• Published 27th Jun 2019
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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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What is a lost changeling called?

Celestia's sun began its daily climb over the horizon to start yet another day. Its warm and comforting rays lit the small town of Ponyville where only a few have already risen for work.

The home of Willow Breeze and Shield Polish steadily filled with light as time progressed. But the light would never take hold of one room, the occupants made sure of that. After all what was the point of having midmorning shifts if you couldn't sleep in a little? The sun never stood a chance with this room. No little stray beam was going to wake these ponies.

No, that honor went to the little changeling still cuddled into the mares’ forelegs. The little one first began to squirm before making noises the couple were unused to in their empty home. When that went unnoticed it grew in volume until someone was forced to pay attention.

“Whatzit?” The pegasus muttered, mentally collecting all the gears she would need today.

A chirp entered her ears and the machine was built from the ground up in seconds; a new all time record! “Oh, hello!”

The colt stopped its fussing and stared at her in what seemed to be confusion. Chiir? He never moved as the mare nuzzled his side.
He sneezed and was once again active. Moving around the mare but never away, almost like he was asking for something.


“I get it now. Somepony's hungry.” Her freshly assembled machine produced a question. ‘How do we feed a changeling intentionally?’

“Honey, go back to sleep we’ve got at least an hour.” Her husband muttered.

‘That’s it!’ She made sure the colt wasn't between them and she laid her side along the stallion’s and just enjoyed lying there with one she loved.

The little bug stopped fussing entirely, opening his mouth and breathing deeply. A few seconds later he closed his tiny mouth and his eyelids drooped as one may after a feast.

She watched him lie back against the base of her neck. Sleep took him back while she just enjoyed a feeling she had never yet to experience. ‘This is nice.’

Life had a playful joke planned, as someone knocked on the door. The sound echoes around the home and does a far better job than the suns best efforts in waking the couple.

“Is she here already?” Shield grabbed his pillow and buried his head under it. “Tell her to go away!”

“Dear you’ve got to get up soon.”

“Ten more minutes, you and that damned thing kept me from sleeping properly last night.”

She rolled her eyes choosing to ignore the last part. She'll let him have his ten, she’s got other things to attend to. Cuddling the colt close to her chest she popped her aging joints, hopped off the bed, and made her way to the door downstairs.

Same routine as every morning baring weekends. This day had a little hole in it though. What is she going to tell her co-worker? Probably the truth as nothing was done to harm either party.

Willow opened the door so her friend could see themselves in as per routine. “Morning Redheart.”

“Good morning Willow, is something the matter?” Redheart questioned.

“Not really, what do you mean?”

“Willow, you're walking with a limp.” She got real close and asked, “Did Shield do this? You can always tell me.”


“Bless you, now come on.”

“Red! Shield and I have been married for ten years. In those ten years he's never even hinted at using violence.” The pegasus scolds.


“What was that? It sounded so adorable, like a parasprite. It's not one, is it?”

“Oh, last night we had an unexpected surprise show up. Oh and now that you’re here can you let scheduling know I can't make it today.”

Willow turned to look at her best friend. In the process finally showing what impeded her walking ability.

“Oh ha ha Mrs. Funny trying to pull a fast one on me.” The nurse scoffed.


“Y-y-you m-mean that’s real?!”

“Yeah, we found him on the porch last night. I think he’s got a cold.” Willow commented sadly. She felt attachment to the little black bug setting in.

“I may not be a pediatrician but I can take a look,” the professionalism in her voice perfectly hiding any true emotion.

“All I can say about him is that he’s been fed. Before our house is another topic that I’m unsure of.”

Nurse Redheart searched in the bag she carried with her on her way to work. After a moment she pulled out a stethoscope and went to work on checking the foals vitals.


“Celestia bless you little one.” Willow offered, rubbing a cheek against his side. The little changeling leaned into it surprisingly siphoning off just a little love.

“Making up for lost time?” Red stated with an almost sad look. “You still haven't told me why you're skipping work with this.”

