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(This story occurs after the events of "Biased and Incomplete")

Rainbow Dash was astonished when she encountered the real life Derring-Do that inspired her favorite string of novels, but was crushed to learn that her hero wasn't what she expected at all. The two parted ways in anger, but Dash hasn't given up on her completely: When an opportunity arises to heal the professor's crippled wing, Dash and Derring go on a real life adventure... but adventures have a way of spiraling out of control. The bookish archeologist knows nothing about swinging from vines and swiping ancient idols (and she prefers it that way), but an unbreakable curse of death forces her to dive right into a frantic race for the greatest discovery of all time: the secret to immortality itself.

Whether she believes it or not, Derring-Do has only a few short weeks left to live. But with the incomparable Rainbow Dash by her side, that's more than enough time to save the world.

Chapters (21)

Five years ago, the Free States seceded. Five years ago, the Princesses were taken captive. Five years ago, Equestria embarked on a bloody war that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

For five years, Rainbow Dash has fought to save her friends. For five years, the sun and moon have hung overhead, motionless. For five years, Rainbow has lived in that wan glow, while every day kills her a little bit more. The peace and happiness of her youth are but faded memories, and now she hardly recognizes the town she once called home. A hardened mare, Rainbow knows only pain and suffering...

...until one day, a reminder of what life used to be like lands at her hooves, and gives her something to live for once more.

Cover art provided by Ruirik. Editing provided by Solidfire and Pega-Ace. Written for the 101st anniversary of the beginning of World War I

Chapters (2)

The Millennial Summer Sun Celebration is only a few years away, but Rarity’s fashion career seems to be ending before she can begin it. Now, she has one last chance to find a place for her talent.

But as she works to create the boutique of her dreams, a forgotten piece of Ponyville’s past is waking up. Secret memories lie forgotten in dusty basements, unrighted wrongs scratch at locked doors, and Rarity finds herself caught up in a history that may be doomed to repeat itself.

For although she is the first to set hoof in the Old Town Hall in thirty years, she can’t help but feel that something inside was waiting for her.

A slow-burning, atmospheric horror.

Now with an audiobook by AShadowOfCygnus! Find Chapter 1 here!

Special thanks to Neighrator Pony, GutiuSerenade, and ObabScribbler for pre-reading and feedback!

Cover art by Amiki.

Chapters (13)

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. Her investigation leads through layer after layer of deception and misdirection, setting her hooves on a path that seems to be leading to a mysterious secret. Along the way, she learns that some friendships can be very, very strange.

Book 1 of the Alicorn Mystery series.

AUDIOBOOK by VisualPony
On the summer solstice of 2014, The Celestia Code briefly hit the #3 spot on FiMFic's Top - All Time story list!
Featured at the Royal Canterlot Library
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100% Approved by Twilight's Library!

WARNING: Major spoilers in the comments. Takes place several months after the end of season four. (Not a Da Vinci Code crossover, BTW!)

Do you see a dark tag? No, you don't. Not dark. Well, okay, there are a couple of dark-ish bits, but that's all. Not enough to warrant a tag. Speaking of tags, there really ought to be "Badass Twilight" and "Friendshipping" ones.

The sequel is here: The Luna Cypher

My editor for the first edition of this story was Gogito, and I can't thank him enough for all the hard work he did. My editor for the book version was PresentPerfect, and he did a terrific job of getting the story into excellent shape to be printed. The FimFic version now conforms to the hardback edition.

Chapters (24)

When I was young, I woke up in the Everfree. I couldn't remember my name or where I came from before waking in that cursed forest. All I could remember was hunger and the need to hunt. Yet I travelled with a filly I should have turned into a snack. The only thing that held me back was that she held a clue to my missing past.

Danger surrounded us in that evil place; a pack of wooden wolves, an angry dragon, little blue flowers with a twisted sense of humour, and something else even more terrible than the rest combined. But the biggest threat of all lay hidden in my past. After all, what is worse, the threat you see coming, or the one that you trusted?

Chapters (8)

For a changeling like Iqqel, the Ceremony of Names is what getting a cutie mark is for a pony. It has a lot to do with your destiny and who you are meant to become. Iqqel dared to refuse all that and chose to shape her own future.

Reviewed by Chris and Matthewl419 here and by PaulAsaran here!

Chapters (5)

Twilight Sparkle didn’t care about overseeing the Summer Sun Celebration in some podunk little town. She just wanted a chance to study the history of the Lunar Rebellions and maybe, just maybe, convince Celestia that her sister’s return was a real possibility. Now it’s a lot more than just a possibility, and one Canterlot egghead isn’t going to be able to take on Nightmare Moon and her army alone.

(Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic rewritten and expanded as a mature fantasy adventure)

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Courtesans

Princess Cadence adopted a changeling, and now little Cheval is Flurry Heart's younger sister. As old enemies resurface, their sisterly love may be all that can save the Crystal Empire.

Chapters (9)

Applejack thrives on being busy. People need her, and she cannot afford to fall apart. Her feelings are not the priority—she doesn't want them to be.

But when an old love comes calling, Applejack finds herself on the precipice of finally saying what she's always wanted to say...

And hearing what she never wanted to hear.

A single day in AJ's life, and a one-shot spin-off of What They Expect to Give, my mature AU EqG romance drama. Takes place a few months before. You don't need to read the other story to read this, but it does make the context clearer.

Featured on Equestria Daily 1/18/2020

Check out these reviews by PaulAsaran, Scampy, and Cyonix!

Editing provided by Typogliphic.

Art by Lola Dotz. Follow her on FimFiction and DeviantArt.

Contains some self-harm.

My Ko-Fi

Chapters (1)

Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are on a mission in the deep sky, far from the comforting ground of Equestria, when disaster strikes. Together the two ponies fall into something from which there is no escape.

On an unrelated note, this story features a black hole.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "Great Expectations" contest. Preread by bookplayer.

This story has been featured on Seattle's Angels.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

Chapters (2)
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