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And so the fun begins! :pinkiehappy:

It's a strange feeling when you realize that you'd rather read about some OC bangin twilight then "flash sentry".


Fuckin' Flash Sentry (the Defiant). I can no longer listen to that song without thinking of his character, and it's driving me insane.

Is it gonna be a different stallion for each of the Mane 6 or just Flash Sentry geting lucky with all 6? If it is Flash with all 6 be kinda funny if, even with contraceptives, atleast some ended up pregnant anyway.

Flash is only in this one chapter. Each mare get's their own stallion :raritywink:

compensation -.o?.....

Sso..that cover art is disturbing

Where is the cover art from?

*sigh*....source your imgs please....its obviously pyruvate's stuff (don't ask me why I know)


**I'll clean up this post later

3059902 3059737
Cover art belongs to that of none other (To my knowledge anyway) than Pyruvate. Check the other work on deviant art or tumblr.

Roll up roll up! Look at the amazing FACEHOOF!!!! :facehoof: That's for you pinkie

Pinkie Pie: Thanks!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

When she was calling him small owwww damn pinkie!

Twilight began to access the situation

I believe you meant asses the situation?

Yeah... Twilight through this entire chapter..


Heh, guess you can say Pinkie did get some wood from Pokey after all...

Right then... speculation time (as long as we're going with canon stallions.)
Fluttershy... Big Mac/ Braeburn
Rainbow Dash... Soarin/Thunderlane
Rarity...Thunderlane/Big Mac
Applejack... not too sure on this one... I hope to fuck it isn't Big Mac, cos that's just wrong on so many levels... so Caramel/Soarin.

...and none of these a probably remotely correct.


Oooooook, this chapters is all in Pinkie Pie Style :pinkiehappy:
I guess the next time they gonna need to put some cushions and pillows all over the room to avoid more visits to the hospital! XDDDDDD

Hey this got featured! Congrats, my friend!

3060209 And I believe you mean "assess". Though your way has funnier implications. :rainbowlaugh:

As far as this chapter goes, it wasn't bad. Not fantastic, but not bad. There was one line, however, that absolutely made it for me, though, and that was when Twilight's wingboner kept her from walking through the doorway. I can just picture her trying to sidle out sideways after that.

3060274 3060477 And that, my friends, is why you shouldn't let a dog eat a biscuit of you laptop keyboard. Sometimes the key strokes don't register!!!

HOHO. I like this. A lot. TwiSentry is my OTP, so this story got off to an excellent start, and seeing Pinkie with Pierce just made it even more headcanon for me! Speculation mode for future chapters, activate!

Fluttershy's probably gonna be with Mac. Braeburn's a possibility, but unlikely.
RD's gonna be with Soarin, that's for sure. Other possibility is Thunderlane, but nah, I don't really see it happening.
Rarity gonna be with uhh... Fancy Pants, I reckon? Either that or, against all possible odds, BLUEBLOOD :pinkiesick:
AJ's gonna be with hmmm... I'd have to say the likeliest would be Caramel. Just can't think of anyone else who might fit the bill for her.

I hate Flash. I hate him for reasons I don't know of.

But this was funny. I liked.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Of course Pinkie would want to do it again.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Am I the only guy here who actually likes Flash Sentry?

You know what? Just because of this chapter, I'm gonna have to follow this.

Nice job on your piece of shit self insert. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by TGM deleted Aug 17th, 2013

3060869 I think Flash is pretty chill.

3060954 look, I don't think the story's very good either, but none of the characters used so far have been self inserts. Flash Sentry is from Equestria Girls and Pokey Pierce is this guy

Pokey Pierce

If you're gonna criticize, at least do it rationally.

Do you think you could do this kind of story for villans or the princesses that would be so good to read. And from your other story I bet Rarity is with Spike. Good read all in all. :twilightsmile:

On the internet, you're never the only one.

Finally! Some FlashLight clop :pinkiehappy:

Atleast pinkie wasn't being demeaning and hateful towards Pokey just cause he wasn't hung like a sex god. There are alot of bitches out there that would demean and debase him just for the joy of it.

God, that cover art... Why can't I stop looking at it!?
Especially that Pinkie one!?

You had my attention, now you have my curiosity. Carry on.

I bet Fluttershy's Pair would be either Big Mac or Butterscotch.

I sure hope Butterscotch cuz there is too many Fluttermac fics out there

Where's the OC tag? Won't that confuse some people?

rarity and spike, rainbow and spitfire

3062107 OC? pokey is an actual character you know...

Personally, I didn't want to read this at first. I hate one night stands due to how it's just sex, but after reading this and seeing that these aren't really one night stands, I'm a little glad this story was written this way. Nice job, please continue.

Dat cover art.



For a character who has a next-to-nothing personality,I think "chill" it's a bit fair,I guess.


But seriously, a well written chapter. Good work.

I will not be signing that honestly. I cannot stand Flash as a character to be honest, but since he is Twilight's love interest, I just had to do it.

Don't you mean Fleshlight :rainbowderp:?

Wait.....ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh....I'm an idiot :facehoof:.

I'm saving my emotions for Fluttershy.

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