“Redheart!” The orange mare exclaimed. “He, a foal, was on our porch in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm. If that’s not enough of an excuse to see the Princess, then count me as no show. I will not abandon anything in need of a little help. Especially those that can't physically take care of themselves.”

“I’m just teasing you, but you said ‘see the Princess’ correct?”

“Yes I did. If anypony can help or has a recommendation, it would be the Princesses.” She gave her friend a serious look, “I’m going to discuss this with Shield but I’ve decided it's time. The time I spent last night with this ‘foal' in my hooves finally shattered my resolve. I want a family Red, I’ve always wanted one but this was the straw, yada yada.”

“Have you discussed fertility or potency potions?”

Willow sighed heavily, “Discussed, discovered, dissatisfied.” She raised a hoof to stop Redheart and added, “Surrogacy is out of the question for both of us. We’ve had this conversation before Redheart.”

Red shook her head, “Yeah yeah I know. I just don’t like that you're both unhappy with this subject.”

“We’ll talk more about this later, right?”
Redheart turns to leave, “A. Yeah, I’ll let scheduling know a royal emergency arose involving you. B. I want to hear what they said about all this later over our double date night tonight. C. The little changeling seems healthy and happy but may have a cold.”

“I got ya, now hurry before you end up late.” She shooed her out the door.

“Dear?” She called into the house.

“Up and ready already!”

“Making sure. I’m gonna head out in a minute, Shield.”

“Yep, you have a good day hon. Oh, and do what you can to find ‘him' a home, will ya?” He walked downstairs after his shower using magic to dry himself off faster. “I’d go with ya but we’ve got a large school group coming through today.” He looked at his lovely wife, “I want to go but this has been on the books for weeks.”

“I know, I wasn't blaming you I know you’re busy today.” She pointed at the calendar next to the door. “It been there for a while. It’s ok, I got this.”

The unicorn stopped next to his wife on the way out and kissed her cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you too dear.”

The two ponies left their home after locking the door. At the end of the walkway the couple split up going separate ways. The little changeling decided it wasn't completely comfortable with leaving the home and started to squirm in the little sling he was in.
“What’s wrong little one?” she looked down into the sling the best she could.


“No no, it’s alright.”


Since she was in no rush she sat down next to the gate and watched her husband trot down the road to his job. She hummed another small tune, swaying to and fro to calm the colt.

While she swayed she glanced around after her stallion had turned a corner. But something caught her eye, what looked like paper was wedged between her mailbox and the post. Willow thought it was a piece of trash and grabbed it to throw out. But when she moved it, it unfolded slightly revealing some rapidly scrawled words.

-Manticore… can't escape.. please… son-

Just the few words she saw held enough intrigue to make her unfold the letter while she rocked and hummed the colt back to contentment.



Willow looked at the letter, that had every chance in the world to just blow away overnight, in disbelief. Either this is some horrible plan for something or those poor, poor changelings had met their end in a very bad way.

‘What will I tell him when he's older?’ She pauses at that thought. ‘Did I decide he's mine already? Well Shield did say do what I can…’

She folds the letter and trots back into the house. She looks for a small watertight baggie before putting the letter into an envelope and sealing them in the bag.

“C-come on little Chitter. We need to see what we can learn about and for you.”


The pair arrive at Princess Twilight's crystal tree castle in good time. They approached the door preparing to knock but it opened right up letting out the one they sought.
Twilight spoke over her shoulder into the castle. “Don’t forget to put away the returned books!”

“Yeah yeah Twilight, same thing every time.” Spike mumbles from inside.

The Princess turns her head as she walks and bumps straight into a pegasus with a foal sling. “Oh my, I’m so sorry. Are you two ok?”


Willow sits down quietly, scoops the bundle with practiced ease, and begins to console the frightened yearling.

“Oh no no no. Shhhhh shh shh. It's ok.” After a while the bundle calms down and drifts into sleep.

“I'm sorry for bumping into you and your colt.”

“It's fine Princess, we came to ask for help and options.” Willow gestured to the door,
“Do you think we can speak in private?”

