• Published 27th Jun 2019
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From Under the Love Seat - Lightstruck

A foal abandoned for his own good. It is found by two ponies who never knew what they were in for. What could possibly happen?

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A Brief Nighttime Encounter

All was silent in the house. It was about 1:00 A.M three days before kindergarten started for the year. Two parents lie in their bed while their foal lies in his own room.

The quiet little skitters and chattering snores escape the foal as he sleeps. He snorts as his legs twitch, a frown spreading across his face. He jerks awake, gasping for air. Light shines from the Daring Doo nightlight and in through the partially open door easing his mind some.

‘In bed nothing can get me. Momma said so.’


Chitter whips the covers over his head in fear.

“Midnight Moon! We do not scree in the middle of the night around homes.”

Curiosity overrode his fear and Chitter gets out of bed to look out the open window. Outside in the road is some unusual ponies pulling a cart of strange objects. Some of it appeared to be furniture and potted plants.

“Now shush. We still have a bit before we get to our new house.” The father and mother start pulling the large cart while the little filly follows beside.

‘What are those, they look like pegasus ponies but different.’ Chitter pushes his window open further and prepares to leap.
[Disguise] a little feeling in the back of his mind warns.

‘Ok!’ Chitter flashes his special magic and green flames race across his body. In a second the changeling is gone and a small dirty orange pegasus with a diamond in his chest takes his place.

He looked himself over and laughed, “I look like momma!” Chitter leapt out the open window and glides after the ponies.

Following them was easy enough but staying hidden wasn’t so easy. Mom and dad often joked about how shiny the diamond in his chest was. Also, orange isn’t exactly easy to hide in. Keeping a fair distance from them let him follow them easily but couldn’t tell what they were saying.

This left him in a bit of a pickle. Get closer and figure out what they are or stay hidden and struggle. The decision was fairly simple to a five year old: closer. So he did exactly that and move towards them.

“… so we had to move Mini.”

They turn another corner on their trek through town. By now they had taken enough turns and distance that even if the changeling had been paying attention he would have been lost. Yet on and on he trekked, drawn to follow the love coming off the family. He followed along not making a sound until he stumbled on a discarded bottle. The bottle made the decision to make as much noise as possible by bouncing into a wall.

To his credit, Chitter figuring that’s a bad sound, jumped behind a bush (making more noise.) He tried to peek around the backside of the plant but only saw the foal and mare.
A deep male voice asks, “Now what are you doing out, little colt?”

Chitter’s ears drooped as his face fell. He slowly looked over his shoulder at one of the ponies he had been following. His jaw dropped and he was struck soundless.
In the light from a porch nearby he was able to finally get a good look at him. A mostly pony build was mashed together with a pair of bat like wings and a mane not too different from his own. Golden cat like eyes stared at him in amusement.

Finally getting over the shock, he asked the first thing that came to mind. “Are you me?”

He chuckles, “No, I’m me. You’re you. What are you doing out here this late?”

“You’re me!” He raised his pegasus wings.

The dad was confused and waved his family over. He points at Chitter, “Pegasus,” then to himself, “Thestral.”

“Not a pe-asus silly!”

The stallion raised an eyebrow, “Sure you aren’t, explain these.”

Chitter was momentarily confused, ‘Oh disguise!’ He drops the disguise in a ring of green fire. “See, not pegasu!”

Before he can blink he feels sharp pain from his tail up his “spine" to the back of his neck. Too stunned to do much of anything he fell off the wall into the dirt.

“GAURDS, GUARDS! You stay away from my family you damned thing! GUARDS!”

Tears start to fill Chitter’s eyes as the stun wore off. “Sniff…bu bu BAHAHA!” He cried openly and loudly. “M-Momma!” His face was slowly coating in dirt and mud from the wetness there. “Momma, Daddy!”

“GUARDS, CHANGELING!” The stallion bellowed. A few house lights went on as ponies peeked through their windows.

Chitter struggled to move his limbs and when he did a hoof pinned him to the ground. Now he couldn’t even move his bruised wings. “Momma!” He struggled but couldn’t move. “Daddy!”

“Where’s the changeling?” The guards demanded on arrival.

