• Published 27th Jun 2019
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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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Family First

Shield sat in the waiting room reading a magazine about the guard. Willow was attending the actual surgery while he had to wait outside. He looked up at the clock, “Hmph, 3:00. They’ve been in there for hours, what’s taking so long?

Honestly Shield was thrilled the day arrived finally. His boss sure didn’t seem happy about another day off request but he had plenty to spare after the last seven years working there. Willow at least was technically on the clock so she could be in the room.
Willow had to be in there, he didn't.

During the week between adoption and surgery they had discovered that Chitter hated to be without one of them. He often started this unusual screeching sound. It wasn’t loud, just worrying and mildly annoying. Hence why Willow has been there before they even ran the nerve block and anesthetic.

Shield had been there for that, it was almost one of the funniest things he's seen since the time Spear Tip ended up with his face stuck in a mailbox. Well, funny after he didn’t have to harm the doctor.

The little changeling had a special needle designed for hard shells put in his hoof. Willow was again making faces at him while the doctor worked. This practically made the doc invisible, though Shield watched every single move he made. He wasn’t taking a chance with anyone performing any form of hate crime to his… son, yeah son.

Chitter played along with her until he stopped suddenly and fell over on the pillow. It looked like someone had flipped a switch.
Shield tensed up preparing to assault the doctor to figure out what he did.

“Oh good, the medication worked.” Willow seemed happy and Shield calmed down. “We weren't exactly sure that it would work on him. There isn’t much medical knowledge about changelings.”

Shield looked back at the clock, 3:05. He tried to go back to his magazine but couldn't focus on it enough to actually get any reading done.

3:30 – Shield was now up and pacing a bit.

4:00 – “Nurse is everything ok back there?”

“Sir calm down, we’ve never operated on a changeling before, let alone a changeling foal. Last I received he should be done within the hour.”

4:43:17 – The door opened up, “Shield Polish? Please follow me to the recovery annex.”

Shield followed beside the nurse as she took him to another wing of the hospital. “Princess Celestia made sure that he had his own room so when he wakes up he doesn’t disturb the other patients.”

“When will he be cleared to leave the hospital, if you know?”

“Sir, that is a question for the doctor examining him.” She opened a door a directed him inside.

The inside of the room was white, a single medical bed with devices next to it sat in the center of the far wall. Two couches of a tan color were on either wall next to the bed. On the bed was Willow, she was laid back cradling the newest member of the family.

His son, ooo did he like the sound of that, was passed out after another dose of painkillers. He was covered in thick blue bandages right around his chest and neck.

Shield was confused by the blue bandages. “How did it go?”

“It went just fine, the Princesses sure know what they're doing when it comes to magical gems.” She stroked Chitter's mane fin. “We cut the chitin to fit the gem and placed it. The gem, being a rare identifier piece, bonded itself to the surrounding area of his body.” Willow grinned, “You can't get that bad boy out with a crowbar. Well not without trauma, both physical and psychological.”

“Well that's good. What about the other gem?” Shield inquired.

“That one gave the surgeon a bit more trouble. He cut a section out to get at the location-"

“Wait why would they have to remove a section?”

“Shield look,” Willow lifted her front leg and tapped it with the other then repeated the unusual exercise with Chitter's. The sound alone made Shield realize that question was pretty dumb. “He doesn't have skin, he has a shell. It cannot be stretched or pulled.”

“Okay, okay, I get it!”

“So they had a bit of trouble grafting the piece back after getting the gem situated.”

“I'm not even going to ask, but it looks like he's ok now.” Shield watched their son sleep peacefully.

“It was hard getting it back in because our little colt woke up mid surgery.” She rocked him gently in her hooves. A look came over her, “Shield, we finally have a foal! I'm just, just so excited!”

“Yes, well honey if you keep yelling like that and we'll have an upset foal.”

“Nah, he just had another dose of medication and won't likely awake for another few hours.” Willow began humming the same song she used that first night.

“What's with the blue bandages?” Shield asked.

“Honestly, it’s just a color preference. He won't have them long with all the healing spells he has to get the next couple days.”

“When can we all go home?” Shield yawned, the stress has weighed on him. He wasn't sure how Willow did it but she just shrugged off mental stress about medical procedures.

“Don’t know yet. The doctor is supposed to run some blood tests if he can. We won't see those for a while anyway.”

A few minutes later knocking could be heard.
“Come on in doc, he's still out cold.” Willow called to him.

The door opened without a sound and a brown unicorn stallion in white lab coat entered. “Well I officially get to put that into my resume, “First changeling patient in history”. Do you two have any questions before I rant a bit?”

“Actually just one, do we get to go home today?”


“Shield! Jeez let the poor dear heal properly.” Willow scolded after retracting the wing she used to snack him upside the head.