“Sure! Come on in.” She turned around and entered her castle. She lead them up a flight of stairs and to a beautiful crystal room with a replica of her mark on the floor. There were a few bookshelves scattered along the wall split by large windows letting in generous amounts of light. Twilight made a motion for her to sit on a couch.

Willow graciously accepted the invitation and hopped up on the luxurious plush surface. She watched as Twilight lit her horn and the doors closed and began to glow faintly.

“So what can I help you with?”


“Please, just Twilight.”

“Twilight, last night my husband and I were awoken to a weird noise outside the house. We thought maybe an animal was hurt or something so we went to find out.” She took a breath and continued. “We found a foal on our porch in the middle of last night's thunderstorm.”

“Ohh, did you tell the guard?”

“Both of us figured this required a bit of a lighter touch.” She reached gently in the sling and wrapped her hooves around Chitter. She lifted his sleeping form out and just held him.

“That would explain why me I guess. I’ve never seen a changeling so young before.”

“He came with this,” Willow took the baggie from under her wing and passed it to Twilight.

With Twilight taking about three seconds to read the letter Willow could see the well oiled machine behind Twilight's eyes move. Twilight lit her horn again and opened the door. Then cast a small cloud of magic around the changeling’s ears. “SPIKE!”
She let the cloud go off of Chitter's ears and waited for spike. Soon enough the sounds of small padding steps could be heard hurrying to the room. Spike rounded the corner and was halted by a lavender aura over his snout.

“Spike, keep quiet while in here for now, ok?” He nodded eagerly and she let go of his face. “I need you to send a letter to Zecora. Dear Zecora, I need to know if something was going on last night with a manticore or two of noteworthy points. More specifically two manticores and a couple of changelings. Please let me know immediately. Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

“Got it Twilight.” Spike whispered. He breathed a small curl of green fire that engulfed the letter and flew out the window.

“Spike how much do you remember about changelings or their needs?”

“Thorax said some stuff but not much interesting.”

“Well look on the couch, quietly.”

Willow lifted a wing to give the drake a view of Chitter.

“Is that a baby changeling?” He asked with surprise. “It's so adorable and small.” Spike made his steps light but quick, padding over to the couch for a better look.

“Shh, he's sleeping for now.” Willow warned.

“Spike, can you let us know what Zecora says? We still have a few things to talk about.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, Twilight.” Spike replied distractedly. He started his little waddle out of the room and closed the door behind him.

“Always such a nice little dragon.” Willow commented.

“He is. Always has been since we were kids together.” Twilight shook her head lightly,

“He's older than he seems, but for a draconic youth he’s still a baby.”

“Ah, anyways what are we going to do with this little guy?”

He stirred awake with a yawn again showing the nubs of his fangs.


A rather unusual event happened when he sneezed this time round. Two separate rings of green fire spread over his wings, replacing the insect type wings with an almost perfect replica of the wing he was under. Resulting in a changeling colt with rust orange pegasus wings.


“Well look at you little one. Though it looks like that surprised you, so I'm going to assume that was your first transformation.”

“This is perfect!” Twilight exclaimed with glee. “I can study a newborn changeling first hoof!”

Deciding to be formal Willow called to the Princess. “Princess Twilight, can we get to the heart of matters first?”

“Oh, right; and please, just Twilight.” The Princess took a moment to collect her thoughts. “Ok, first. He's abandoned correct?”

“Well forcefully abandoned I guess.”

“Second, he needs food, shelter, and care.” Twilight rattled on.

“Since he’s been with us he’s received all-"

Twilight again cuts her off, “Thirdly,” the rest becomes incoherent as she mutters to herself as she writes out a checklist that wasn’t there a second ago.

Willow sits back on the couch, she's heard of Twilight’s zoning out skills but wow. She feels a bump to her leg as she thinks about what to do. Looking down at the little changeling sitting next to her hoof she giggles. He’s sitting as she is as though trying to copy her with his rump against her hindquarters and his forelegs even with hers.

Achu. His wings are again enveloped in flame as they shift to normal.

