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Twilight accidentally opens a portal that sucks Fluttershy inside and closes on her while she's calling for help. A year later the princesses bring the rest of the elements together for remembrance and something interesting happens.

Explosions are expected from me
If at all that a story is similar to this then i am sorry and did not know. if you leave me a message then i will either take this down or ask the writer if it is alright if i use this story

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He hides in the shadows, he causes nightmares and pain.
He is always just out of sight, yet he leaves no one unscathed.
And today... just like every other day we search. And no matter what, we will find it.
And he shall be brought to justice.

Authors note~ A friend asked me to write something and it turned into well... this. Even i don't know what to think sooo... enjoy. Oh and thank google for the cover art.

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Before he became the wicked spirit we know, King Sombra had been a kind king that had yearned for the well-being of his citizens. However, one thousand years ago, a series of events forced him to step forth into an abyss that would change him forever.

New version edited by RainbowBob.

Dramatic readings of the old version:
- by Night Scribe
- by Jonty Jig

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Cale was just a normal guy. Mid twenties, decent job, his own place. Nothing special. But one morning he vanished, only to wake up in the mystical world of Equestria. Meeting this world's ruler - a pony by the name Celestia - he'll find that his life will never be the same again.

A special thanks to my good friend KiltedKey for editing!

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A human has arrived in Equestria with one purpose. Oh look, how original. But... It's not to make friends? Not romance? And he didn't die? Why then, did he come to the land of Ponies? Personally, he blames Obama.

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While trying to get their cutie marks near the border of the Everfree Forest, the Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter a strange creature. It follows them back to Ponyville where the other residents of Ponyville each get to encounter this gelatinous blob. How will these encounters turn out?
Lets find out.

Takes place between seasons 3 and 4.
Warning: May contain moments of extreme D'aww.
Learn more about SCP-999 by clicking on its name.
This is my first story; sorry if it isn't that good.

Featured on 6/7/2014

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Luna has had enough of Canterlot, with its scheming sisters and impossible expectations.

Her solution?

Board a train, with no ticket but the wind in her mane.

Now in Russian! ...Twice!

Thanks to Skeeter the Lurker for pre-reading.

Cover art used with the permission of the artist grayma1k.

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People like Button's mom. Some really, really like her. So it's no surprise a few fanart and stories are made in her favor. And now poor Button has to deal with the end result for some inexplainable reason. Hopefully he doesn't get mentally scarred for life!

Thanks to my editors Selbi and Trials, along with my pre-reader Skeeter The Lurker for all their help!

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“When the prophecy is fulfilled and the Nine Dark Stars align, Tartarus will weaken, allowing the ancient evils that dwell within its walls the chance to seek their freedom. One such evil, vanquished long before the creation of the Elements of Harmony, that vowed to destroy the world in hellfire will lead the demonic hordes across the world once more.

Only the hero of stone, summoned from beyond the void, can truly destroy this dark evil…”

The Gargoyle, a legend that only a few know about, a warrior of stone summoned from beyond the void before the founding of Equestria.

Scott, an average guy who lives in England and has a good job, close friends and couldn’t be happier. Everything changes for him though, when he walks home one night from work and is killed in a road accident.

He awakens from a strange dream to find he is no longer on Earth… and that he is not as human as he remembers…

This… is the tale of the Gargoyle, the Stone warrior.

Cover done by me
Big thanks to, DVAN56, RainbowBob and Berry Punch for all their help!

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He never wanted to be a part of anything illegal; even if he didn't have much love for ponies. He was just some guy. Some cynic that happened to live his life in Equestria, trying to live his day to day life in relative comfort and minimal contact with ponies. But through after some coaxing from his friends (read as blackmail) he was forced to attempt to steal the royal crowns from the palace and caught in the act. However, given a chance to redeem himself, the thief is offered the choice to become Princess Celestia's royal attendant.

With little other choice, this would be thief's life is turned on it's head. And now instead of a steady inconspicuous life, filled with ease and mediocrity, his life is now one of warmth, excitement, and a friendship that can only be forged once a thief begins honoring the sun.

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