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This story is a sequel to LT: Titles and Gifts

Story number six from the Lunar Tales.

When a group of day guards and Grey Plate call a new bat pony recruit - Midnight Flow - a freak, she seeks for answers about the origins of bat ponies. And they come from the most unexpected place.

Collab with Mistress Spectrum
Edits: My batponywaifu :heart: :rainbowwild:
Cover-art by hua113

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This story is a sequel to LT: For the rest of our life

Story number four from the Lunar Tales

Equestria, the land of harmony. But how could such a land exist for a thousand years? The short and sweet of it is: it can’t. The price of peace is often bloodshed and violence.

It is the bat-ponies that pay this price, that keep Equestria peaceful and harmonious. They operate without the knowledge of the other races. With the help of the princesses, they’ve maintained this façade for a thousand years. However, even with their centuries of experience not even the princesses are experts at war. They’re good at it, great even, but it’s not their talent.

When a mare emerges whose special talent is war itself, she is quickly elevated through the ranks to put her talents to use for the good of all of Equestria. But for one to command, they must have the unwavering trust of everyone under them. Can Celestia give her this trust?

And if not, who will pay the price for it?

Thanks to TwiDash for the pre-read
Thanks to VitalSpark for the edits!

Cover by zedrin

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Story number one from the Lunar Tales.

Night Watch isn't your average batpony from the Lunar Guard. While being small for her race, she has great planning skills and some tricks up her front hooves. But what will she do if her skills fail at some easy task?

Another work with Forgotten and TwiDash.
Cover Bronies.de

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