• Published 27th Jun 2019
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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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Educating Your Foal Pt. 1

The sounds of tiny hooves creep closer to his parents bedroom. They echo softly through the quiet house.

He approaches the door and focuses his magic. A green glow surrounds his horn but doesn’t grab the door knob as he plans. He shrugs as this is normal, turning he heads to the bathroom.

He enters for a moment then exits dragging a step stool. Placing said item in front of the door he climbs up. He jiggles the knob as he gets a good grip and turns it. A soft buzzing emanates from him as he uses his small wings for balance. The door swings open with a small squeak, causing one occupant’s ears to twitch.

He excitedly trots to the bed intent on disrupting the bliss of sleep. Like something straight out of a nightmare he sticks purely to the shadows. He grins in the perfect cover for his movements, its dark throughout the room and one occupant is snoring gently.
The intruder moves to the base of the bed, finding a good location to start the ambush. He gets a good grasp on the comforter and begins the short ascent. Once at the top he crouches for the pounce.

“Don’t you dare Chit.”

“Aww, how you know?”

“Next time don’t drag the step stool.” His mother raises her head to look at her son. “Sweetie if you don’t go back to bed you will be grounded after school.”

“But mooom, I can’t sleep!”

“You march back to your room right now.”

“Hon, what is it?” Shield asks sleepily.

“Chitter just needs to go back to bed.”

“Mmm, ok. Chit at least stay in your room until morning and I’ll make your favorite breakfast.”

“Really daddy?” Chitter asks, shaking his rear end excitedly.

“Yes now go on.”

“Ok daddy!” He turns tail and rushes back to his bedroom.

“Dear, why do you have to give him stuff like that?”


Willow rolled her eyes, “Stallions.” She lays her head down and tries to go back to sleep.


Chitter sits in his room with the lamp on. In one hoof a stuffed blue bird, the others hoof full of bricks.

“No, bird going to get candy!” He motions the bird towards an empty wrapper. “Stop the bird!”

He pushes some pony figures toward the candy cache. “We stop him.” He says in a mimicked deeper voice. The ponies start tossing bricks at the bird.

The little bug yawns, “The bird go down…” He lies on the floor, his chin on the vanquished bird of terror.

The town of Candyland thanked him and shared their delicious treasure with the hero of the town. He unwraps the first piece of the prized chocolate gem but something seems wrong.

The candy tastes funny, like cloth. It also didn’t break off in chunks. In fact, it didn’t break at all.

“Don’t you want your reward sir?” A townsfolk asks.

“Yes please!” He nods eagerly.

“Well you have to wake up Chit.” The townsfolk says.

Chitter tilts his head in confusion, “Why I wake up?”

“Chit, sweetheart, wake up for school.”

Chitter opens his eyes and finds four orange legs in front of him. He yawns and smacks his lips. “Momma?”

“Good morning sweetie. Who wants hashbrowns?”

“Me Momma!”

“Well then stop trying to eat your bird and let’s go.” Chitter looks at the toy and its soaked wing. He laughs and follows Willow to breakfast.

Shield was in a rhythm, making food for everyone. It’s not often Willow does the cooking now that Shield is the house husband. He sways to one of his favorite tunes.

“Bah-do da da da-dul!” He hums out loud as he tosses some more chopped potatoes into the pan. “Bah do do-" He feels something grab his hind leg.

“Daddy!” Exclaims the little bug.

“There’s my little ‘ling. Did you stay awake all night?”

“No, Momma come get me.”

Shield just chuckles, “Well let’s get some food and love into our growing colt. Then we can get ready for school.”


“Maybe she’ll be there.” He can only guess that Chitter was talking about Midnight Moon, the little thestral filly. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Ok daddy.”

Willow walks into the kitchen with tiny saddlebags resting on her back. She stops by the door and drops them on the floor. “Well, I have now double checked his bags for everything. He was missing his crayons, again…” She gave Chitter a knowing look. “Those are for school sweetie not for home. Besides, you already have crayons here.”