“The little bug is right here. He thought he could get away.”

“Sir step away, its not going anywhere.” Chitter laid in the dirt bawling his eyes out “Lift his head up.” A guard ordered another. Chitter could do nothing to stop them as this happened. “Oh sweet Celestia! It’s Princess Twilight’s nephew! I’d recognize that eye and gem anywhere.”

The other guard approached the thestral stallion. “Sir, what happened here?”

“That changeling has been following us. I wasn’t too sure but then it kicked that bottle. At first I thought it was a lost little colt.”

“Was he in disguise?”

“Ya, as a little, dirty orange pegasus.”

“It’s definitely him sir. Disguised as his mother.”

“Good, I’ll hold things down here. Fetch his parents, they may be buddy buddy with the Princess but they still let a colt roam at night.” The guard turned to the stallion, “You aren’t going anywhere either Lieutenant. You, struck a foal. Despite being a changeling, he’s a legal resident. In fact he has an adoptive family here in town, with an aunt who happens to be Princess Twilight.” The thestral stallion’s face flushed in horror.
He looks at the other guard, “Well what are you standing around here for? Go get them!”

“Yes Sir!” He quickly takes off.

“Chitter, are you hurt?” The remaining guard asks.


“Hey hey, it’s alright! She’ll be here soon.”

The family’s filly breaks away from her mother and trots to the crying changeling.
“Midnight Moon! You get over here right now little miss!”

She ignores her mother and stands in front of Chitter. She joins him in the dirt while the two stallion’s talk. Reaching out a hoof she pokes his nose. “Boop!”

The distraction worked, he was no longer yelling but was still crying and sniffling. She smiled real wide and poked his nose again.
“Boop! Hee hee.”

He smiles through tear filled eyes, “Boop.”

“You’re funny!” She looks at him curiously. With a tilt of her head she asks, “What are you?”

He sits up and wipes his nose with a hoof. “Chan-geling, what are you?”

She sits up as well, “Pony.”

Chitter frowns, “Nuh uh. He pony.”

“Yeah, I’m pony.”

Chitter stands and begins to shift his form. He tries really hard, fighting his minor injuries. Green flames start around his hooves and work upward. The mother gasps and grabs her filly away from him. He finishes transforming, “Now I’m pony! Like daddy.”

“Chitter!” He was picked up and squeezed tightly. “Sweetie you can’t just wander off at night.”

“Momma!” he returned to normal for his parents.

“Mom’s right Chit. We were worried sick about you.”

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“Now that everyone’s here we need to talk.” The guard stated firmly. “We have two issues, first is the act against the young changeling.”

The thestral father speaks up; Chitter loses interest in the conversation and again looks to the filly. She smiles and blows a raspberry; he responds in kind and does one back. She sticks out her tongue at him. He does it back.
This goes on and on while the adults talk.

“Bat pony.”


“See?” Midnight extends a wing so he can see.

Chitter looks over it as best he can from a distance. Concentrating as much as he can he let his magic weave his new form.

The other foal stared in awe as he became a mirror image of her save the diamond. “Whoa! Mom, mom! Look it me!”

“What was that Mini?” The thestral mare breaks from the discussion and looks to where she is pointing. “Wait what’s going on?”

Unfortunately at that moment Chitter sneezed and lost control of his form and was forced back to normal. Now he stared back at them with a smile. ‘She’s fun!’

The mother visibly recoils, “D-don’t do that! You leave our daughter alone.” She leans her head toward the foal, “Leave that alone.”

“Mom he’s funny!”

“Momma get down?”

“Only if you stay next to me, ok?”

Chitter nods a lot, “Ok!”

“And Chitter, we ask ponies before being them.” Willow sets him down. Never in her life did she think she would have to say a sentence like that.

“Momma can I be you?”

“If you stay near me Chit, go ahead.”

“Thank you!” He hugs her leg, ‘Momma’s always so nice!’ He again concentrates to transform…but nothing happens. “Momma!” Weakly buzzing his bruised wings, “Momma it no work.”

Willow sighs as the other mother watches the changeling closely. “Chit, it’s nighttime and you need sleep.”

“But I sleep before?”