“What am I to do with you little Chitter?” He leans his head against her leg and let’s out a weird noise like a sigh crossed with one of his chirps.

“Ok!” Twilight nearly shouts startling both of them. “First I need guards to search for parents. Till they are found he has to be watched here in the castle 24/7. Second, I am actually unsure of how to feed him.”

“Twilight, may I interrupt you for a second or two?”

“Oh, uh, sure.”

“Twilight look at him.” She gestured to the foal at her legs. “I think he’s quite comfortable. Also I do in fact know how to feed him. Can’t we watch him until you find his parents?”

“Well… I don't see too much of an issue with that if you can meet the foster care requirements. If you can meet those a guard will remain posted outside any room that he goes in."

“Ok, my husband was a guard so I think we can handle royal decrees.”

“Good. I’ll send a group of guards while we inspect your home.”

“Can the inspection wait a few hours so I can get the spare room setup?” Willow asked hopefully.

“Unfortunately not.” Willow’s hopes shattered with the sound of heavy glass breaking. “If the home is not ready at time of inspection, then the care cannot continue with those guardians. A suitable home must be in order for anypony to serve as a temporary/permanent foster home.” Twilight sighed. “The best I can do for you right now is to schedule you for an inspection tomorrow and hope you pass. If you don’t he will go to either an orphanage or a foster home willing to accept him. Let's be honest, he'll probably go to an orphanage as I doubt many ponies would want him.”

“But but but, I want him!” Willow was nearly in tears. “Do you have the checklist for the inspection? I want to get it right.”

Chitter, sensing her agitation, became increasingly upset: though he didn't know why.

“I will have a duplicate for you before you leave here. I'm sorry but it’s just how these things work.” Twilight gave a weak smile, “It's good to see that he's already made an impression on you. May I ask why you're so attached to him already?”

Willow picked up Chitter and held him close because he was fidgety. “I’ve always wanted a family, Twilight. My husband however is, well sterile. I’m sure I don’t need to explain further.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to dissuade you from him but surely you've tried other methods?”

“We have but surrogacy is not an option. Other things we’ve tried simply don’t work.”

“Ok I understand, but why him?” Twilight asked cautiously.

“I got to take care of him as a mother should. It was the greatest feeling in the world for me. To have something so completely dependent on me was just… I cant even describe it. Besides he's just so cute, oh and cuddly.”


“Indeed little pony, indeed.” Willow replied to the noise. “Twilight, is this part of the interview/inspection phase?”

“Correct. I’ll have to speak with your stallion tomorrow to get his profile as well. Now what do you and he do for a living? Do you make enough to support a foal?”


Meanwhile at the museum:

“In this room we have the evolution of the royal guards uniforms. Between you and me this has always been one of my favorite exhibits." Shield continued with the tour he's given time and time again. As this is an easy part of the tour he let’s himself run on autopilot as he thinks.

‘Knowing Willow she’s going to try and keep that…changeling.’ He didn’t really have anything against them. Just as he followed orders from the Princesses so did they, but from their queen. ‘If she is, she probably hasn’t given much thought to living arrangements.’

“In this display you can see the weapons the guard have used since Nightmare Moon's banishment. Each has been enchanted with the highest level protection enchantment possible so they can exist long after they should have deteriorated.”

‘She jumped the gun and doesn't have the house even prepared yet.’ He understood why she had to go that day then but just knew it wasn’t going to go how she wanted it to. ‘If I can setup a way to get everything maybe she can have her wish. I can't give her a foal but I can make sure she has the best chance of keeping this one.’ A metaphorical lightbulb appeared over his head.

“As we proceed to the next room you'll be shown a re-enactment of a battle long long ago. Parents if you can meet me outside the room for a minute or two. We have the curator explaining the film and keeping an eye on the foals.”

The parents volunteering for escort happily agreed for a brief break from that many fillies and colts all at once. They gathered in the indicated spot where there youngsters would exit the room.