“Those more fun.”

‘I swear, I don’t know whether to be mad or love him more.’ She thinks to herself while prying Chitter off of dad’s leg.

“Go sit down for breakfast Chit.” Shield tells him.

“Ok daddy.” He lets go and Mom helps him up into his chair.”

The rest of breakfast goes by as usual with Chitter making only a small mess instead of his normal ones. Willow helps him clean up and gets him ready to go.

“You ready sweetie?”

“Momma, can take bird?”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, but bird has to stay.” She looks at the sadness spreading across his face. “Don’t worry Chit. Bird will be right here when you come back.” She places his toy on the table by the door. “See bird isn’t going anywhere.”

“Momma, I want bird go!”

“He can’t go to school with you sweetie.”

“Whyyy momma?”

“Because you might lose him.”

“Nu-uh. I won’t.”

Willow takes a deep breath with her eyes closed. “Fine, you can take bird. BUT, you have to keep him in your bag all day.”

“Ok momma!” He hugs her leg then grabs the toy off the table and stuffs it in his bag.
“Remember Chit, the big gem is very very important. Daddy and I won’t be there for lunch. But it has your favorite; love!”


“Is everyone ready?” Asks Shield.

“Yep let’s get going I still need to talk with the teacher.” She pauses with a cheeky smile.

“Hey sweetie, why don’t you climb up?”

“Ok Momma!”

Willow tosses a side glance at Shield, “Try to keep up! Hold tight to mommy’s neck Chit!” She opens her wings as his hooves wrap around her neck. She takes to the air in the direction of the schoolhouse.

Shield smiles and follows on hoof with the occasional teleport. He keeps an eye on the paths as Willow does basic flying maneuvers above him.

Chitter squeals with glee while he goes through the various stunts. Up ahead he sees a large red building with a playground next to it. His smile fades as they approach the building, but widen when they see a familiar face.

Willow banks hard to the left and spirals downward. She lands without incident next to Princess Twilight. “Well good morning Twilight! What brings you here?”

Twilight perks up, “This is like the most special day if his life! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I mean he begins to enjoy the wonder of studying!” She had this overly happy expression on at the thought of somepony else studying.

“I never really cared for school if I’m being honest.” Shield admits.

“When did you get here?” Willow questions with a surprised expression.

Shield laughs, clearly trying to hide his heavy breathing, “I watched you land. I wasn’t a guard for nothing you know.”

“Hmph,” pouts Willow.

“So are you excited Chitter?” Twilight asks.

“Midi coming?”

“Who?” Twilight asks.

“Little thestral filly,” Willow adds.

The group hears a loud yawn as a couple more ponies land nearby. “Mom, tired, bright.”

“Well Mini we have to get used to it. We now live during the day.”

“Midi!” Chitter shouts.

The thestrals all flinch briefly before the father recognizes the voice. “Oh, hello you guys. Didn’t honestly expect you guys to be here.”


“Hi Midi!”

“You go school too?”

Chitter nods, “Uh huh, momma make me.”

“Mom said we do crafts!”

“Use crayons?”

“Aaannd scissors.”


As the little ponies talked about school the big ponies talked about the schooling.
“I just don’t know if I’m comfortable with him being here Princess.” Planter mumbles.

“Yes, I understand your concerns about changelings, but he is a legal citizen and has precaution built into him physically. The most that will happen is that he gets in a scuffle as all foals do from time to time.”

“Plant, just let it go. He’s going to be here whether you want him to or not. Besides he and Mini seem to get along well. Just look.” The adults look to the two foals and see them chatting together like they grew up with each other. “I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of him over the years.”

Willow speaks up, “Excuse me for a bit. Shield, keep an eye on him?”

“Of course.”

Willow wanders over to the schoolhouse and knocks on the door.

“School doesn’t start for another thirty minutes.”

“I’m sorry to disturb you early but we really need to talk.”

“Rosie, now is not the time. I have school starting and I won’t get into it right now.”

