• Published 27th Jun 2019
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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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Wait, WHAT?!

Willow sits at the oaken kitchen table, staring at its marred surface deep in thought; her favorite book long forgotten. ‘It can’t be true, it just can’t be.’ She tries to reason with herself.

“You ok Mom?” Chitter asks as he moseys into the bright kitchen as well.

Willow jerks out of her thoughts, “Huh, oh. I’m fine sweetie, you need something?” She watches his face as she knows he can sense their emotions.

The growing bug looks his mother over with a judging eye. “You are nervous, why?” He tilts his head further to the right to get a better look at her through his only working eye. The lighter portion of his solid turquoise eye indicating where he was focused.

“I’m just a little worried, but nothing you can help with. So what’s up?” She diverts with a smile.

He immediately lets go of the interrogation with a pleading expression, eyes wide and ear fins down. “Can I stay at Slick's house tonight after school?”

With a raised eyebrow, she asks, “If I were to ask Mrs. Edge about your homework this week would she be happy about it?”

Chit grins ears returning to normal position, “Well dad helped!”

Willow chuckled, “Be nice to your father.” She thinks to herself for a moment, ‘

Chitter pushed the subject, “I did my homework, can I?”

“If I found out you didn’t, you’re going to be grounded for a month. But I suppose you can, as long as it’s alright with Lily and Carrot.” She liked the parents of Chitter’s friend: Slick Brush. They never really had a problem with Chitter once they got to know him.

Chitter rushes forward and hugs his mom,
“Thank you!” He runs his muzzle into her floof.

“Of course, sweetie.” She hugs him back before pushing him to sit in front of her, “My, you’re getting so big! I remember when I could hold you with a single hoof.” She sighs as she reminisces, “I would just hold you and rock while humming your favorite lullaby.”

“Mom! I’m not a foal anymore!” He stomps in mock frustration. She shouldn’t baby him anymore!

“Oh you naïve little colt; you’ll always be my foal.”

Chitter lets go but can’t escape the iron grip of the aging pegasus. “Mom I got to go to school.”

She lets go but holds his shoulders, “I know, but I just want you to know Mom loves you.”

“I know, I ate this morning.” His expression neutral.

She shakes her head gently. “No no Sweetie. You mean more to me than you may ever know.” Willow smiles her warmest smile. “Just don’t leave your old mother behind huh?”

Chit goes back in for another hug, “I love you too.” A series of knocks echoed through the house. He lights up as he hears this, “Oh! Midnight’s here. Got to go.” He slips from his moms hooves, “Bye Mom!”

She tried to hold onto him as long as she can but he wiggled loose. “Goodbye Chit. I’ll see you after school.” Her voice a little shaky.

Chitter trots to the door stopping to straighten his mane fin. Putting on an exuberant smile he opens the door. “Hi Midnight.”

“Hey Chit, ready?” She pushes her long dark orchid mane back for what she feels like is the hundredth time already today. “Ugh, this stupid mane.”

He raises an eyebrow, questioning his friend. “If it’s so bad, why do you keep it long?”

“Cause long manes are in like the magazine says.” Rolling her eyes like it is completely obvious.

“Psshh,” He leaves the house and closes the door. “Well lets go before we’re late Miss Fancy.” They begin the trot to school, talking about their homework.


Willow stares blankly at the dark stained door after watching her baby colt leave. Her mind in utter turmoil as thoughts race through her mind like a Wonderbolts derby.
She is ecstatic, frightened, anxious, nervous, and several other emotions even she can’t separate out.

‘How am I going to tell Shield? How could he possibly understand? For that matter, how will Chitter react?’ She could lose everything if things go badly. Letting out a heavy sigh she looks away from the door.

Willow is nearly in tears from the sheer horror and utter joy. Unsure of what to do she stands and makes her way back into the kitchen. She needs something with pickle.


“Yo Slick, what’s up?” Chit asks as they approach their friend.

“Oh me, nothing.” Knowing he had been caught staring.