“Ahem, yes, well he should be good to go in an hours time.” The doc shuffled a bit,
“Princess Celestia added a request/demand that we do not keep him here for study. That itself came with being told to relay that exact message to you.”

“Thank you for being clear.” Shield compliments from the foot of the bed. He had been sitting there as sentry to the room since entering; nothing was going to bother his family on his watch.

“If I may sir, all doctors are sworn to the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t care what species come under my care, they will be treated equally.” The doc stared directly into Shield’s piercing gaze. “As long as I shall live I guarantee you that no harm shall befall him under my care.” Many ponies would have caved in at this small interrogation, yet the doc held strong. Every single word he said the absolute truth in his own mind.

Without breaking eye contact former Lieutenant Shield turns his head slightly. “Willow, make this his primary doctor. You listen to me and you listen good.” Shield had a glare that could make the Princesses themselves think twice. “You'd better make good on those words or somepony may just vanish. Understood?” he offered a hoof.

The doctor took that hoof firm and steady. “Damn. Straight. Forgive my unprofessional manner there.”

“You might want to get ahold of as much information on changelings as you can. I will not take accidents as an answer.”

Shield backed off, sat down and watched the door again. Internally he was calming down after making the threat against another pony’s life. ‘It is what I'm supposed to do as dad right?’

“That’s too far Shield!”

“With all do respect Mrs. Breeze, that was perfectly acceptable. He's a father protecting his family. Besides, no harm in agreeing to something that’s already my job.” He looked to his fellow unicorn, “I know what you said and agree. One thing to note, we still don't know everything about changelings and medicine.” He took a breath and moved along, “That said, two weeks from today I want to run an allergy detection test.”

Willow answered for them, “Will do, doc.”


The rest of the visit went great with the new family doctor. “Chitter should be fully recovered in about four days time with magical treatment.”

“Thanks doc, hope you have luck on your studies.” Shields adds not so subtly.

The adapting family trots home with Shield himself actually carrying the sling holding his son. A question is slowly invading both ponies thoughts. Willow voices it, “What are we going to do with him when we go to work?”

“I've been thinking about that. Daycare seems logical but which would accept him?”

Willow knew they were going straight into the deep end of the pool, but she didn't know they were going off the diving board. “Oh right, our little colt is a changeling.” She thinks for a moment leaving them to walk in silence.

“A babysitter would probably end up the same way. Maybe I should quit my job?” Willow looks to her stallion for his opinion.

“You can't do that! You love taking care of all the little ponies! Maybe I could switch to part time at the museum. It's less we have to worry about in the long run except maybe finances.”

“Hey! Why should you spend all day with him and I shouldn't?”

Shield just raised an eyebrow in a manner that said, “Really?”

She just laughs leans in close and whispers in his ear, “See I told you, you would make a great father. But I actually agree with you. Combination part time and stay at home dad could work out.” She dips down quickly and removes the sling from him and puts it over herself.

Chrrrrrrrr, little Chitter added in his sleep. He shifted slightly in his sling.

“It's ok sweetie, momma's got you.” She let out a quiet squeal, “I've always wanted to say that! Mom, mom, mom, has just such a nice ring to it!”

“Calm down dear, we still have a bit of time to baby him. He's what, one, at most?”

“But I missed an entire year!”

“Willow, you need to calm down a bit. You’re starting to sound a bit creepy.” He stared at his wife before going on, “Just remember once he's old enough he still has to live his own life. Meaning you can't baby him forever.”

“Yes yes, I know. But while I can, I’m going to.” She resumes her humming and adds little dance steps.

Shield falls back a little and just watches Willow slowly make a fool of herself. Not in a bad way, she was dancing and humming in the middle of the street. He feels better somehow just watching his beautiful wife caring for their son. For that, she can make the biggest fool of herself and still be thought no less of.

‘Well I gotta say, Shield is taking all this quite well. It's been a week and we’ve adopted a changeling foal.’ While she ponders this thought her hoof catches a rock in the path bringing her face in for an overdue visit with the dirt.

She expects some pain and potentially some screaming from her foal. But she never even hits the dirt as a sky blue aura surrounds her and keeps her face and her foal from eating dirt. ‘Brownie points!’

The aura lifts her back to her hooves but takes the sling from her once there. “Hey, I wasn’t done with that!”

“Now now little missy. You can have it back when you prove to be more responsible with him.” Shield said jokingly behind the serious manner of saying it.

“Hey, I tripped! It could have happened to anyone!”

Tsk tsk tsk, “The excuses mares come up with these days.” Shield walks past Willow, “Come on Chitter let’s go learn sports and burp!”

“Oh har har har, mister funny. Those just cost another week of Carrot Cake.”

Shield chuckles as he checks the mailbox, “So worth it.”

Author's Note:

New chapter! Little short but as stated last time it is a split of one long chapter. As always, I hope you enjoyed!