“Ok everypony, I have a quick question for you. Is there anyone here looking to sell foal equipment? My wife is trying to adopt suddenly and we need the gear. We're looking for a crib, changing table, the works.” He looked over the gathered parents. “Now I’m willing to pay so don’t think I’m looking for handouts. If you can help out or know somepony who can please let me know."

The rest of the tour continued as it always did, colts not paying much attention, while fillies did but didn’t absorb much of it. After a while more, lunch was had and the end of the tour came to the interactive area. Replica armor and foam weapons were there, so they could beat on each other. During this part colts took on colts and fillies beat up some colts too. More tomboyish ones even took on each other.

Shield looked on at the scene he'd seen a hundred times. Likely one of them would get their cutie mark in something to do with the guard as he had. Happens often enough to be common occurrence.

“Excuse me Mr. Polish?”

He looked over at the yellow earth pony with brown hair. “Yes Ma'am, how can I help you?”

“I was thinking about what you asked earlier and I have a lot of the items you were asking for. My husband and I were saving them in case we had another. But recently we decided against it and now it’s all just taking up space.”

“That’s great! How much were you looking to get for it?”

“Oh no no no!” She replied shaking her head.
“We couldn't ask for anything for it. We just want it to get some use.”

“I can’t just take it Ma'am, my wife would say the same thing. Your kindness is gracious and wonderful but we can't just take something so worthwhile."


“One hundred bits is as low as I’m going for it all.” Shield stated with finality.

“I suppose it couldn't hurt, deal.”

“Well thank you very much Miss. If you give me an address I’ll get a few friends along with myself to retrieve it and bring payment."

“Sure, we actually live next to the schoolhouse.”

“Could I get your name?”

“Name's Sunflower.”

“Well thank you, Sunflower.”

The school group started to get ready to leave not long after. “Alright my little ponies, do we have everything?”

A chorus of responses followed, “Yes Miss Cheerilee.”

“Ok let's go back to the school for release.”
The schoolmarm lead the children and adults back out of the building and down the road.

Once the noise died down the curator came over to Shield. “You ok?”

“Huh, oh yeah I’m fine Mr. Display. I just need to ask a favor.”

“Go ahead Shield, take the rest of day off.”
Shield just sat there flabbergasted. “How?”

“I overheard your talk to the parents.”

“Ah, that'd do it.”

“Now go before I make you stay and clean.” Mr. Display watched Shield trot out the building. “He deserves a family after all I’ve heard these last few years.”

“Why's that sir?”

“What, get your flank back to work. I’m not paying you to ask questions.”

“Ugh, yes sir.”


“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cake do you know if Pinkie is around?” He always loved coming to Sugarcube Corner, whether to pick up stuff for his wife or himself. It always smelled great, like fresh baked sweets as anyone could possibly imagine.

“Oh, hello again Shield Polish! What do you need Pinkie for?”

“Well I need some assistance in setting up a foals room and planning a surprise par-"

“Did you say surprise party?”

Shield recoiled and broke right then and there. Pinkie seemingly just popped into existence on top of his head staring at him straight in the eyes. She waved a hoof in front of his face but got nothing.

“Pinkie, at least let the customer know you're there. I'll get the smelling salts… again.”

“Okie dokie lokie, Mr. Cake!” She leapt off his head with a small springing sound causing Shield to fall over like a statue.

Mr. Cake came back with a small packet and waved it under Shields nose. “Wh-what happened?”

“Pinkie Pie.”

“Oh, right.”

The bubbly pink mare sproing'd in from the back after checking the oven. “So you said you needed a party planner? Huh-huh-huh?” She bounced in place with that eternal noise that followed her.

“Well yes actually, I need some help moving some foal stuff. After it's been moved I want to have a small surprise for my wife. Like a foal shower.”

“Awww, what is it?”

“He's a colt, we're adopting him.” Shield said a bit cryptically.

“Silly, is he a unicorn, pegasus, or an earth pony? Pinkie asked with a huge grin.

“D. None of the above.” Further narrowing his chances at an easy escape.

