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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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Who Can It Be Now?

Things have rapidly started to improve after Shield’s hefty, hasty, reawakening. He is off the bottle (though he can’t say the same for his filly), his son is slowly recovering from starvation, and best of all, the family now has a better means of acceptance.

The poor family has one final hurdle to conquer before it is possible to start moving on, the funeral service. Though she was cremated not long after her passing they had yet to have a funeral for the departed. Although two of the remaining members had no idea of it or its significance, the one that did, dreads it.

Shield moves through the Light/Fix household trying to keep his mind occupied. He cleaned, straightened, and even fixed that squeaky door, all in an effort to not have be subjected to the thoughts of his deceased wife. ‘Strong, loving, and happy.’ Those were the words he was told just before her passing. After his forced perspective adjustment he vowed to follow her words if not for himself, than to the family he had neglected. ‘Never again.’ He mentally bludgeons himself for letting grief take over his life.


“I’m up here Chit.” The sentence was followed by buzzing that indicates the approach of a certain young changeling. “What can I do for you, buddy?”

“Can we go to the park?” He asks excitedly, membrane like tail wagging in response.

“Well… I guess we can for a bit.”


“Just let me get your sister ready first.” Shield turns around and bumps into a smaller pony, Mystery. “Oh, sorry about that.”

“It’s no biggie. But I did overhear you were going to take little Chitter to the park, correct?”

“Yep. Just going to go get Summer ready first.”

“Well why don’t you leave her with me for a bit? I don’t mind.” Mystery offers.

“I would be grateful but, I need to be a better father than I have been.”

“Nonsense. You’ve spent most of your time cleaning a house that is not your own and still taking care of your foals. Take Chitter out for some bonding, after all you owe him the most of all of us.”

Shield glances down at the excited changeling, who is seemingly studying Mystery, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. He did more than should ever be asked of someone his age.” He focuses back on the other adult, “If you don’t mind, I would love to spend some time with my son.”

“Go on ahead. Make sure you take your time too. Poor little guy has been through Tartarus.”
The unicorn father just smiles with a brief, singular nod. He motions Chitter to follow him, but before they leave, Shield grabs a small bag of bits.

‘No lunch for me at work for the week…’

“So buddy, what would you like to do first? We have all day to do almost anything you want.”

“Can we go swimming instead?!”

“If that’s what you want, sure.” Shield is unsure of how much water a changeling could handle. They had taught him to swim but were always careful as no pony had any info about swimming bug ponies.

Chit always loved the water even though they rarely went swimming. He can always feel worry when they do go. Whether it was worry for him or over the water was debatable. Dad was always the first in and Mom had usually stayed behind to read but would happily jump in after them if provoked.

The pair arrive at the house to get a few things like towels, sand toys, and Chitter’s goggles (mostly to protect his undamaged eye). Shield unlocks the door but immediately stops his little changeling from entering.

‘Something isn’t right here.’ He steps inside cautiously, his head on a swivel. Chitter can tell Dad is worried about something and keeps close on his father’s heels. Things in the house aren’t as Shield can barely remember from his drunken state. The whole house looks cleaner, like he’d hired a maid service to scrub the household. Weirdly even all the photos were back in their appropriate places. As much as everything was in place, it made everything feel out of place.

Someone had been here.

Shield racks his brain for any forgotten info that may clarify this but comes up empty.

Hoofsteps can be heard towards the rear of the abode. Shield leans down to whisper in his son’s ear, “Hide behind the couch and do not let anypony know you’re here. Do not speak till I, and only me, let you know it’s safe. Go but quietly.”
Chitter lets the green flames of transformation spread across his body as he becomes a much smaller creature; a very familiar ferret. He scurries behind the couch where not much can be seen.

With his son safe for now, he moves slowly towards the noises. Whoever is in his home is not welcome here and he is going to find out why they’re here.

As he approaches the back bedroom he hears a faint humming that confuses him to no end. His fur stands on end as a look of anger crosses his face, milliseconds after he rounds the corner to his son’s room, "WHO ARE YOU?!" he roars as he bursts in.

The mare that had been the source of all the family's pain recently, stands next to his bed. She is in the middle of making it as she had often done before. With surprise she grins at her husband, "You're back! I've been waiting to see my family!"

Shield feels the onset of a migraine the longer he looks at his wife. "WHO ARE YOU?!" The last thing he sees before turning his head to stop the agony is the orange pegasus stepping toward him slowly.

"Dear, it's me."

"You are not her and if you do not leave my home now, you will be a threat to my family." He can't even bring himself to fight the pain just to look at the imposter. "CHIT THE CRYSTAL!"

