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Ruling a nation on the brink of collapse is a stressful job, and nopony knows that better than Princess Platinum. With the pressure of a starving kingdom and fraying relationships with the Pegasus tribes, she has little option other than to seek the advice of her best friend and, perhaps, to take the first step to save everypony.

Chapters (1)

Everybody agrees that Sunset Shimmer is the best Smirker in Canterlot High. Well, almost everybody. There are some people who think they smirk better, and are willing to challenge her during the Smirking Contest. They are definitely not prepared to handle Sunset and her smirk.

*Contains*: A lot of smirks

Many thanks to Monokeras and Foehn for proofreading and editing.

Chapters (1)

Princess Cadance takes on the Crystal Empire patriarchy.

Written for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns contest in the Usurper¹ Cadance category.

¹Princesses Who Grabbed Power in a Man's World.

Princess of the Crystal Empire Checklist

- Defeat evil unicorn king [✔]
- Restore rule of law [✔]
- Get hair done [✔]
- Win chance to host Equestria Games [✔]
- Shut up those silly old colts with antiquated ideas about the role of a princess [ ]

Chapters (1)

A strange artifact arrives at Twilight's library and turns her into a dragon. From there, everypony she touches suffers a similar fate and the contagion begins to spread! Twilight and her friends struggle to avoid spreading it further in this comedic misadventure of dragons and the fiery spells they weave. Can Twilight find a cure?

Chapters (8)

It has been one year since the events of Shadows Watching and Princess Cadence has resumed her duties, while still overseeing the development of one Twilight Sparkle. However, shadows are again gathering in Equestria, this time in the city of Los Pegasus, and it's up to our heroine to set things right.
Undercover as a military cadet at the Hummingbird Flight School, she will unravel a plot that has been in the works for decades and discover some unexpected allies along the way, in this, the second of the trilogy of medium-rare comedy and well-done adventure.

Entries in this series:
Part 1 - Shadows Watching
Part 2 - The Edge of Madness
Part 3 - Forbidden Deeper
It is highly recommended you read these in order, unless you want to be the kind of pony who wanders into a movie midway through and demands to know what's going on.

21 chapters, average 3200 words per chapter.

Other Notes:
Holy crap, cover art by CyberToaster!
The character of Midnight Blossom is used with permission, and was part of a tie-in with MLP: First Contact that never came to be.

If you want to get in contact with the author, email him! saltyjustice AHT derpymail DAHT com. Spam prevention, that.

Chapters (21)

This story is a sequel to The Symphony of Dawn

Clover the Clever is dead. Or at least she should be. But the black void she had expected just didn't seem to come. Although an unexpected opportunity for redemption did.

Side story to Divine Move and obvious sequel to The Symphony of Dawn Contribute to the TVTropes page!.
Proofread by Word Worthy

Chapters (4)

Fluttershy gets a job at Hearty's Jr., a popular fast food joint in Canterlot, and on her first day she deals with a very rude customer.

Rated Web 14 for language.

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom is in the hospital, and the Apple Family tries to explain what led up to the accident.

An entry for the Feghoot Contest.

Spoilers in comments! Don't scroll down!

Made the feature box, 2019.06.21 to 23! Thanks, everypony!

Chapters (1)

Ever since Twilight defeated Tirek, her dreams have been nothing but nightmares. Every night she sees herself loosing to him, she sees herself loosing her friends to him. She knows they can't be real, but each one is more vivid than the last.

After a particularly vivid one wakes her up, she questions whether or not she really did save her friends. She has to find them, to be sure they're okay.

She has to end the nightmares

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia goes to buy a pet,
But the store upon which she is set,
Contains somepony trying, and yet,
A pet is still the thing she will get!

Inspired by Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.

Written for the Feghoot Festival

Chapters (1)
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