“Oooooo, 20 Questions time! I have seventeen left right? Oh now sixteen.” Pinkie let out a giggle snort at her own antics. “Does it live on a mountain?”


“Okay, so not a griffon. Does it live in a

“Pinkie Pie, I cant stay long I’ve got a lot to do in a short time.” Shield was starting to get antsy.

“But I already moved all the stuff!”

The sound of a loud and drawn out car crash could be heard as Shield again broke mentally. A tire could be heard bouncing away as he rocked back and forth before falling over again.

“Hey author, What’s wrong with this guy?”

“What, hey! Get out of here! Celestia damnit, now I gotta reassemble my story notes.” I started picking up the scattered papers.
“Look Pinkie just do what'd you would normally do, just back in there.” I said pointing back to the screen.

“Okie dokie lokie!”

*Ahem, sorry.*

Pinkie grabbed the pouch of smelling salt they used not even five minutes ago. She waved them under his nose as she had seen Mr. Cake do.

“And to think I used to be a Lieutenant in the royal guard.” Shield muttered as he picked himself up off the floor again. “At this rate today I’m going to have an aneurism.”

“Well that’s no fun.” Pinkie pulled a small flip top spiral notebook from out of her mane. “Add to file, easily broken.” She closed it, grabbed the top in her teeth, and flung it into the air. With perfect precision it landed in her mane like it never existed.

“I’m going to ignore that.” He gave his head a thorough shake. “Please have mercy on my psyche! How did you know to do it and how did you?”

“Well my tail itched and my ankle tingled so that meant somepony's going to plan a party! But I was on a delivery to the curator’s office when I overheard you talking to Mrs. Sunflower. So I went and talked to Mr. Greenhouse, her husband, and we took them to your house with a promise of payment.” She took a loud gasping breath and continued. “When we got it all to your house the door was unlocked so we put it inside.” SPROING “Now we have more time to surprise your wife!”

“Hey Mr. Cake? Has Pinkie used the mirror pool again?”

“Shield, she had coffee this morning.”

“It was only four cups!” Pinkie protested.

“That'd do it.” Shield mumbled.

“Now, you meet me at your house and we'll finish the plan and setup. I have to go talk to some ponies.” She was gone in a gust of pink wind leaving a small, lime green, derp eyed alligator on the floor. “Oops, come on gummy.” She was off again.

“Here take two of these it’ll help. Mrs. Cake and I had a bit of trouble adjusting to it when we first met her. Now it's “just Pinkie”.”

‘A wise sentiment indeed,’ came the thoughts of everyone who had witnessed it.


After hours of questioning while simultaneously taking care of the changeling, it was over. The questions stopped and the conflicted look on the Princess face set in.
“I don’t know what to make of this.” Twilight stared down at her paperwork. ‘This has to be possibly the most qualified mare to be a mother in Equestria. She is the exact type of pony to abandon a foal to.’ Sighing out she finally let her eyes fall on the little changeling again.

He was no different than any other changeling, black chitin, dark blue back plate, greenish insect like wings. There was truly nothing wrong or dangerous about him.
Twilight watched him interact with Willow.
Willow laid on her belly opposite Chitter. She was making faces at him and he was “laughing”, well as close to a pony laugh as a baby changeling could manage. She stopped and he tried to mimic her by sticking his tongue out and shaking his head.

‘They bonded so strong so quick.’ Twilight let out another sigh, ‘I can’t split them up.’
Twilight cast an invisible noise bubble over the two and yelled for Spike. She turned and just watched the two interact.

The orange pegasus made every single move as carefully as handling glass. But like a glass worker she knew it could handle more than it seemed, at the same time a tap in the wrong place could be bad. It was the motions of an experienced mother. Given Willows job in foal care she had ample opportunities to learn; which she had.

Spike came plodding in again but this time didn’t even attempt to say anything. He was happy to watch the two goof around. Slowly walking toward Twilight he watched Chitter open and close his mouth in an exaggerated fashion looking silly. “Yes?”

