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There's a little known fact about Bonbon, aka Sweetie Drops. Though she's known as a tough as nails, hard-boiled mare that has stared down monsters, she's also a notorious cuddle bug. Unfortunately, Bonbon, as with most other ponies, is ignorant to this fact. Luckily for her, Adonis is more than happy to bring this closely guarded secret to light.

Chapters (1)

Professing your feelings is a moment of fragility. The way your crush responds is the difference between pure joy, mild disappointment, or soul crushing pain.

These stories emphasize the latter of those three.

An Archive of Shorts. Happy Valentines Day.

Chapters (10)

Paul Werner was a soldier back on Earth; a high-ranking officer, to be precise. He still maintains that occupation in Equestria, as a consequence of both the best and the worst events which brought him there in the first place. In the end, he knows for certain that he would never trade his current life now for the one he had. He felt it was tainted by the... circumstances surrounding it all.

He thought he was over it, and that he'd never have to face any elements of his past ever again. Paul was one-hundred percent right... in a sense. As he gradually found out, Equestria and the world it rests on has quite the lot of parallels to the Earth he left.

Especially one in particular, a mare who goes by the respective title and name of Generalfeldmarschall Aryanne S. Land

Awesome base Aryanne art done by Antamoanimisan-m, sourced to derpibooru. (Their tumblr is NSFW)

Chapters (2)

Stella Sabre, years-long member of the Lunar Guard and one of Princess Luna’s most loyal soldiers, has achieved a major milestone in her life: a promotion to Captain of the Lunar Guard. She's also the youngest (bat)pony to do so in history! With her rapid rise through the ranks based solely on her merit and often… unconventional ways to get things done, the foul-mouthed Northern thestral mare is over the moon!

Turns out, there's a small caveat to her responsibility that she isn't particularly fond of: an unwanted shadow in the form of an adjutant.

Small little 3-Part AU Side project for my OC Stella Sabre.
Symbol of the Lunar Guard done by Ravvij, linked to his DA.

Chapters (1)

"Thanks, Mom." Two simple words said by a simple guard.

Not so simple when those words are accidentally addressed to Princess Celestia.

Chapters (2)

Anonymous is summoned by Twilight's magical map thingy. She sends him off to Canterlot to investigate, and possibly change the fate of Equestria... but probably not.

Contains: Anon, Aryanne, Celestia, Flutterrape, alcohol, politics, science, other stupid stuff and more references than ever. Or perhaps just as many.

This story is written in the second person. Teen for language, some themes and mild sexual stuff.

Chapters (1)

While Twilight was teaching Starlight a new spell, a miscalcution happened and Starlight messed it up and caused a rift to open between dimension. As a result, the male mane 6 were pulled from their own dimension and brought to the mane 6 one.

As Twilight tries to figure out a way to send them back, her and the others try to help their male counterparts adjust to their new lives in their world.

Co-authors: fluttercord45 and GivingSpider

Proofreaders: Nightglimmer22, AppleMaker, Dragon Soul, and TheEngie

Not a clopfic, the sex tag is for the suggestive themes within the chapters.

Dusk Shine x Fluttershy
Twilight Sparkle x Bubble Berry
Rainbow Blitz x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Butterscotch
Elusive x Pinkie Pie
Rarity x Applejack (r63)

Chapters (9)

You wake up on the sofa one morning with a stonking hangover, only to find yourself joined by the company of another. A young Alicorn named Twilight Sparkle, has been sent to give you morning cuddles to help see you through the pains of your drunken aftermath.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Quite Possibly, The Best Hangover Ever!

After the events of that morning, you fall asleep only to find yourself waking up in a rather strange looking bedroom, an unexpected visitor but certainly most welcomed guest as an old friend comes to your aid one final time. And time isn't done with you yet in our sequel finalie of 'Quite possibly the best snuggle ever'.

Contains - No sex. Just straight up mush, smush and snuggly wuggly cuddly scenes.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Rustic Snuggles

Heading home to Ponyville Castle after a long day of snuggling Applejack at her farm, you are accosted by an adorable little pegasus mare who demands snuggles. When her sister comes home, you find yourself having to snuggle with her, too...
The seventh story in the 'Snuggles' series (it is not necessary to read any of the others in order to enjoy this one!). The others are:
Seraphic Snuggles
Scholarly Snuggles
Prismatic Snuggles
Shadowy Snuggles
Sunlit Snuggles
Direct Sequel to: Rustic Snuggles

Chapters (1)
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