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  • Favourites 1573 stories Why are you here? Why are any of us here? Just to suffer!?
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  • Favourites 1573 stories Why are you here? Why are any of us here? Just to suffer!?


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One second she was about to taste the sweet and delicious victory she's been yearning for since she was imprisoned.

"You're a pony yourself, aren't you? I'd be damned if you were the next one to bring my downfall, pony."

Instead, she's tasting the Castle floor as her mind began to fully understand the situation she was in. All decisive thoughts were thrown out the window. There was only anger and pain.

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This story is a sequel to The King of Love Bugs

Following Princess Twilight's coronation, Celestia and Luna retire and take an extended vacation touring Equestria. The final stop on their trip takes them to see a dear friend, and to experience, once more, what it feels like to be a changeling in his hive.

* Featured 8/15/2022 - 8/17/2022
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Proofread by LevelDasher
* Commissioned & Edited by Double R Forrest
* Cover art by CitreneSkys/PaintedSnek

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This story is a sequel to Anchor Foal: A Romantic Cringe Comedy

It's been over a year and when it comes to the little routines of labor and love, Fleur still hasn't managed to fully adjust. She needs to find some means of making it all last. And one thing she can definitely try to do is screen out anything which threatens to make her mate unhappy. Such as, just by way of very unwelcome example, the brother. Because Zephyr wants to be part of Fluttershy's life. He claims to have changed. But Fleur doesn't know whether change is truly possible.

Or if she's really changed at all.

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Discord has one friend. One. A single tie binding him to Equestria, a lone strand of pink tail hair keeping him in some sort of line. His interest in the world's welfare may exactly equal that of his friend's lifespan -- unless there's a next generation for him to adore. And so in the name of the realm's survival, Fluttershy is going to start dating, with Equestria's greatest expert in attracting ponies as her very reluctant prison-sentenced advisor. All Fleur has to do if she ever wants to come home again is get the world's most socially hesitant pony happily married off and pregnant, while constantly keeping Discord in the dark about what's truly happening.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages. TVTropes entry can be found here.

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A lone human appears in Ponyville, and is immediately demonized by its inhabitants.
Follow the story of Anon as he adjusts to his new life in Equestria.

Story is second person. Tags will be updated as the story develops.

Book I: Arrival – Chapter One — Present (Artwork by Yakovlev-vad)

I'm looking for a proofreader. Please message me if interested.

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With you having a obvious crush on Sonata but with her being in an abusive relationship with Dusk Shine, will you be able to help her and confess your feelings to her???

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You saved Adagio years ago, ever since then she has had a crush on you. You however get bullied and thus have no confidence to tell her your true feelings. Will Adagio be able to help you get your confidence back and face your bullies? And will you and Adagio have your happily ever after?

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At Canterlot High School one thing dwells on everyone's mind, and that's to strive to become the number one ranked Blader in the world. To fulfill that dream they must: persevere, overcome any Blader that stands in their path, and push their limits like they've never been pushed before. But what every Blader should know is the golden rule to Beyblade: have fun!

Artic, Dominic, and Joshua, three Canterlot High School students who have been titled as outcasts at their school. Keeping to themselves at school they've always wished to be more than outcasts and that day arises. On one fateful day the legendary Bladers: Valt Aoi and Aiger Akabane announce the next generation of Beyblade. There the two legends will show the world the power of 'Harmony Beys.'

Watch as these once three social outcasts battle their way to be the best of the best! But in doing so they'll have to: face rough challengers, face legendary Bladers, and great evil! These three Bladers will also have to forge a bond with their beloved Beys if they want to achieve greatness. Do these Bladers have what it takes to topple the Blading elite or are they nothing more than outcasts thrown aside. Find out on My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Harmony Bladers!

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When the Dazzlings get a second chance in life they take it, but what they didn't know is that they would turn into babies. After the fall formal and Celestia taking in Sunset Shimmer as her own, Sunset takes the 3 Dazzlings. They will all have many adventures to come.

*Cover Art found by Grand Galvatron*

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This story is a sequel to A Dazzling New Life

A year after Tom and Sunset's wedding a new era has risen in the world, Beyblade. Aaron and Gabby's master plan has begun. Will they take over the world or will the Dazzlings stop them before that happens? But one thing is in everyone's mind, Let It Rip!

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