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  • Favourites 1827 stories Why are you here? Why are any of us here? Just to suffer!?


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Faced with two prospective paramours, Anon is in a pickle. Both ponies are sweet, pretty easy on the eyes, and totally smitten with him, but there's just a small problem. For all his would-be lovers' strengths, neither of them are exactly what he's looking for...

Kinks Include: Silly Bullsh*t

Artwork by CBTwi (twitter @ColdBloodedTwi)

If you want to help support me, I have a Tip-Jar/Patreon HERE

Happy belated Valentine's, y'all!

Chapters (1)

Milky Way is well-known throughout Ponyville. Unfortunately, it's for all the wrong reasons. She just wanted someone, anyone, to look past her appearance for a change, darn it! Luckily for her, she's found just the person.

Anon, Equestria's only human, is also used to being judged like that. It shouldn't have been a surprise, then, that he felt a kinship with the awkward mare. Their subsequent relationship did little to quell the insults being thrown their way.

Neither of them really care anymore.

Warning: This story contains discussions (but no depictions) of exactly what you think it does.

Art by Jargon Scott.

Chapters (1)

Waking up as a strange alien bug was certainly not something Thornton ever expected to happen. And yet, that was just the circumstance he found himself in when he and his family awoke one morning with strange new bodies in a strange new world.

Now they're hoping to find their way home, but is home a place they can get back to? And if so, is home a place they want to return to?

Updates weekly.

Cover Art by KlaraPL. Story commission for Gargon94.

Chapters (24)

This story takes place after The Last Problem, and as a result, Diamond Tiara, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and all other characters that appear in this story are grown adults.

Ever since taking over the Rich family business, Diamond Tiara has been working hard to use her status for the betterment of everypony. She's come a long way from the stuck-up snob she was as a foal, but her family's reputation can't be forgotten quite as easily. No matter how much she tries to give back to the community, she will always be a Rich. For better or for worse.

Perhaps this is why her friends are suspicious of her new boyfriend.

And perhaps it's why she likes him in the first place.

Day #4 of Hearts and Hands Week.

Chapters (1)

Levi, the only human in Equestria at this point in time, had been living peacefully for a couple months now. He has made many friends along the way, and has been staying at Twilight's Castle in Ponyville. However, one day, he is brought into the castle, unconscious. The ponies thought he was simply sick and was suffering from heat stroke, but what they discover will haunt them for the rest of their lives. This will make ponies realize who they really are...

...and why magic is such a worrisome source of power.

Told in perspective of Sweetie Belle.

A re-write/reimagination of the 2014-2015 classic. Will be posting this one regularly to finally get the story I wanted out back then.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Hypothetically

In theory, you and Twilight didn't make sense. A strong, intelligent, and wise mare like her paired with an awkward, dorky, and eccentric human like you... It was almost too good to be true, and yet it was. You and Twilight were the best of friends, until you found out about a week ago that she had romantic feelings for you.

Would it even work out? Could things between you two really escalate into something... more?

(Rated Teen for mild sexual innuendo.)

Cover art by tingsan!

Chapters (1)

Finding yourself in the halls of the this castle and asking it's ruler for a hug, couldn't be further from how you expected this day to go, yet that is exactly what happens, forcing you to face the fallout of your actions.

Sorry that I haven't edited this story before, but I simply couldn't wait with posting it. It just HAD to be done now. So please, excuse my subpar spelling and grammar.

Cover art made by Little Tigress.
You can find her on Deviantart
and apparantly on Twitter, though I have no link for that

Edit 07.11.2023. Top of the featured page? I honestly haven't seen that one coming. Thank you all for that.

Edit 09.11.2023. Finally came around to edit this. Much to my surprise, I didn't find much that needed improving. Either I am not as bad as I thought, or Zoho simply doesn't show me everything.

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It is your daughter's first day of school. And today, you see the past, present, and future passing, all in the blink of an eye.

Originally written for the Quills N' Sofa's "Poetic Prose" speedwrite, with the prompt "autumn," in September 2021. Cover art by MLPLover0711 on Derpibooru.

Story notes in this week's MT file.

EDIT: Featured 8/29/23! Thank you for reading.

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This story is a sequel to Before the Night

A sequel to Before the Night. Bald Ostrich, consort and coltfriend to Princess Luna before her banishment, finds himself in modern day Equestria. Will the Royal Sisters remember him? Will adjusting to modern, Equestrian life be difficult for somepony who was once not a pony? This, is Dawn of a New Day

Chapters (8)

By sheer dumb luck, you learned about an upcoming invasion of Ponyville planned by Queen Chrysalis and her army of changelings. Unfortunately, there are two major problems. First, Twilight and her friends are currently on vacation, meaning that the only thing standing between the changelings and Ponyville is little old you. Second, the invasion is supposed to occur at sunrise, which is about an hour away.

Oh dear.

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