Chitter stares at him knowingly. Puppy love practically poured off of him every time Slick is near Midnight. Chitter thought it’s weird that someone can love someone not of their own family. ‘Girls are still gross.’

Slick Brush the grey earth pony has put on a little weight since kindergarten. The skinny colt now has a more balanced figure after four years of home cooking. His mane and tail were cut short, fur better groomed, and a much fuller smile adorned his face.


“Yeah Slick, tell us what’s the deal?”

He holds up his hooves defensively, “What? I’m just happy to see my friends.”

“Wait what’s that sound?” Chitter strains his neck and looks in the direction of the Castle of Friendship.

“What sound?” The other two ask following his gaze.

Turning to them with a cheese eating grin, “I thought I heard Aunt Twi's lie detector going off.”

“You should know you can’t beat the living lie detector Slick.” Midnight laughs out with her practiced dainty voice. “So what does have you so happy?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Slick says dodgily.

Midnight shakes her mane, turns her head, and huffs at him, “Fine be like that.” Chitter watches his male friend as Slick has a pulse of higher infatuation.


“Come on guys we don’t want to be late, it's Friday after all.”

“Hey Chit, what did your mom say?” Slick questions.

“She said I can as long as your moms are okay with it.”

“They actually like you.”

The group is stopped by a loud gravelly voice, “Well look who it is, the freak squad. The deva demon, the fraidy-cat, and the bug.”

“What do you want Beaker?” Chitter asks as their constant pain in flank and tormentor blocked their path. Beaker, a chestnut colored griffin has been after them since 2nd grade.

“Well I was thinking to myself this morning-"

“Wait, you can do that?” Midnight asks feigning bewilderment.

“RRRRR, you better watch yourself, bat. Or your precious mane might end up shorter.” He threatens flashing his talons as Midnight grabs her mane protectively. “Like I was saying, I haven’t had bugs in a long while. I used to like them, so how about I have some of you?”

“Hey y-you c-can’t do that!” Slick says trying to stand up for his friend.

“Or what, wimp? Going to tell on me?” He starts sucking his claw, “Ooo, I’m a little cry baby tattletale.”

Chitter speaks out. “Just leave us alone Beaker, we didn’t do anything to you.”

“Don’t have to, you are here.” The bell rang out again, “Lucky I gotta get to class or you’d be in for it. Later losers.” He takes wing and heads into the building.

“We gotta go too guys. Come on!” The group rushes inside.


Shield trots home with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. For him all is right with the world. He has a beautiful wife, a wonderful son, and a nice home. He’s on his way back from the market after retrieving his families favorites.

“Du du do, du dooo!”

“Look at you all happy and proud.”

“Indeed I am Mr. Breezy! Du dododododoooo!” He trots down the street humming that stupid song Chitter had got stuck in his head. Shield looks forward to tonight as it’s the day of the week all the family will be home.

Trotting up to the front door he prepares to open it; from the other side he hears crying. He does his best to open it quietly and sneak in. ‘What is going on in there?’ The carpeted hallway muffling his steps.

‘Well it’s not coming from the living room.’ He follows the sound to the dining room and finds Willow crying but with a pained smile. A tub of chocolate ice cream and a jar of pickles rest next to her.

Shield clears his throat causing Willow to jump. “What’s wrong hon, are you okay?”

“Shield! I thought you were out shopping?” She attempts to wipe the tears from her eyes but she’s pulled into his embrace.

“Hon, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Dear, I’m scared.” She visibly shutters.

Shield straightens upright, “Who or what is it? Is someone threatening us again?”

“I-it’s y-you.”

Visible confusion spreads across his face as he blinks a couple times. “Me? Did I do something?” His mind failing to recall any misdeeds.

Willow stares at a knot in the polished wooden floor, “It’s not you, it’s your reaction.”

“Hon, I don’t understand, what’s going on?”

Willow stares deeply into his eyes with a small smile, “Shield, stallion of my dreams, the one the only, I… I-I’m preg-gnant.”

Shield felt like his heart stopped and he turned cold. ‘That’s not possible.’ He just can't fathom how it could happen.

The seconds tick by as she sits in anticipation, “Dear, speak to me.”

