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Breaking FIMfiction norms one chapter at a time.


After a lovely tea party at Discord's Fluttershy finds herself in a world of zombies, creepers, and strange floating blocks. Will she manage to survive the night and make it home? Will she defeat the Ender Dragon? Who am I kidding this is Fluttershy, she won't even last the day.

My first Fimfiction story, but not my first fanfic.

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Fluttershy has made the root advancement [Minecraft]

This is certainly a very intriguing idea, and I look forward to seeing where it goes!

That was a good first chapter goodluck with the rest of the story.

That was a good chapter.

Is it too late to go back through the portal?

Fluttershy has made the advancement [Stone Age]

Given that she's in a cave now, I suppose it's a good idea to start wondering about what version of Minecraft she's been transported to. The recipe book actually provides a both a lower and upper bound; it was only added in 1.12 (alongside advancements), but in 1.19.4 it was updated such that it is immediately available when a world is created. Fluttershy only had access to it after obtaining wood, so that gives a range of 1.12.0 to 1.19.3 to work with for the world's initial generation, barring creative liberties and the world potentially updating (which would be quite a thing to see from the inside). Though, that does mean that she could have access to 1.18's cave generation now, which makes that cave she's settled in quite a bit scarier.

Of course, my spitballing could be way off, I'm just speculating, after all!

What no nice piano music before the creaper shows up and blows her up?

it disappeared behind her when she went through because it was unstable.

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