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Twilight used to live the most ordinary life. Then came Nightmare Moon. And then came the Doctor.

Twilight's views of the world have now been shattered as the Doctor has come crashing into her life. Quite literally so. Even with all her knowledge and planning, nothing could have prepared her for this.

Now a new threat has arisen in Ponyville, with the Doctor as the only one capable of stopping it. With help from Twilight and co, The Doctor must now find out what could be causing such an uproar in Ponyville lest the fate of the world hang in the balance.

Will they be able to stand and save the day?

A whole bucket of thanks to boardgamebrony for edits made!

Rough draft cover art by ME! I'll polish it in due time... For now my efforts are directed elsewhere.

Chapters (7)

They run together down the long road of life and love, just in different directions. She's more of an adventurer, but she knows that no matter where she goes, he will follow in his odd sort of way. Even if the both of them are always on the go, it doesn't stop them from freezing time to spend moments together. That blue box is their home that never stands still - and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapters (1)

A time-traveling alien pony.
A permanently cross-eyed pegasus.
A prim and proper cellist.
A hard-working confectioner.
A future DJ with attitude.
An aloof yet friendly lyrist.
These six ponies have been in the background for three whole seasons. Now it's time they got their own story. A story involving secrets, new friendships, and the return of a mare long thought to be an old ponies' tale.
Alternate Mane Six story. Due to five character limit, imagine Octavia tag.

Has an audio reading. Start here

Chapters (10)

With the TARDIS in an unknown location, the Doctor has become a pony in Equestria. After finding Rose, enemies from his world appear and begin to attack Equestria. Without the TARDIS at his disposal, the Doctor, Rose, and a pony named Twilight Sparkle must destroy the Doctor's enemies, before they destroy Equestria.

Chapters (11)
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