After a second or two came the response, "DADDY HELP! CAN'T MOVE!" Came the response of his son. Meanwhile in the living room: Chitter had tried to sneak closer when he was caught up in a spiderweb of green threads that hadn’t been there just moments ago.

"What did you do to him?!" He struggles to fight off the overwhelming clouds filling his mind.

"Why would I ever hurt our son?" He feels the soft touch of a hoof he never thought he'd feel again.
"Calm down Shield. Everything is okay. No one is here to hurt us."

Every word spoken sounded just as it should from his wife's mouth. But what was said just wasn't her. Shield just manages to clear the clouds from his mind and barely gathers enough strength to push her away. "You are not my wife! She is dead. I watched her die in front of me!"

"But I'm right here."

"Get away from me, fake. What do you want with us?!"

"I want our colt to grow up strong and happy. The same thing that led him to be with you."

Shield caught the slip up, "So you aren't my wife, just as I thought."

The faux pegasus grins with a light tilt of her head, "Alright, you got me."

"There was never a chance you'd get away with that. Who are you and what do you want, changeling?"

"I want my son."

The room falls deathly quiet for a few moments.
"Your son?" The unicorn is starting to shake. "Y-you're…"

At that moment Chitter flies in, slamming bodily into the other changeling. "You leave my dad alone!" The unexpected blow knocks the changeling over giving Shield the chance he needs to grab Chitter in his magical aura. He makes a mad dash for the front door.

“You can’t hide him from me! He’s my son!” The stranger’s voice follows them out of the house as they flee.

“Buddy, I need you to get to your sister. Just go and tell Mystery what happened. I love you.”

“But Dad-"

“GO!” Shield smiles gently to his colt, “Everything will be ok, I promise.” Using his magic he tosses Chitter high into the air. A flash of green and Midnight Moon glides off into the distance. Using some techniques taught to him by his own father, he makes a dummy from mud while on the move.

“There you are!”

Shield levitates the basic, changeling shaped, lump of mud in front of him as he gallops in the opposite direction of Chitter. “You stay away from my family you imposter!” A tiny smirk crosses his face for a fraction of a second as he hears the phony Willow in pursuit.

This confidence is short lived as the chasing changeling catches up much more rapidly than anticipated. Shield, in his 40's, after years of minor exercise, and a recent alcohol addiction had left him with a slowly growing gut. That is to say he’s getting old and fat.

The changeling that claims to be Chitter’s true mother doesn’t seem to have these problems however. She catches up in no time and tackles him to the ground. His horn scrapes the grassy field causing his magic to give out. The dummy falls to the ground with a wet, squishy, splat.
“I told you, you could not escape from me. Now- Wait, where is he?!”

The fallen unicorn chuckles, “Ah, the ol' switcheroo. Never a bad plan.” He lights his horn in a golden aura trapping both himself and the changeling in a magical cage. “My turn. Who are you?”

The cornered changeling drops the disguise in a flash of green, hoping to scare him away. “Boo!”

Unfazed and unamused, Shield yawns theatrically. “Wow, you’re actually a changeling… who could’ve guessed? Oh wait, aaah. So scary, a changeling.” The sarcasm in his voice as thick as peanut butter.

“But you ponies are afraid of us!”

“My son is a changeling, stupid.” Shield just raised an eyebrow, “Are you through with trying to scare me? I have many questions for you or you’ll never see him again.”

He takes a moment to look over this mimic insect since a few things caught his attention. First, since it claims to be Chitter’s true mother, so that means it must be female. Second was the missing right foreleg. From the shoulder joint down on that leg was completely missing, replaced with a material he couldn't identify.

“Are you done ogling me or do you want a twirl?” She asks with a wink.

“Oh shush. First question: Who are you?”

“My name, that you ponies would understand, is Carap. I am Chitter’s mother. I hatched him at the colony just before his father and I smuggled him out before any potential culling.”

“Culling? Mind explaining?”

“It’s a thing the changeling queen does to control population. If too many eggs are produced at any given time in the hive, she will clear them out, violently if she has to. We hid his egg and knew she would be after it or him. Once he hatched, we fled.”

“Ok, that explains a little, but how do I know you’re his mother and not just taking him back to the hive or something? He’s my son and he’s not leaving Ponyville anytime soon.” Shield puffs out his chest a little, making sure he stands straight, tall, and menacing to the much smaller creature.

Carap just watches him for a moment before responding, “Trying to show off much? If you are, it’s working, you handsome stallion.”

His face falls and he sighs, ‘What is wrong with this changeling? She keeps trying to flirt or something.’

“Aannd it’s gone. You had such a good thing going there for a moment. I know some don’t like a dad bod but I’m the exception.”

“Alright, enough. Prove to me that you’re his biological mother.”

