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There's a tension in Twilight and Rarity's relationship, one that they've danced around and only now are brave enough to address head on.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event! Sorry I'm late.

Consider giving something to those who need it most.

Chapters (4)
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I'm so thrilled I got to help out with this. The part about the first haircut and the road to getting there was very familiar to me. What a wonderful start to some new wulfwords. 🖤

Oh, Rarity's voice in this chapter is just perfect. You always capture her so perfectly and these alternating perspectives were a really pleasant surprise.


I'm cis but I still thought this was a wonderful story.

This chapter was so delicate and lovely despite all the weight it had to bear. Though, at this point, I'm wondering if the lack of quotation marks is entirely intentional.

I knew so little about what she talked about, and yet I followed. She had a natural knack for teaching, bringing you along on the ride of passion with her, letting you have just enough time to see and know before whisking you off into some new adventure.

God, your prose is always so perfect, but I absolutely adore this way of describing one of the many things Rarity loves about Twilight.

I personally think the last line would read better with a male pronoun, seeing Rarity peppers it multiple times across this chapter, but this flowed so wonderfully. It was comfortable and extremely sweet. I'd love to revisit these two again and see if they find their answers.

This was incredible. I can't speak to the subject as I don't have the lived experience, but I found it a very educational read, on top of just being so, so well-written. You took beautiful words and wove a beautiful story out of them, and I can't help but be awed by that.

This was really wonderful, a little intimidating with the titles and four chapters. But really wonderful.
It made my heart flutter.

This was a fantastic story! There's just something so wonderfully sweet about Rarity being able to get Twilight the perfect masculine formal wear that makes him feel comfortable for the first time in ages. You did a great job making sure Rarity didn't come off as terrible when trying to shop for dresses with Twilight, which I know you were really concerned about, instead making it an honest mistake. I'm reminded of The Enchanted Kingdom, where even though Rarity and Twilight are fighting, the default is love.

The choice to not have any quotation marks, except for flashbacks with Fluttershy, was interesting. I think it did a good job showing the blend of what's spoken and what's only thought, with one leading directly into the other. Having dialogue use quotation marks would have interrupted the flow.

And as mentioned, there is wonderfully evocative language all throughout.

This might not be a popular story, but it seems well told enough, and I can't remember the last time I saw one like it. There are always bonus points for novelty.

It got my upvote.

I've been on Estrogen for over a year now (mind that time is a weird concept for me so it might be more) and I guess a perk of being Non-binary is that I can identify with not fitting into any binary boxes. For some reason, even being amab I can sympathize with trans men and that breech of the female box (for a while I thought I was just a trans woman, and I still identify as such, and like, I love dresses, I just don't love boxes, and a binary trans woman isn't all that I am even if it is a part of me)

anyway! Even if I'm not Afab there was a time I would have cried like a baby reading this, and I guess I'm just on the verge at this moment, but in a weird way stories like this are very personal to me

specially the "I don't think I'm a girl" moment, it just reminded me of coming out as Non-binary and it's nice to have this kind of representation

Kudos! ^~^ nice story I like it

Speaking as a cis guy who can only guess at what trans folks feel about sex and gender, and the things they go through... this was a lovely, lovely read. Your Rarity and Twilight shine brightly, and the writing is as excellent as I've come to look forwards to in your stories.

Thank you for writing this. :raritystarry::twilightsmile:

oh fuck you're right, I never noticed that I deliberately chose to do that, oh dang. I'm so glad you had an insightful thing to say that awakened me to this and not a really boring comment that makes you look like a tool

oh no im sorry i didnt mean for it to come off negatively!! :'-OO all my feelings have been unzipped! bare to see because i am so moved! quite cathartic.

really, this was a joy to read. i sincerely thank you for the love and care put into crafting it. im transmasc and it definitely made me feel seen and understood (once i was finished shedding some baby tears!) :'-)

.... Oof. I'm sorry, After the earlier comment from someone I read that waaaaay the wrong way and I apologize--I'm really sorry! D:

Twilight's confusion and inability to discuss it - even with her/himself - is very familiar to me and provoked a sense of wistful longing that I love in a story. Is it wrong that I felt let down when Rarity helped him find himself?

Yes, probably. :derpytongue2:

For me the lack of quotation marks made for a difficult read... but that's kind of the point, right? It makes the reader's experience of the story as halting, confused, and disorienting as the character's. I don't know that I'd want to read a very long story sans attribution, but you make it work imho.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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