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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. Rust Server


Geo has proposed to Twilight Sparkle, and she has gleefully accepted. One of the first things she wants to do is tell her family, as well as a couple of her other friends, the exciting news.

It should be a piece of cake, but there are just two small problems: the fact that Twilight's family aren't even aware of her relationship with the human, and the fact that a certain Princess of the Night hasn't met him yet.

How will Twilight Velvet and Night Light react to the sudden and shocking news that their precious daughter not only has a boyfriend they didn't know about, but that she is also engaged to him? What will Shining Armour make of his soon-to-be brother-in-law? But most important of all — how will Luna react?


Rated Teen for sexual references.

This was originally Part 2.5 of the Geoverse series. But during the rewrite of To Friend Is Human, I added in meetings with Twilight's family and Luna — making this story obsolete.

But rather than delete it, I simply decided to rebrand it as part of the Alternate Geoverse.


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Favorited and liked.

Now to read it.


First favourite get!
First like get!

YOU WIN... nothing, because there that's all I have.

Enjoy! :trollestia:

So... judging by the protagonist's name and your username this is pretty much a self-insert?


Yes, and since I get this question a lot I will now quote the FAQ from my site.

Why did you use a shortened version of your username as the name of your main character in your Geoverse series?

Because I wanted to be somewhat original. Pretty much every HiE I read has characters called ‘Rick’, ‘Dave’, 'Owen', and so on. I chose ‘Geo’ because it stands out, and also because of the fact that ‘Geoverse’ sounds a hell of a lot better than ‘Chrisverse’.

Woo! Just as good as the others!
Can't wait for more!

2838059 Well then, consider me out. Sorry, I honestly can't stand unironic self-inserts and wish fulfilments.

By the way, Flash Sentry; there's an interesting character. Hope we'll see him again despite the creators saying EQG is non-canon.


Who said anything about 'wish fulfilment'?

What does that even mean, anyway?

2838243 dude does that stick up your arse poke at your food every now and then:ajbemused:.

2838302 No one. But the two are usually involved with eachother.

Flash Sentry is a character in EQG and Twilight Sparkle's love interest. Sorry, just a joke I like to pull now and then.


I know who Flash Sentry is. I was asking you what you meant by 'wish fulfilment'.


I appreciate the support, but please keep it civil.

2838374 I'm sorry I have an opinion and that I don't like what you like. I really am. Hope you can one day forgive me.

2838387 Self-inserts into Equestria where you romance your favourite pony. That is what I meant by it.


Well I'm sorry you see it that way, but that wasn't my intention.

2838402 Of course. Sorry, I usually relate the two when it comes to fiction.

2838388 Sorry, should have been a bit more civil but you kinda said that in a slightly pretentious way. Tend to overreact to that, it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.:twilightblush:

2838437 No, no: I'm sorry. My comments really was pretentious, and for that I apologise.

2838541 Whatever we cool now:moustache:. Actually, in most cases I honestly kinda agree with you.

Sounds like Geo almost got a shiner from Shining!

hmm now i want to see Her parents reaction to finding out they are gonna be grandparents. or did that already happen so much happens I might have missed it.




Damn, that's something else I haven't covered! :raritydespair:

2843511 Ehhe your really gon na hate us by the time this is over arn't you... a love/hate relationship

Okay, if you told your girlfriends family that you were engaged and her brother responded by hitting you in the head with a hammer; you explaning why you are not a bad guy and then accepting a half-assed apology is NOT an appropiate response.


Hammer? What hammer? :rainbowhuh:

And I'm guessing you didn't read the story properly, otherwise you would know why Shining hit Geo, and why Geo accepted his apologies.

And no, I'm not going to elaborate.

Comment posted by Brony Dragon deleted Jul 20th, 2013

Great chapter as always!:scootangel:

:Shining:? Where's they Shining Armor Icon, because he doesn't get the Scootaloo Seal of Approval.


He didn't use a hammer, he used his hoof, I think.:rainbowhuh:

Good thing Luna didn't bitch slap Geo.

Great story as always, my good friend and fellow Wonderbolt (Avatars). Ten Scootaloos and the Scootaloo Seal of Approval.




Only ten? :raritycry:

BTW, my avatar changes once a week. :twilightsmile:

Extra , um, how about extra six


A hoof against a human face would be equally painfull and abrasive as a hammer. You yourself said it was hard enough to make him black out. I was speaking in the equivalant of a human to human relationship.


You yourself said it was hard enough to make him black out.

Let's take a look at the last couple of paragraphs of Chapter Two:

Cadence squealed with glee while Twilight's parents passed out. But then everything went black as Shining Armour suddenly charged across the room and cracked a forehoof across the side of my head.

The last thing I heard before I hit the floor were the raised voices of two angry mares and an even angrier stallion.

Hmm, nope. I don't see anything which implies that Geo is 'hard to knock out', so how you came to this conclusion is beyond me. Then again, the fact you didn't provide a reference doesn't help.

Ever been hit by a horse? I have, NOT FUN, so Geo, man I feel your pain.

Not a big fan of the stories with humans but I must say this is well done :raritystarry:

Shining`s a dick...

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