The changeling turns serious, her only ear swivels toward him, showing her full attention. “That night was the worst day of my life. I had to give my pupa to some random ponies I’ve never even seen and hope they didn’t do anything to hurt him. My mate was torn to shreds by manticores in an effort to let us escape. That night, I lost a leg, an ear, my mate, and worst of all, my pupa. He was left on a random porch to keep him from the heavy rain. A note was left by the mailbox as it was the safest place to make sure it was seen.” Carap closes her solid color eyes and repeats the words found with poor Chitter, “Ponies, we beg you. A manticore has us on the run and wont give up chase. My mate is leading it away to give us time to hide. Another has started to give chase. We cant escape. I beg you! Please watch our son. we have abandoned our hive to live alone peacefully. Please, please. I can hear it coming!” She opens her eyes and stares Shield down as she adds the kicker, “P.S. his name is Chitter. In your tongue it means love bug. Mom and dad love you little Chitter! We're sorry.” Shield’s breath caught in his throat but she speaks again, “Now, does that tell you who I am?” She slinks up to him, “Granted, I can be who ever I, or even you, want me to be. He’s my son but I’m not going to steal him from you either. You’ve raised him into such a good little ‘ling from the little I’ve seen of him.”

The unicorn finally speaks, “You don’t have a choice anyway. He is my son and Princess Twilight Sparkle is his auntie. He has godparents, friends, and even a little sister. His life is here and I will not allow you to get in his way. I can accept that you hatched him, but he is not yours anymore.”

She’s taken back, “How dare you?! He is my son and he needs me.”

Feeling that he is back in control, he adds more, “No, he doesn’t. He hasn’t and won’t need you, ever again. His family is and will always be right by his side. He is the best son and big brother anypony could ask for. You haven’t seen him in years since that night, then march here expecting to waltz into his life. You won’t. You want time with him? Earn it.” He states with immense finality.

‘Who does this pony think he is? And why do I like it?’ She sits but is nearly falling backwards as Shield uses that old guard pony state of intimidation, also know as getting in their face. “But he’s my son! I can see him whenever I want to.”

‘This changeling just doesn’t get it does she?’ With a snort he pushes her all the way over and presses a forehoof to her chest, “Here’s the deal. You will earn your time with MY son, because if you don’t… Well, let’s just say that he doesn’t know his mother is alive. The thing is, that can become a reality in a heartbeat. Capece?”

Carap narrows her eyes, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Shield simply lifts his forehoof off the ground putting all his weight on her chest plates. In her neglected state one of the weaker plates cracks under the pressure.

Carap cries out, “OK, OK! I get it! You win, I’ll earn my time!”

Shield puts his hoof back down but keeps her pinned down. “You don’t buck with my family or you WILL regret it. Until I say you can, you will not tell him who you are.”

“What?! You can’t be serious!”

“You’re really asking for it aren’t you?” He starts to add the pressure back.

“Stop! Just stop! I won’t tell him anything!”

“You better be on your best behavior around my family. Too much has happened us for me to take any chances. If you, or anyone, become a threat to my foals, I will do anything I need to, to keep them safe. If that means putting his birth mother in the ground, then so be it. MY son deserves the best things that can be given to him. My daughter deserves no less either.”

“Stop talking and tell me what I can do to see my son.” She may be pinned down but she sure as Tartarus wasn’t going to give up.

“You want to be known as his mother, start acting like it. You’ve been gone for years and just now show back up. You’re not even against me on this too. Willow was and will always be, in his mind, his mom.”

“By the queen, shut up! What do you want from me?”

Shield is losing his temper with this stubborn bug. “Fine, be at my home tomorrow at 6 A.M. If you follow me to him before you see him tomorrow, he will never know who you are. Remember what I said earlier. That’s a threat and a promise.” He steps off of her and drops the cage spell. “By the way, I know you’ll be just fine. That crack wasn’t even as bad as Chitter has done to himself. You aren’t starving either, don’t think I didn’t notice while I talked.” He leaves her upside down in the field, praying that his bark and bite were enough to deter the changeling.

Carap rolls over and stands once Shield finally let her up. “Well, if that’s what it takes to get close to my son, then so be it.”

“I mean it, you follow or try to find him before your time earning…”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it. I won’t follow you, but can I at least watch you leave?”

“No you may bucking not. What did I just tell you?”

“Oh I know what you said, but who said it was about my son?”

The smoke grey unicorn is a bit disturbed by this changeling, “What in the name of Celestia is wrong with you?”

“Well, my mate has been dead for years, I’m missing a foreleg, an ear fin, and my son.”


“Mentally, nothing. But I do have a hot dad in front of me and I want to enjoy it.” Carap states casually like there’s nothing out of place with her statement.

