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On a fateful night, Alex wins the divine lottery and is approached by Hermes, an Olympian god. He is promised one wish, whatever it may be.

Alas, the encounter doesn't quite work out like he hoped it would.

Alex finds himself thrown into a world that is wholly unfamiliar to him. Gone are his dreams of meeting the mane six. He doesn't even have the luxury of keeping his human form.

Having to deal with an unfamiliar surrounding and a new body, this story follows him on his way to find his own place in this alien world.

Character tags will be added as they become relevant. Teen rating is mostly for some bloody scenes. (nothing too gory). Also, the prologue plays far off in the
future of this story and we won't be returning to that point in quite some time.

Join the Discord, where you can discuss the story, but also just make new friends!

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Arrival Arc:
Chapter 1 - 9
23,198 Words

Journey Arc:
Chapter 10 - 28
48,381 Words

Scholar Arc:
Chapter 29 - 63
133,627 Words

Disclaimer: You may encounter several broken image links in the notes of this story... sorry.

Chapters (64)

My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

It was not destiny or enjoyment that led me to discover the cello and composing. My parents made that decision, deciding before I was born I would continue their family legacy of famous musicians.

They did not realize what that decision would cost them.

Special Thanks and Links:

Cover Art: Dreampaw. The inspiration for the story.
Dramatic reading of Act I-III by Malao567. June 2013
Reading with music by ObabScribbler. June 2014
Song: Hooks and Strings by Reverb Brony. May 2014

Style inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
TypeWriterError: Editor & Rating Board
Gage of Grandiloquence: Editor
The11thWonder: Pre-reader
Nharctic: Pre-reader
Breath of Plagues: My Pinch Editor.
ArgonMatrix: Bad Grammar Exterminator
Daemon of Decay: Advice, also inspired me to write fan fiction. Blame him!

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Rainbow Dash is gone.
Two Years ago she performed a trick to eclipse all others, and vanished without a trace. Everypony has started to get over it, although for five ponies the loss is to great even now. In respect the Wonderbolts do a performance for her at the site of her death. However, a certain Cyan mare is hard to kill, and is loyal to the ends of the universe, she can say that with certainty now, she’s been, and now she’s back. But what is she wearing, and where did she go for two years? Buckle up, for in Equestria there may be peace, but in the 41st Millennium, there is only war.

Now with a sequel: The Descent into Madness

Featured: 06/05/2014. Thanks so much to you guys.

Rated Teen for Violence and Grim dark references

This story is similar in ideas to Into the Black: A mares tale, Diamond of the Capital Wasteland and Halo: On the wings of Angels

New cover art done by Reapers Inc

WARNING: Comments contain spoilers. Proceed into that section at your own risk.

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"Was Sombra born wicked? Was he always the tyrant that history foretold? Was he every bit as evil as his actions had lead him to believe? What is the truth? One mare seeks to discover this truth as she searches the snowy fields of the Crystal Empire to find the rumored king who survived his seemingly final fate.

But when she finds Sombra and hears his story, his story seems all, but unbelievable."

I would like to thank Tambourine Blossom and Skeeter The Lurker for looking at the story idea when I first came up with the idea and for Tambourine also giving me the name for the OC in this story. And would like to also thank spideremblembrony for the great lengthening of the whole story. Please give them all great love. You of course may read the story. <:3

Also, the cover art belongs to Sandara

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Have you ever woken up as a vegetarian cartoon pony? I have, and she won’t shut up about it. I’m stuck in her body as our minds swap control and our memories blur. I can’t seem to do anything right, and it’s even worse when she’s in charge.

Now, we’re in a back and forth war for control of her body. I just want to eat meat again, and have a little personal space. She’s convinced I’m hitting on her friends and trying to score. I’m not sure I can survive the rest of the day, let alone until we fix this.

Edits by: Selbi, Abcron, Breath of Plagues, Refro, Jaestring, The Parasprite, Starbound Gurren
Pre-read by: SkeeterTL, Solidfire, Penjacker, TypewriterError, Pearple Prose
(It took all of them to corral my insanity.)
Cover art by Tsitra360
V1.1-Rated teen sex for strong innuendo.
V1.2-Pinkie Pie now enforcing RIAA guidelines.

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I was known as Frank DeFontaine. I was going to a Halloween party. I was a pretty intelligent kid, starting my first college term, and decided a little dress-up couldn't hurt.
My buddy Richard got involved, though. And like everything, he took it a bit too far. This time, I didn't say no, though. I really should have.
Next thing I know, we're going all-out on making my Dullahan costume. Because he's my favorite optional boss, and all.
Really shoulda known something was up when that guy behind the counter just so happened to have a sword that fit our specifications perfectly.
Next thing I know, I'm in Equestria. And I'm missing a head.
Sakes, I could use a drink. And a neck.
Featured on 2/19/2014.
I'd like to leave it at "Holy mother of-!" but that doesn't capture what I'm feeling!

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