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In an alternate universe, the brony community takes on a new level of wonder and mockery in the eyes of the media as bronies and pegasisters are blessed with their own little pony friends who magically appear before them. However, Erik, a newcomer to the herd, is too afraid to show off his pony, hiding her away. However, despite the fear of ridicule and ostracism, Erik must learn that he should not have to hide his love for the show, and it gets easier when you have a pony that will stick with you through every step of the way.

The picture belongs to Gamma Delta from Equestria Daily. It can be found under Drawfriend #379.

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A few days ago, a strange, rotating block appeared in Ponyville town square. Twilight hasn't been able to tear herself away from it…

"Crossover" with Tetris and Super Hexagon.

FIMfic still needs a Stupid tag.

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What if Celestia never wrote back? Like, ever?

I got the idea from 4everfeebrony's song.

I also wrote this on the go.

Song: https://4everfreebrony.bandcamp.com/track/thought-id-let-you-know-ft-relative1pitch
Picture: http://dragonwolfrooke.deviantart.com/art/thought-I-d-let-you-know-431412930

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When my little girl was taken from me, something seemed off. Everything was as though it hadn't happened... What is happening?

Alternate ending to My Little Dashie.
This is something that just came a few days ago, and I wrote it all in an hour or 2, not very long, and nowhere near as heart breaking as the original, but I had to get this idea out of my head.

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A lost race of an ancient creature reemerges from the mountain of Canterlot, chanting they make their way through Canterlot and towards the mountain opposite of Ponyville. Nothing will stop them, nothing can. They will make their way to their Mountain Keep.

(This is only a parody of both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the new Yogscast's Diggy Diggy Hole.) This was made only for entertainment purposes and a lost bet.

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When Spitfire finds herself grounded on the team injured list just before a show in Manehatten, she prepares for her life to crumble around her. The experience leads her to come across Rainbow Dash, temporarily managing the Manehatten weather teams. The two fliers will discover that sometimes it takes the darkest moments of our lives to find the brightest ones.

The Sequel: Feathers of Blue and Gold is out now!
Review in progress by Inky J
Video Review by Goomba Brony!
Video review by the wonderful ChaoticSeven!
Edited by the wonderful Taxus, Sorren, and Sojourner.
I do my own cover art.

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Chrysalis has been stripped of her crown and banished from the hive due to her failure to capture Canterlot as a stronghold for the changeling army. Now, she wanders the frozen wasteland of the Crystal Mountains, looking for some sort of hope. Perhaps she’s a dreamer, or perhaps she just wishes to find her place in this cold, unforgiving world.

This is an entry for the EQD Flash Fiction #5 Contest

Feautred on EQD

Editors: FluttershyisMetal & Death The Kid
Pre-Readers: Shadowflash & ToixStory

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My life in Hollow Shades wasn't too bad, but I wanted to start a new life somewhere else, so one day I packed my things and moved to a town called Ponyville. A place where I could start a new life, make some friends and get a job. What I never expected was to find the mare of my dreams...

Edited and revised by Kalash93.
Now in TvTropes.

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Donut Joe, while making a trip out to Ponyville to get a baking ingredient from Pinkie Pie, decides to relax and enjoy a quiet stroll along the edge of town while he waits for the train. However, when a set of piercing green eyes stare out of him from the forest, how can he resist his curiosity? But when he finally meets the owner of those eyes, will he be prepared for the change that his life is about to undergo?

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Rainbow Dash isn't bitter about the whole Mare-Do-Well incident. Or at least that's what she tells herself. Either way, she's not going to miss this chance for some harmless revenge pranks, and so she constructs a plan to prank all of her best friends, starting with Twilight Sparkle. All Dash needs is a quill and some paper.

Thanks to the amazing DShou for the cover image.

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