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Sunset Shimmer's life was good, she had plenty of friends and greatly enjoyed where she had eventually ended up in life. It's a shame then that reality had a different opinion on where she belonged. Now stuck in the past prior to first leaving for the human world, Sunset will have to figure out what kind of direction she wants to take in life this time around.

After all, the future she herself lived with her friends was not reachable without doing things that she now found appalling. Even so, she knows that staying in Equestria could very well doom the world to a much darker future. If she had time to draft a plan she could probably figure out something that would keep herself out of the way while also not affecting the timeline, it's a shame then that the two princesses of Canterlot would just not leave her alone!

Apparently this thing got feature mere days after publishing... somehow.

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After a lovely tea party at Discord's Fluttershy finds herself in a world of zombies, creepers, and strange floating blocks. Will she manage to survive the night and make it home? Will she defeat the Ender Dragon? Who am I kidding this is Fluttershy, she won't even last the day.

My first Fimfiction story, but not my first fanfic.

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My name is Luke. Once upon a time, I was just a 32 year old guy on regular old Earth. That all changed one night during a blizzard with a strange light from my neighbors’ house.

Suddenly, I found myself in a world I don’t know, in a body I only know from Super Smash Brothers and bits of a movie my neighbor Leo was watching when I was helping them with a ceiling fan.

If that wasn’t enough, I also found myself taking care of a dragon lady named Ember after she went and got herself injured.

Also, why the hell does she look familiar?

This story takes place in the same universe as Symphonicdysonince's story Equestrian Eeveelution. While you don't need to have read that to be able to follow this, I would still recommend reading the first two chapters at least, as there's a lot of information in those that won't be in this. Plus, it's just a really good story.

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In the Year 201X, in Neo Canterlot City, two scientists named Celestia and Luna Light tried to build a type of Android that had free thought processes like humans. They were also built to make their own decisions, unlike Robot Masters.

That is where they built the Prototype for the Reploids, which they had named Proto-Sunset. Because of its first success, many other Reploids were sold throughout the world. Even though it first started well, the Reploid's Brain Module was faulty, and it made her start having hallucinations to the point where the Reploid eventually went insane from the hallucinations. This made Celestia very distraught and she then discontinued the Reploid Project for some time.

However, years later in the year 202X, when Celestia was on her Balcony drinking Tea, she noticed something in the bushes. When she went to investigate, she saw that it was a Reploid Girl, but it seemed to be on low power mode and its memory chip was damaged beyond repair. However, this Reploid Girl looked exactly like the Prototype they built so long ago.

So after repairing it and putting in a brand new Memory Chip, Celestia decided to activate the Reploid. Instead of showing any signs of violent tendencies, it acted with kindness and curiosity, almost like a child. This Reploid's name was Sunset Shimmer, and her primary task was to help with any daily chores.

Because of this, Celestia made six other reploids that would become Sunset's closest friends.

Everything was peaceful, until Proto-Sunset returned with revenge on her mind, as she wanted to destroy all humans and her fellow Reploids for choosing to serve and coexist with humanity.

And soon machines known as Bio-Metal will meet these Reploids and transform them into the Newest Megaman.

This is the story of the Reploid 7.

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A new year for the School of Friendship and the Young Six meets a new colt who transfers from a land far away. One day, a strange event happened that felt like the end of the world. A massive hole opened up and strange creatures came from out of it. The colt known as Fireheart meets one of these strange creatures after taking a walk through town. This strange creature is called a digimon and its name is Guilmon. Him and his Newfound friends soon meet more Digimon and find out not all of them are as friendly as the ones they meet. Now it is up to them to defend their world as well as save the digi world.

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Sunset Shimmer isn't a normal girl. She can levitate objects with her mind, shoot hot energy from her palms, and when she's scared, she can disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely.

Her parents know. Her siblings know. What they don't know is how different Sunset really is.

When nightmarish creatures attack and kidnap her sister, Sunset ventures into the unknown and discovers a world teetering on the edge of total darkness.

What begins as a rescue mission turns into a struggle to save a kingdom, as Sunset learns just who and what she is, and the weight that comes with it.

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CONTENT WARNINGS: Xenomorphs, facehuggers, mentions of invasive face-hugging, identity crisis, general emotional distress

The following story contains no named character deaths, and no scenes of chestbursting. This story is intended to be a more light-hearted AU. Proceed with caution.


A creature designed by nature for one thing: Hunting.

A creature meant to adapt to its host, infiltrate under cover of darkness, replicate and breed and swarm, until a planet is no more. The perfect organism.

Yet... what would happen if one were to experience independent thought, empathy, and self doubt?

What if indeed.

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Isaac Archer used to be human. Used to, being the key word. After encountering a strange flower, Isaac finds himself reborn as the newest member of the royal family, an alicorn prince by the name of Dusk Star. With an OCD mother, and a too cool for school dad, Dusk finds himself having a rather interesting second life.

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My take on the whole "Anon-A-Miss" incident.

After hearing what is happening on the other side of the mirror, Twilight cant help but feel she has seen this before. After finally understanding why, she travels to the other side and help Sunset to clean her name.

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The peaceful Lives of the Students of Canterlot High are shattered when the forces of the Northern Nation of Stalliongrad invade, wielding powerful new weapons and intent on enacting a terrifying plan for domination extending far beyond their own back yards.

Do the girls have what it takes to save the world from a Red Dawn?

First story! Wish me luck!

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