't last for long."

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