Shield finds his tongue again and forces a string of words out, “That’s not possible.”

“I don’t know how, but it did. Shield we are going to have a foal!” She let a fragile smile show.

Knowing his own body he came to a near unavoidable conclusion. “And you think I’m going to believe that?” He pushes her away. “Do I look stupid to you?”

“Shield, it’s not like that!” Willow pleads.

He stands up with a huff, “Yeah right, we both know that it wasn’t me. Why? Why would you do this to our family?” The former guard couldn’t block his own tears and anger, still refusing to listen to excuses.

Will watches her world crumble, “Shield, I-I swear! There hasn’t ever been anybody else, you’re the only pony for me!” She tries to grab his hoof but he pulls it away. “Please listen to me!”

He rounds on her, “Clearly not! Was it because of me, or did you just find someone else?” He can’t stop himself at this point, “I’m sorry I’m not able to give you what you want. But it looks like someone else could and did.” Shield turns around and stomps aggressively towards the front door letting out a couple feral snorts.

“Shield, please!” She chases after him. “I need you to listen to me! You-"

“No, you- you- you lying whorse! I thought we were in this till the end, turns out I was just a fool.”

“No, please don’t go! I will do anything to prove it! I can’t lose you, I love you!” Tears rolled down her face matting her fur. “Dear please; You could even ask Chitter if I’m lying!”

“You leave him out of this! He’s going to have enough problems with this as it is AND; until we figure out where we go from here he and I are going to be staying somewhere else.”

“NO! I just need you to listen for a moment! Please don’t take our colt away!” Willow grabs onto him but he shakes her off.

Tears now coat his face too, “Yeah well you should have thought about the consequences to your family!”


Willow collapses to the floor sobbing. “Shi-eld…”


Shield stomps along the gray cobble path to their home, the gentle summer breeze stinging his watery eyes. Every part of him a raging inferno of anger and near hatred.
He could never hate her, he could never. He loves her more than he could ever express. He knew this day would come eventually; he knew she would find someone who could give her the family she always wanted. It didn’t hurt any less that he knew, in fact it hurt more. It feels like his heart turned to lead and is now poisoning the rest of his being.

He looked around as he just tried to get away from the home he wasn’t a part of anymore. A crushing thought added to his own misery, he had no where to go, no one to turn to. His parents died his second year of college from an avalanche on a skiing trip. He didn’t have any siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. The only pony he could ever really turn to has been Willow.

He is unsure what to do but one thing was clear; he couldn’t go home anymore. He walks through the nearly empty town park just trying to sort out his life.


The class is quiet at the moment, nothing but scratching pencils to be heard.

“AAAAAAAAHH!” Chitter screams out in the middle of class, scaring everyone. His eyes roll back in pain and he falls out of his chair onto the cold tile floor. He feels like his entire body is on fire as he bites into his hoof screaming.

He can hear the entire class talking and the teacher yelling at everyone to get back. “Chitter can you hear me? Ruby, hurry and get the nurse.” She tells the pony closest to the door.

Chitter lay in agony when only a few moments ago he was just bored listening to the teacher drone on about math. His muscles now sore from the severity of the onset.

He can hear two sets of hooves rushing towards him. “Everyone back up!” He felt weightless for a bit as the nurse levitated him. She carried him down the hall to her office and let him down onto a paper covered bed. “Somebody contact his parents!”


Shield couldn’t sit still even to think, so he was on the move again. Deep in thought, he ran into another pony. “Excuse me.” He mutters flatly.

“Sir, your son needs help immediately! I’m on my way to the hospital for a doctor!”

Shield stiffens and jerks up straight. “Chitter?“

“Yes sir!” He doesn’t say another word before rushing off.

Shield takes off himself, making a beeline for the school. He dodges around and over the other citizens who don’t get out of his way. Thoughts of his fight with Willow are stripped away as his protective instincts kick into overdrive. He has to be there and there is no one to stop him. The new school comes into view at the top of a gentle hill. Once there he slams through the front door, scaring the bejesus out of the office clerk.

