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This story is a sequel to Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless

Totally not a spin-off to "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless"; it is a sequel.

When an old, Ancient enemy resurfaces in the world of the Blue Bomber and his heroic friends, craziness ensues when they try to stop him that ends up sending everyone to a whole other world.

Stranded far from home, Team Sonic must make new allies and attempt to fit in in this new world while also trying to gain the trust of its inhabitants and reclaim the Lost Crystal of Power before their foes do.

Will Team Sonic be able to balance a life of their typical heroics with going to school? Will their new friends be able to show them new powers they'd never imagined were real before? Will Amy finally get her new snakeskin boots? And will Sticks eventually stop messing with the author?

"Don't count on it."

Find out in this, the ultimate crossover of awesomeness!

Chapters (12)

Five years have passed since the final defeat of Ganon, and life has more or less returned to normal in Equestria. But the fragile peace does not last for long. Without warning, a portal to Hyrule opens up in the Everfree Forest. Sensing an opportunity, Princess Celestia drags Vaati and company to a diplomatic meeting to establish an alliance between Equestria and Hyrule.

But Vaati's return is met with open, fierce hostility, and the sorcerer is subjected to a trial that will doubtlessly be biased. But even as the people of Hyrule and Equestria debate Vaati's fate, the servants of Majora strike at last, and all the races of Hyrule and Equestria must make a bitter decision; unite against the powers of darkness, or be consumed by the evil of Majora.

The War of the Three Worlds has begun. It all ends here.


Chapters (7)

Sometimes, we all need company. Big Mac found his in the form of a doll — a filly's mere toy. She provided companionship as an inanimate object, but now, it's not enough. Big Mac attempts to find a way to transform her into something more capable of understanding, but when he does, will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to see it through?

Chapters (8)

In all the time they’ve been together, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have never seen Scootaloo’s home or family. Why? The speculation is as wild as their crusade ideas! But today, the truth comes out, as they finally meet Scootaloo’s family.

Chapters (1)

After fighting the Battle of the Blanks, Ruby and Mitta pass on to their afterlife, accepting that their time has ended. Finally at peace, Ruby and Mitta wake up to see something completely unexpected...Sunny Town. Not only is the town not an infested place of the undead but her former friends and murderers are there, greeting them with a friendly attitude. Distressed and confused, Ruby and Mitta attempt to make sense of the sight only to discover something even more wonderful...the family that she dreamed of having.

Soon questions will be answered about the new life that Ruby and Mitta have been given, the challenges that were faced when Konrad was discovered, how their love formed, how their family came to be, and how the Magic of Friendship prevented a terrible evil from destroying the town. This is the story of the Family of the Blanks.

*Note* Aftermath of the Blanks will take more precedence but I will do my best to update this as fast as possible. Won't be as long as my sequel but it will be long enough. Twilight, Celestia, and Luna tags mean they will make an appearance at some point but their parts will be very minor and not really having a bearing on the story.

Chapters (5)

The Battle of the Blanks is over, the Blood Hooves are no more. The curse has been lifted and Equestria is safe once more. Or is it? Konrad Ford has survived the battle but is now the "Last Human" in Equestria. As the ponies have mistakenly thought he perished, he shows up once more, attracting more than just the attention of the ponies. Soon everypony will want answers about Humanity's past and knowledge, all expecting Konrad to tell them the great secrets of Humanity, a lot of which he'll have to lie through his teeth.

With all the attention on him, isolation from his home, and more renegade approach than what ponies would consider acceptable, will he integrate successfully into Equestrian society? Will he continue to win the heart of Luna or another mare, Humanity's biggest fan...Lyra. Or will he fall to chaotic influence of Discord and forget the lessons of the show he loves so much?

The aftermath may prove to be a great beginning for Equestria or perhaps it's demise.

Chapters (13)

Under the ocean so blue.

Years have gone by, and Twilight Sparkle still lived with the haunting memories of that horrid night. She knew she had to get away, even if it meant leaving everypony behind. She was better off escaping.. right? She reached over and grabbed a photograph of two unicorn ponies with a small purple filly in-between them..

Chapters (10)

NOTICE: This is an unofficial and highly expanded story adaptation of the "PWaaMLPfim" Youtube Video Series: Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM - Turnabout Storm! The videos came first, NOT this story!!!!

A quiet summer night in Ponyville takes a violent turn when two pegasus ponies enter the Everfree Forest and only one comes out alive, leaving the second accused of murder, on trial for her life. Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright finds himself dragged from his own world, magically summoned to Equestria by Twilight Sparkle to defend Rainbow Dash from charges of killing Ace Swift, a superstar pegasus athlete and champion racer.

Trapped in an unfamiliar world ruled by magical talking ponies, Phoenix must draw on all his wits and experience to solve the crime and uncover the conspiracy behind it... before Rainbow Dash is banished to the sun for a murder she didn't commit.

Parts 1-43 written by RavenRegios, and edited by Firesight. Parts 38, 42, and 44-epilogue written by Firesight with additional input and prereads from TheGoldCrow, AJ_Aficionado, and Leo Archon.

Ownership transferred to Firesight on 1/15/2018.

Chapters (68)

One peaceful day in Equestria, a young Stallion and his brother were invited to a party at the castle by Princess Celestia. After a surprise attack by one of her most fearsome enemies, Mario is sent on a journey across the entirety of Equestria to restore harmony to the world, with the help of a few allies

This fanfiction is based on the video game Paper Mario, and set in Equestria, albeit a slightly different one to the one in the show

Chapters (19)

Former "master thief" Sly Cooper had given up his old, criminal ways for good and settled into a new life with his love, Carmelita. But when an alien god of chaos spirits away and imprisons his lover and his friends, the last member of the Cooper Clan must take up his cane once again to get them back.

The deal is simple.

Come "willingly" to a peaceful, tranquil world populated by magical, colorful, talking ponies, and "acquire" six pieces of ceremonial jewelry in exchange for the release of his friends and the promise of a safe return to Earth. Piece of cake, right?



Sly Cooper and all related properties and art belongs to Sucker-punch Studios and Sony
MLP belongs to Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Cover art by the fantastic Foxinshadow
Proofreader, Editor and sometimes Co-writer: 2dextreem

*WARNING: Contains spoilers for all three Sly Cooper games in the first chapter. Takes place before the events of "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time." In the MLP universe, this takes place between seasons 2 and 3, a couple of months after the finale of season 2.*

If you favorite, also like. Likes and comments pay the bills and make the chapters come more quickly.

Chapters (3)