Searching her mind for a better explanation she came up with, “Magic gets tired too. Yours went to sleep. See look at daddy,” She points at Shield, “See daddy’s not using his magic either right?” Chitter nods his head. “See his magic is asleep too. It will be ok tomorrow.”

“Promise momma?”

“Of course I promise my little love bug.” He sits in front of her and runs his face in her chest floof. “Now why don’t you climb up and see if you can sleep with your magic huh?”

“Ok momma.” He sluggishly clambered up and laid down on her back.

“It’s alright Chit, go to sleep.” She cooed at him softly then started softly hum as he often enjoyed.

The thestral mother just stared in amazement as this other mare just seemed to tame a changeling toddler before her eyes. It occurred to her then that if that was his parents then they were changelings as well. Though it was mesmerizing watching her gently sway and hum a nameless tune to her foal.

When she finished the other mare spoke softly. “I guess I can safely assume that you three are changelings?”

Willow kept her voice low and her movements minimal. “Actually that’s where you’d be wrong. We’re just an average pegasus and unicorn, with an unorthodox foal.”

“You’re telling me that a changeling foal has pony parents? I honestly don’t believe that.”

“It doesn’t matter that you don’t, if I’m to be frank.” She looks directly at her, “Let me ask you this though; If my husband and I are changelings in disguise, why do we let our son be visible to the whole town? Wouldn’t that just draw unwanted attention to us?”


“Momma’s right here.” She glances back over her shoulder. “He may not be my flesh and blood but he’s my son now and forever. So take your cursed accusations elsewhere.”

“I don’t mean to offend but changelings don’t exactly have the best reputation.”

Willow sighs, “I’m well aware of that and our son has seen it firsthoof. When he was three a couple ponies burned our house down and tried to kidnap him. He has damage that will last his life.”

She said nothing as her foal leaned against her leg.

“Friend okay mom?”

“He just needs to sleep little filly.” Willow answers for Midnight’s mother. The other mother looked like she wanted to say something but didn’t.

“What his name?”


“Ch-it-ter? That’s a funny name.”

“It is, now you two have a good morning.” She moved closer to the rest of the ponies.

“Now we can agree on that right?” The uniformed guard asked.

“Yes, next time is punishment from a fine up to having him taken away.” Shield answers.

“And you?”

“Next offense is jail time.” The thestral stallion answers morosely.

“I would also suggest you make good on them not pressing charges. Ponyville in general does not take kindly to foal abuse.” The lead guard look at the collected ponies. “Alright well, you DO have to go home and you can’t stay here. Come on junior.”

“Right behind you sir.”

The two families just kind of exchanged glances now and again.

The thestral father spoke up first, “Well, I do owe the little guy an apology. He appears to be asleep at the moment so I’ll offer you this. Feel free to join us for some dinner sometime.” From his sitting position he rubs the back of his head. “I want to say I’m deeply regretful about the incident.”

“I can’t say we are happy about it but we hope to forgive you.” said Willow.

“This is my wife, Willow Breeze. My name is Shield Polish and this is our adopted son, Chitter.”

“Pleasure to meet ya. This is my wife and daughter, Planter and Midnight Moon. Say hi Mini.”

She waves a single hoof looking adorable, “Hi.”

“My name is Sharp Point and I couldn’t possibly be sorrier about hitting him.”

“Sharp, was it? Do you know why I didn’t press charges?” He looked at the thestral, “I am a guard myself, well former guard, and I know what happens to guards in trouble. I don’t want you to lose your career over an accident.”

“Dear, accept the offer and let’s go home. Chitter still needs to go to bed.”

“Mini also needs to adjust to the new schedule too.” Planter adds.

“We’ll talk more at another time, alright?”

“Sure, again I’m sorry.”

Shield looks to his wife for her answer but she’s not there. Instead, she’s walking away into the night carrying their colt. “Uh yeah gotta go!” He chases Willow down the road.

“They’re changelings, you know that right?” Planter says.

“They are not. The only one that is, is Chatter.”

“Chitter, daddy.”

Author's Note:

It always seems that our love bug is just a magnet for injury. I hope you like it and can forgive me for any errors in a five year old's grammar and vocabulary usage.