“Where’s Chitter?!” He demands from the office worker.

“Sir, calm down. He is being tended to Princess Twilight in the nurse’s office.” Shield took off for the indicated room. “Sir, you need to sign in!” She drops her hoof to her desk, “Why do I even bother sometimes?” She mumbles to herself.

Shield skids into the office and sees Twilight using magic around Chitter’s “collarbone”.
“Chit, are you ok buddy?”

“Shield, stay back for a bit. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. From what I was told, he just started screaming in the middle of class and collapsed on the floor twitching.”

“How long has he been like this?” Shield inquires worriedly.

“From what the teacher told me, about 30 minutes.”

A dozen questions orbited around Shield’s mind but only a single answer could be found. “He’s tied to our emotional state right? I mean as far as changelings go?”
Chitter lie on the bed sweat coming off his forehead. He looked a mess and still in pain but not in agony anymore.

Twilight looks over him as she sighs, “That’s not exactly correct; he would normally be sensitive to them but this isn’t normal. It seems there was a bit of an unintentional side effect from his mind protection gem…”

Unseen by any of the adults a burgundy filly watched through the door window.

“What do you mean by that? Is he going to be okay?!”

Twilight holds her hooves up, “Yes he will be fine but you need to calm way down. WAY down. The problem was a bit of misinterpretation with the spell we embedded into the sapphire.” She closes her eyes, “Princess Celestia and I had the spell link him to your minds as a base control for interference.”

Shield doesn’t follow but the look on his face tells Twilight to explain it simply.

Her ears splay back a tad as she dumbs it down a notch, “Er, You and Willow are templates for his mind. He can’t be controlled because the two of you aren’t. It seems the spell took interpretation a bit too far and applied that to his emotional state. It was weakly connected but something happened and strengthened that connection. Shield, did something happen between you and Willow?”

Not wanting the Princess of Friendship in their business he dumbed it down. “Willow and I had a Tartarus of a fight. We are on bad terms right now.”

“How long ago?”

“By now, 40 minutes.”

“OH GOSH, that means we need to fix that gem soon! It’s increased in sensitivity and is causing physical damage.” She lights her horn and scans the gems again. “Wait, what’s this?” Her magic roots around the bound spell.

“What’s what?”

Twilight blinks a couple times, “There’s five connections here! That’s both impossible and not a good thing.”

“Can you start explaining things…?” Shield is at a complete loss at whatever is happening. He is a simple stallion and this was way above him.

“Like I said before, we connected him to you as a template, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Then there should only be two at most. There are five here, two large – you and Willow, one unknown medium, and two small somewhat close connections.”

“I don’t know what to say or do about that, bu-"


“Willow, shush! He is right here.”

Before anyone can say or do anything Willow is sponging Chitter with a cool wet rag. “It’s alright Chit, Mom’s here.” She coos.

“Why are you here? You don’t care about us.”

“How dare you?! I have never not cared about either of you.” Willow took genuine offense to his accusations.

Both parents had their mouths magically clamped shut, as Chitter writhed in added pain. “The both of you did this to him, now you’re adding to it. Stop, just stop. What is wrong between you two?”

Willow goes back to taking care of her baby. “I’m pregnant, and Shield is the father.”

“As much as I’d like to be, it’s not possible for me to be. I’m sterile, remember?”

Willow lays the cool cloth over his head, “Mom it hurts.”

“I know sweetie, I know. I’m going to fix it right now.” She looks at her husband, “As I told you earlier, I will take any test I need to prove it. It’s your foal and there is going to be no denying it.” She wipes some of the sweat off Chitter’s carapace. “You hear that Chit? You’re going to be a big brother!”

He let’s out a weak yay then closes his eyes and breathes out shakily.

Shield sits there in silence wondering how it could be possible. Sure the act had been done but he’s sterile.

Once again life doesn’t let him continue to think in peace as Dr. Quick Shot enters.
“Where is he?”

“He’s right here doc. Please help him.”

“I will do what I can for him Mrs. Breeze.” The doctor goes about usual routines for checking patients.