Twilight just kept watching and handed him a scroll labeled “Princess Celestia: Mild Urgency". Spike took it in claw and breathed some magical fire and it was gone. Two minutes later came a knock on the door to the room they were in.

“May I enter?” Princess Celestia poked her head in the room. Her mane flowing in an ethereal wind taking up most of the doorway.

“Sure, come on in Princess.” Spike replied easily.

“They’re in a “bother bubble” I like to call it. I didn’t want them to know you’re here so you can see what I’m talking about.” The purple princess said to the white one.

The pegasus and changeling were completely oblivious to the entrance of two more entities in the room. Nope, Willow grabbed Chitter, rolled to her back holding him high. She brought him in quickly and blew raspberries into his belly.

Twilight lifted her spell so the rest of the group could hear what was happening.

Chitter squealed with glee flailing his little hole filled legs and buzzing his wings. “Bleh bleh bleh!” He did his best to copy the noises. “Chiiiiii!”

Princess Celestia looked on with a maternal smile of her own. “Twilight.” She whispered. “Pass the home for temporary foster care immediately. If anypony says otherwise send them to me or Luna.” She looked at the babbling foal. “As you said in your letter she has got to be the most qualified mare to handle this situation.” Princess Celestia cleared her throat to disrupt the scene.

“Bah ba-" Willow looked over and saw two princesses and a dragon staring at her. “h bahhhh.”

“Bleh, chirp.” Chitter batted lightly at her chest to get her attention back.

Willow Breeze began to panic, not at having the audience but who the audience was. “Princess!” She scrambled to grab the changeling and flip over.

“Be still Willow Breeze, no need to bother the little one on our account.” She made sure the pony stopped moving. “I have some things to discuss with you.”


“My my, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone so enthralled with just being a parent.” Celestia added.

“Thank you, Princess. It's been something I’ve always wanted but just couldn't really have.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“Well, uhh… my stallion is infertile.” Willow looked away in a sort of shame.

“Well, these things happen.” Princess Celestia said with certainty. “So in your words what's going on with this little colt?”

Willow recapped the same story she gave Twilight word for word. “Anything else your highness?”

“Actually, yes. I have a few…questions to ask and a couple permissions to be granted.”
Willow nodded her head after getting into a sitting position.

“Brbrbrbr!” Chitter buzzed his lips.

“Shh little one. It's alright.”

“Alright first, I need to meet your husband before we finalize the adoption. I have sent a few guards to escort him here. Second, by the day after next, you must meet adoption standards or you will lose him permanently. With this leniency in place I will personally see to it that you and your stallion will not be able to apply to adopt him a second time should you fail this inspection. I will also notify your places of work so no unfortunate happenings take place within this timeframe.” Princess Celestia took a seat behind a coffee table. “Spike, how about some tea please?”

“Oh, sure Princess! Right away!” Spike gave a salute and ran off toward the kitchen.

“Should I be worried about something? I mean if Spike can't be here to hear it.” Willow asked worriedly.

“Oh, no. I just would like some tea is all and I haven't been in Twilight's castle enough to make some myself.” Celestia stated with a gentle smile as though it were obvious. “But the next thing is going to require your and Spike's permissions. We’ll wait for him to get back, have some tea and talk.”

It only took Spike a few minutes to get a kettle of tea brewed up and serving ready. He brought the platter to the room where everyone was talking. “Okay everypony, I made extra for all of you. Plus I brought some gems for myself of course.”


Princess Celestia spoke up, “Spike, could I borrow two of your gems? Just two little gems, a sapphire and a Diamond, if you have them.”

“I’ve got plenty of sapphires but I only have this rare diamond shaped diamond. It’s supposed to be super tasty. Do I have to?”

“Yes Spike. I will make sure to replace both of them for your kindness.” Celestia assured the dragon.

“Ok, here.” Spike handed over a rather large diamond with four points about the size of a large grape and a small round sapphire no bigger than a pebble. “What are these for?”