Shield shivers, not in enjoyment but in slight disgust. “Go away.”

She watches him turn to leave, “See you tomorrow, handsome!”

After breaking eye contact with her, he kept his ears perked and listening for any form of approach from behind. Yet still he was caught off guard as the female changeling lets out a cat call whistle. “Stop that!”


He just trots off, ‘I can’t believe that changeling is my little colt’s mother. She’s a pig.’ After putting some more distance between them he looks over his shoulder. Carap is sitting in the same place watching him leave still and raises a hoof and waves. ‘Well at least she hasn’t moved.’


“One more night won’t hurt anything. Mom will be there soon little Chitter.” Carap turns and leaves, determined to follow the rules given. “I’d rather not end up fulfilling the wrong promise.”


The worried father travels a long and winding path with plenty of checks to see if he is being followed. Just before he arrives at the Light/Fix household, he does a triple check of the surrounding area; nothing. He slips in through the back door, checking the entire way inside.
Once inside he turns to find a pony blockade. “It’s alright now, fou-"

Of all ponies, Mystery was the one to speak first, “Shut it! Who are you?”

Shield stammers as the gears of his mind slip at the sudden questioning, “Uh, uuh, Shield! Shield Polish!”

“Who are your foals?”

“Chitter and Summer Sun.”

“That was an easy one,” Myst scowls, “What happened the day you came to our house?”

“Uh that’s a little hard to answer as I was drunk and hungover simultaneously.”

“Good start.” Lightstruck compliments as she stood guard.


“Too much drinking, not enough responsibility, nearly starved foal.” Short, a bit sour on details but, straight to the point.

As if barely satisfied with the answers Mystery huffs. “If I could think of more things to ask I’d interrogate you for an hour.”

Shield holds his hooves up defensively, “It’s me, I swear. I just wanted to make sure that changeling didn’t follow me. But there is something about them I do need to tell you.”


“So what should I do? I just think it’s far too early to pile more on his plate.”

Lightstruck nods in agreement but Mystery tilts her hoof the other way. “This is his true mom we’re talking about.”

Shield puffs up a bit angrily, “Don’t you ever say that again. She is not and never will be his mother. Willow was and is his mother. She always will be. This changeling is just a donor who hasn’t even bothered to look for him in nearly eight years.”

“She still… how does that work with them?”


Mystery shakes her head a bit, “Weird. Regardless, she is still his biological mother.”

“She hatched him sure, but she is not his mother.”

Mystery looks like she wants to argue the point when Light buts in, “Well, Will did do the raising and she wasn’t around. I’m with Shield on this.”

“Regardless, she wants to be in his life and is his biological mother at very least. I think he should be told. That’s just my opinion but ultimately it’s your choice.”

“That’s a bug no from me.” She chuckles at her terrible pun. “He’s been through a lot right now and the poor little guy is vulnerable. Protect him and worry about that later.”

“My thoughts exactly. For now I’m making her work for his attention. Tomorrow she is going to slowly work somewhat back into his life and if she tries something… he doesn’t ever have to know…”

Mystery’s eyes widen at the implication whole Light just nods, “So be it.”

Author's Note:

It seems like I left some loose ends huh? Don't worry questions will be answered so I don't need questions about how and why on things yet. I promise!

As always if you liked or disliked how things went, leave a comment! I love hearing from everyone and respond regularly.

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Shield's completely justified in his threats to Carap. She invaded his home, tried to imitate Willow (of all things), intruded on his grief and tried to take Chitter. She's just lucky he didn't crush her right there and then. Carap obviously didn't consider that Shield is used to changelings and how protective he is of both his children after what he nearly let happen.

A parent in Protective mode, bolstered by grief and anger at an infiltrator in such a horrible way at that specific moment? Carap has no idea how close she was to being squished, especially if Shield got Twilight involved.

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Carap just watches him for a moment before responding, “Trying to show off much? If you are, it’s working, you handsome stallion.”
His face falls and he sighs, ‘What is wrong with this changeling? She keeps trying to flirt or something.’

Almost like she is trying to extract some "love" or something...
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He hasn’t and won’t need you, ever again. His family is and will always be right by his side. He is the best son and big brother anypony could ask for. You haven’t seen him in years since that night, then march here expecting to waltz into his life. You won’t. You want time with him? Earn it.

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Shield levitates the basic, changeling shaped, lump of mud in front of him as he gallops in the opposite direction of Chitter. “You stay away from my family you imposter!” A tiny smirk crosses his face for a fraction of a second as he hears the phony Willow in pursuit.

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Well it’s been over a year so until proven otherwise I’m going to label this story as dead.

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