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Somewhere, high in the skies of Equestria, a derelict airship drifts. Alone.

It should remain that way.

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While running a Wonderbolts' message to Rainbow Dash, Soarin runs into his old friend Big Macintosh. To catch up on old times, Big Mac invites him to his regular game nights with the other guys. During his visits to Ponyville, a certain somepony catches Soarin's eye.

Being the old-fashioned gentlecolt that he is, Soarin feels obliged to ask her brother's permission before courting her.

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Button Mash finds a video game that kills him in real life if he dies in the game.

He can't stop playing it.

Proofread by BootyPopperzZz and DrOcsid.
Edited by Dreams of Ponies.
Original source image by yuji8sushi, the artistic trashy edits were done by yours truly.

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When you've lived as long as Granny Smith, you've got a right to be set in your ways.

Pear Butter's not gonna accept that.

(Winner winner chicken dinner of Scribblefest 2018's Flutteryshuttery award. Edited by some guy with fabulous pants.)

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It wasn't long after Sombra's defeat that he was found in the outskirts of the frozen north, regenerated from his dismembered horn, but too weak to do anything more than stay in hiding and hope to make a full recovery. Princess Celestia was swiftly alerted of his re-appearance, and the dethroned king was dragged away from the north to be kept prisoner in the Canterlot Castle.

After weeks of planning, the princess called Fluttershy to Canterlot and bestowed upon her the task of reforming yet another foe. If there was anypony who could have some influence on such a vile overlord, it was her.

Fluttershy, however, wasn't nearly as certain of herself. Discord was so much different; he was so much easier. Back then, she had the elements of harmony at her disposal. but now, living in the Canterlot Castle with not a fellow element for miles, King Sombra was an entirely different story.

This fic is a redo of the first fanfic I've ever posted on Fimfiction.
Editor: m1ntf4n. Shower him with much love and admiration.

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During her time in the human world, Sunset Shimmer has experienced many things.

Including, unfortunately, the frustration of having to deal with incompetent, negligent, or just plain rude package delivery service.

After putting up with one package delivery nightmare too many, Sunset Shimmer decides enough is enough.

Now, it's time to make a delivery of her own.

For Zef.

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Dr. Albert Wily...mad genius, evil scientist, brilliant roboticist, wanted criminal, would be world conqueror, loving father... Wait, what was that last part?

When Dr. Wily wakes up one morning with a tiny unicorn inexplicably clinging to his bald head, he is more than a little flummoxed. Unknown to him, this tiny creature is about to turn his entire life upside down, worm her way into his heart...and make his dreams a reality.

Can you feel the Wub tonight? Mega Man sure will.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
Edit: Now with awesome cover art by sanyo21! How does he do such awesome artwork so fast?
Edit 2: Adorable fan art sprite by SteamingBullet!
Edit 3: New fan art commissioned by a fan!

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