“Well these are going to be enchanted with certain spells to do two things.” Celestia picked up the sapphire in her magic, “This gem is going to cancel out any influence from a hivemind. If he is to be adopted by a pony and live with ponies, he needs to be unaffected by a queen's will. This gem will be embedded under his chitin at the base in the back of his neck. It will be unaffected by growth and can never leave his body.” She set it down much to the uneasiness of the other two.

“Doesn't that seem a bit harsh, your highness?” Willow asked tentatively.

“Willow Breeze. These two gems are my conditions. As unfortunate as it is, if you fail to accept, the alternative is banishment to the badlands.”

Willow couldn't look at the princess. It was cruel that the little colt would be banished if he didn't receive these. At the same time it made sense, but she still needed to find out what the diamond was for.

“Should I continue further?”

“Yes Princess.”

“Alright, the diamond,” she lifted the gem as she had before, “is going to be an identification piece. It will be placed into his breast just below the neck. However, this gem will show at all times. It will be unaffected by his transformation abilities and will always show. It will contain an enchantment, set by both Princess Twilight and myself, that will prove he is legal resident and citizen of Equestria.” She set the gem back down next to the other.

“So any form he takes, when he learns to use it, will always have the diamond on its chest?”

“That is correct, I know it's a lot to take in but these are my terms for ease of adoption.” Celestia sipped at her tea calmly. “Ohh, Spike this is a good blend.”

Willow thought hard as the others talked.
“It's something Twilight got from Rarity on her trip in Manehattan.” Spike replied. “I personally think it needs some gem dust mixed in.”

‘Should I do this? What right do I have to choose this for him?’ Willow spiraled out of control in her thoughts. ‘If I don't, I'll lose him.’ She shuttered at that. ‘If I do this he can be a citizen and never hide or worry.’

“I can do that for you as thanks Spike.” Celestia took another small gem from his pile and squinted her eyes in effort. The gem cracked as she applied pressure to it. She focused more magic around the pieces and they slowly crumbled into small bits. She eased up a smidge as each bit was obliterated into powder.

Willow’s existential dilemma came to the conclusion of, ‘I cant lose him or have him replaced if I do this.’

“Thanks Princess!”

“Princesses I'm willing to go through with it.” Willow stated, hugging Chitter close as though she'd lose him.

Chirrr achu

“Get him a checkup too. I know you work in foal care so you know what to do.” Celestia thought for a moment before adding, “I will speak about getting him into surgery this coming Wednesday.”

“Your highness!” a pegasus guard slowly entered.


“As requested, we have escorted Shield Polish to meet with you.”

“Show him in.”

“Yes Princess.”

Shield walked into the room after being informed that he was requested inside. “Your highnesses.” He said with a bow.

“Hello, Shield. It's been a long time.”

“It's been a long time since I was a part of the royal guard.”

“It has, but let us get down to business.” Celestia looked to Willow. “Could you bring little Chitter out of the room? Don’t leave the castle please.”

“Sure Princess.”


“Princess Twilight do you know where the kitchen is? I want to get him something to drink. I might be adopting him but I’m not “his” mom.”

“Oh, right. Downstairs left hall third door on left.”

“Thank you.” Willow turned and left for her destination.

“If I may Princesses, how long is this going to take? I was talking with Pinkie Pie about a small surprise for Willow.”

“When did you talk to her?” Twilight asked.

“About an hour ago.”

“I'll be back, I’ve got to slow that down with out causing chaos.”

“Why a surprise party today?” Celestia inquired.

“Well after last night and knowing my Willow, I knew she planned on trying for custody of the changeling.” He slightly grimaced after saying it like that in front of the princess. “So today while giving the tour at the museum, I had an idea. I asked the chaperone parents if they had foal equipment. A mare said she did, so after talking with Pinkie Pie I went and paid for it all.”

“Really? Well that helps out on everything. Now just an interview, setup, and an inspection.” Celestia grabbed a few papers off the table. “Now, how do you feel about Chitter?”

Author's Note:

Ok here is Ch 2! Heads up on further chapters, once a week I will post a chapter unless I haven't finished it. I want to do these at least mostly correct.