“Nurse, can we use your office for a moment?” Twilight asks.

“Of course Princess, help yourself.”

“Please, just Twilight.” She looks toward the feuding couple. “Follow me, now.” Twi moves toward the office with the parents following with their heads down like foals in trouble. They enter the small office and close the door. A desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet are the only objects of interest. Twilight lights her horn and sound proofs the room. “Tell me what happened you two. You better tell me the truth or I’m going to get Cadence in here.”

Willow spoke first, “Princess, like I said a minute ago, I found out I am pregnant. There is only one possibility of who the father is.”

“You know full well that I am incapable of being the father.”

“Shield, you will wait your turn.” Twilight states with finality.

“Yes Princess.” He mutters sheepishly, suddenly finding his own hooves more interesting.


“There is no doubt that he is the father. I know this because there hasn’t been another ever and I’m willing to prove it.”

“Shield? And keep it civil.”

He took a deep calming breath and tried to explain his side. “I am sterile; So there is no way I could be the father.”

Twilight pinches the bridge of her snout, “Ok, I see where you both are coming from. Let me offer this as a middle ground. First just know this test is only proven to be approximately sixty percent effective.” She motions for both to stop talking as they had attempted to bombard her with questions. “I’m going to perform an aural test. What it does is to check the magical aura of a pony which can then be compared with any number of other samples. Auras are unique to each magic capable individual but can be hard to discriminate between individuals who are similar. That’s what makes it a bit unreliable. It can get close but not exact.” She looks at the two with a flat stare. “I need the both of you to agree before I can start.”

“Will it hurt my baby?” Willow asks holding her belly.

“No. I’m checking magic and that’s all. It’s like looking at the preface of a book, a little info but not the entire story. Regardless, your baby and body will be unharmed.”

Shield steps up, “I agree, now let me go first.” He sits down in front of Twilight, ‘I want to make sure it doesn’t hurt them.’ Inside he is worried but willing to take the risk.

“Can do.” She sits down herself, closes her eyes, and lights her horn. A magenta glow snakes forward through the air between them, it mingles and sways in front of Shield. Like a cobra ready to strike it moved in small motions without touching him at first.

Shield watched the tendril of magic as it moved closer to him. Now it was just a centimeter from him and he felt a little weird, like when someone is about to touch you but doesn’t and just hovers there. Finally it made contact with his head and he felt an unusual tingle, then it was gone.

Twilight opens her eyes, “There, see that wasn’t so bad was it?”

He let’s out a breath he didn’t remember holding. “Not at all.”

“I got exactly what I was looking for, now for everypony else. Ready Willow?”

“Yes.” She also waits for the procedure to end.

Once more the magical snake was let out and it wound its way over to Willow. A brief contact was made before it disappeared into a wisp.

“Aaaand done! Next tester please!” Twilight said with a giggle. “Now are you sure about this Willow?”

“As long as it won’t hurt our baby I give you permission.”

“I promise,” The magic snake now slithers toward Willow’s belly.

Willow sits in anxiety like a pony with a fear of needles getting a shot. The tendril hits the surface off her tummy but like a ghost keeps going. A split second later and it’s gone again.

Twilight opens her eyes wide and blinks quite a few times. “Wow, just wow!”

“Well what’s the word, Princess?” Shield asks worriedly.

Twilight sluggishly turns toward him with an unreadable expression. Slowly her mouth curls into a smile, “Shield, congratulations. You’re a father once again.”

Having not moved since he sat down, he felt glad he was already down. His mouth opened and closed, looking like a fish out of water. “I you we, what?”

“She said what I’ve been saying all this time. We’re going to be parents again!”

His mind ground from second to first gear with a horrible noise. Try as he might he can’t wrap his mind around this new info. “We’re having another foal?”

“Well, biologically our first but yes.” Willow grins.

Twilight claps her hooves together in Shield’s face, “Look at me. I know it’s a lot to take in but I’m about eighty three percent certain that you are the biological father. Now I’m going to leave you two here to sort this out. I’ll check on Chitter then I have to get back to the castle. I need to sort out this gem problem before it gets becomes a major issue.”