“Sir, my name is Willow Breeze and I’m here about Chitter the changeling.”

The door opens and a middle aged stallion looks at the mare like he’s been preparing a speech. “Ugh,” he lightly groans, “Yes, a changeling will be attending the school this year. If you have any concerns please speak with Princess Twilight who is out front.”

“Yes, that’s all well and good but the changeling is my son.”

“Oh my, I apologize. I was expecting quite a few parents to be a little uh, worried. What can I help you with?”

“I just need help with one particular thing. In his bag is a very large gem, that is very, very important for him. It pretty much is a bagged lunch and snacks for him. It has to arrive, which I will make sure it does, but it has to leave with him to recover.”

“So in short make sure he doesn’t loose it or the other foals try to take it?”


“How ‘bout I just take it from him when he gets here?”

“That could work.”

“I will keep it in my desk daily till lunch and take it back after lunch. Just before he leaves every day I will give it back to him. Sound okay?”

“I believe we can work with that.” She smiles and holds out her hoof. “Thank you, my name is Willow Breeze.”

He shakes her hoof gently, “Pleased to meet you. My name is Blackboard. Would you mind if I met him before we start school today? I don’t want to give the wrong impression but I’ve never worked with changelings before.”

Willow gives him a raised eyebrow, “Sure, but his father will also be here.”

The teacher’s demeanor never wavered, “Fine by me, I’d like to make his acquaintance as well.”

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get them.” She turns and starts to leave but sees the changeling in question.

He bounced along followed by both father and “aunt.” Chitter walks straight up to his mother and leans against her leg.

“Hi Sweetie, this is Mr. Blackboard, your teacher.”

Chitter waved, “Hello.”

Mr. Blackboard smiled, “So this is Chitter? How are you little pony? Ready for school?”

“Momma say I have to go.”

“Well don’t you worry, class will be fun.” He pauses for a moment. “Chitter, may I hold onto your lunch until lunchtime?”

“No, Momma said keep safe. Bird keep safe.”
Blackboard looked at the parents, “What about a bird? He’s not allowed any pets until show and tell and that’s only one pet a week.”

“No no, no pets it’s his favorite stuffed bird. He wouldn’t leave home without it. But he knows where bird stays, right Chit?”

“Bird stay in bag Momma.”

“Good job!” Chitter smiles happily at the praise. “Chit sweetie, go ahead and give your lunch to the teacher. He is going to make sure you don’t lose it.”

“Ok.” He noses into his bag and removes the gem. He hesitantly gives the gem to the teacher.

“Thank you Chitter, you will get this back at lunchtime, ok?”


“Well now that that’s taken care of; How can I help you Princess Twilight?”

“Oh, I’m just here with them.”

Chitter wandered over to the alicorn, “Aunt Twi, hug?”

“Huh, oh! Of course I will! Especially for my favorite nephew.”

The teacher blinks a few times, not sure if he can trust his eyes. “He… is your nephew?”

“Yep, and since I can be here for him more often than Flurry he gets a little spoiled. Isn’t that right love bug?”

Chitter nods his head, “Uh huh!”

Any further conversation was halted when the bell rang. “And that means school has started for the year! Let’s see who we have this year.” Mr. Blackboard nearly hopped over to the door.

Willow pulls Chitter into a tight hug, “My little colt is already starting school. Now you behave for the teacher, daddy and I will be here to pick you up when school’s over, okay?”

“Have to?”
“Yes Chit you have to go to school.” Shield says.

“We have to go, Goodbye Chit!” Twilight rushes.

“Good luck and make some friends, love you!” Willow yells out as she’s pushed out the door by Shield. “Daddy loves you toooooo!” Her voice fades out the door as Twilight follows behind them.

“Good luck Chitter!”

Chitter slowly waves goodbye and is left alone in the room until the sounds of a small group start to fill the building.

“Alright little ponies, find a seat and sit down. If you don’t find a seat I’ll find one for you.”

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoy this latest addition. Thanks to all of you who read and liked (enjoyed) this story so far. :heart: