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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Draconic Sister - Reboot

Spike & Smolder are fully in love with each other, but their adventures have only just begun. Ember; the new Dragon Lord; has been coming down to Ponyville a lot recently for whatever reason. And that's not the only concern; during the changeling incident, Wildson Mandoli had sent the energy being known as Zanth flying and things are on high alert in case the thing born from White Flame's anguish and pain from his past returns. And that's still not all; more clues get unearthed from Canterlot's Parish District that further prove that the Parish District is really White Flame's old hometown. Between Ember's vists to Ponyville, Zanth still at large, and the continued investigation of the Parish District, there are mysteries abound as Spike & Smolder as well as the elements of harmony continue their adventures.

The sequel is here! While this story not only is the proper sequel to My Little Pony: When Friendship Shimmers - Reboot but is also technically the sequel to A Draconic Hearth's Warming however that story won't be relevant for the first few chapters. You'll know when the one-shot becomes relevant because then Spike & Smolder will have wedding rings on, rather then them talking as if they are only engaged. Also, it's very recommended that you know everything from the prequel before you even touch this story. Thankfully, there's no planned gore this time, only death. So story will stick to being teen rated this time.

Though I use the term "death" very loosely. Can you call it death if what you plan to kill off isn't even alive in the first place? I'm still adding the tag just to be safe though.

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Not much I can other than excellent job on the recap and I am now going to read the next chapter.

REALLY good description of how things are going in Equestria for the time being and I really liked the sweet scenes with the couples thus far before the description of the impending threat.

Most certainly looking forward to more of this.

Another well done chapter with excellent dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. The assorted chats between the friends. families and couples are all well done and greatly appreciated.

I am most assuredly looking forward to more of this.

Absolutely loved the "translated animal speech" in this chapter (kind of reminded me of the animated version of "the Jungle Book" and the "My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale" episode "Lost in Communication" though with a better ending in the latter case). The characterizations for Angel, Butterscotch and Harry were quite well done too.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

Did not realized this was posted recently.

Again, some wonderful work on this latest chapter. The dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done. REALLY appreciated Thorax and Pharynx's surprise at how quickly Pinkie and Cheese work as well as Twilight actually trying to warn them about not questioning Pinkie.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Again, you did some really wonderful work on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked the reflection on Garble trying to take Smolder back only to get stopped by Spikezilla and then getting reduced to an errand boy for the Dragon Lord. The discussion concerning a few of the other couples was pretty cute too. And the bit with Ember and Garble at the end was some very good foreshadowing.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Yikes. Downright scary stuff. Really appreciated the recap of what happened during this universe's version of "Shadow Play" before getting into the stuff from this version of the movie. Definitely really good threat build-up with that "Heart of Despair" stuff.

On to the next chapter.

Majorly heart-warming chapter here. The stuff with White Flame and Zanith was appropriately emotional with an excellent pay-off, even bringing back Bright Mac and Pear Butter. The post-wedding dialogue was also splendid stuff, including Spike's reaction to finding out Torch was his birth father and Ember was his biological sister. And Shining fainting when Flash proposed to Twilight was another funny touch.

Really looking forward to more of this.

Excellent job on the chapter depicting all the differences concerning Season 8 in general. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future set-up are all well done. Definitely liked the Crusaders talking to Cozy as well as the other kids reassuring her after Neighsay was defeated (at least for the time being - he will probably be cropping up as a member of Grogar's legion [very likely THE REAL Grogar in this universe]).

Anyway, certainly looking forward to more of this.

Honestly nervous on if Spike is gonna ended up getting brainwashed by Sombra or not if Beggining Of The End gets adapted.

Comment posted by nightshroud96 deleted February 21st

REALLY good job on this speed-run of the alternate final season. And, yeah, it makes sense that Twilight would allow her scientific curiosity to get the better of her in such a manner after finding that technology on Neighsay. And, indeed, Haywire serves as a good example of the dangers of too much technology too quickly. Glad it worked out reasonably well for the time being. And, hopefully, in a thousand plus years, the sapient beings will learn to make the technology safer and use it more responsibly.

Anyway, you did a great job on the wrap-up.

Wait, why was my comment deleted?
Did I say something wrong.?

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