“Before you go Twilight, I want to thank you for always being there for our family.” She looked the other mare in the eyes, “As you have been for us, we will be for you.”

“That's so kind of you, thank you. But remember I’m Aunt Twilight, so I need to be there.” She smiles humorously before leaving.

The door clicks shut behind her and the two parents just sit there unsure of what to say to the other.



“Sorry for earlier.” They blurt out at the same time. “No, I am.”

“Willow, no.” Shield speaks firmly and surely. “We wouldn’t be in this mess if I had just trusted you.” He suddenly finds the ceiling interesting to stare at blankly as he continues. “We’ve been through everything and I have trusted you with my life at any given moment.” He sighs, “You were right to fear my reaction. I was a monster. We have a wonderful family with another joining it and I almost threw it away because I didn’t even listen to you.” He looks to his beautiful, pregnant, wife, “Can you forgive me?”

She gazes into his eyes, “Dear, I can’t be mad at you. I’m a little upset that you didn’t trust me after all this time but not mad. The words were in frustration but the trust was hurtful.” Willow lets her eyes drift to the floor.

Shield moves in front of her and pulls her into a firm hug. “Hon, I was a fool after all. I love you and sometimes I don’t feel I tell you enough.”

“True, but I know you do.” She rubs her cheek against his. “I love you too, but we should check on Chitter soon.”

“Yeah, I caused it so I should help fix it.”

“No. We caused it. Now, we’ll fix this together like always.”

Shield smiles and gives a confirming nod. They leave the office and find the doctor and Princess waiting calmly for them.

Princess Twilight starts first, “Ok you two listen closely. Princess Celestia and I will be back as soon as her schedule allows it. We need to wipe the gem of enchantment and try again.” Twilight turns to Doctor Shot, “Anything you want to add?”

“Yes Princess.” He confirms nodding his head gently. “I would recommend taking Chitter here out for a few days to recover. He practically had a seizure and pulled a muscle or two amongst a few other minor injuries. All he needs is some rest and for him particularly; love.”

“Can d-”

“And no more fighting! I know things happen but until his problem is resolved, keep it together.”

“We understand.”

“That’s all I have and I have already informed the school via nurse of his absence.”

“Thank you Doctor for your help.” Willow added before he nodded and left.

“Alright, now you three get home safely. The Princess and I will meet you as soon as we can.” With that she also departed.
The nurse interrupt s them shortly after,
“Pardon me, but I need a moment of your time.” The parents look at her curiously, “I just need you to sign these sign out sheets for the days next week he’ll miss.” She points to a couple papers nearby.

“Oh, yes of course.” Willow nods and moves to fill them out. Shield on the other hoof, moves to their sons side.

“How are doing Chit?” He looks over the poor disheveled changeling.

“Dad, it hurts.” His breathing steady but heavy.

“I know, I know. Mom and I fixed it so it won’t get worse for now. We’re sorry for the pain you’re in.”

“Wh-what happened?”

Willow again moves to help her colt. “We had a bit of a misunderstanding.”

“What?” He replies weakly.

“Your father didn’t listen and so we both couldn’t agree.” She pauses to make sure he understands. He looks at her in pained understanding. “We’re here for you Sweetheart. It’s all better now and you will be too.”


Shield speaks up, “Of course buddy.”

“I’m going to be a big brother?”

“Yep in a while you’ll have a little brother or sister.”

“I hope it’s a filly like you Mom.”

Willow smiles proudly, “And why’s that Sweetie?”

He strains a smile, “Because Mom’s the best. Sorry Dad.”

Shield cracks a grin, “Well can’t argue when someone is right.” He winks at his wife who silently chuckles. “Well if your mother is done with the papers, how about we go home?”

“Yeah, I hope that Slick can get my homework to me.” He mutters.

“You’ll get it or Aunt Twilight will have a fit.”

“Yeah.” He sighs.

Dad moves to the side of the bed, “Come on buddy.” Mom helps him later along his father’s back. He groans. “Don’t worry Chit, we’ll be home shortly.”

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