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I'm back baby. · 9:55pm July 29th

Been mostly a lurker for quite a long time now. But I'm getting back into the groove of writing again. (Most of my works are unreleased anyway, just need to finish them up.) So do expect a new story to be released soon. (Within the next thousand years, at least.)

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Guess what we just got today. · 10:59pm Nov 30th, 2020

My mom just got a dog today. (He's a smol boi.)

I think he's about 13-4(?) weeks old. (I can ask to make sure if you guys want me to.)

My reaction to this news you ask? "Yay."

That's it that's all. Have a good day my fellows.


(Also, I'm alive, for anyone who didn't know.)

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New/First blog. I guess. · 6:49pm Jun 17th, 2017

For whatever reason, I decided to make a blog. No reason for it. Just felt like doing so I suppose.

Anyway, I plan on making a story. (Of which will need to be HEAVILY refined first.) And so, for any who are curious about the plot. It involves an Alien race that will crash land in (You guessed it!) Equestria... well, not IN Equestria, more of, "just south of the border....." so yeah.

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