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Twilight’s surge of uncontrolled magic changed ponies into pot plants, hatched a petrified dragon egg and gave her Princess Platinum study plushie a makeover and an existential crisis.

Celestia’s still not sure how to deal with that one, but at least Twilight has someone to remind her to eat now.

Twilight Velvet's mother, Evening Star was an odd pony with a hobby of making dolls. Over the course of her life, she made many and most were simple toys to comfort a newborn foal or young filly but a rare few were far more sentimental and held more personal meanings. Some said they had a bit of personality all their own, often being in the right place perk up a sad day. Her last few creations carried with them fables of moving when no pony was watching but few ever tried to put the theory to the test.

Then again, none of her works were at ground zero to a record breaking magic surge.

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If everyone could see themselves as L'il Cheese saw them, the world would be a much brighter place.

A story about love in the shape of laughter.

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This story is a sequel to Diminishing Returns

In the months following the school election, Diamond Tiara has made good on her word to become a better pony. She's behaved herself in and out of class. She's kept her grades up. She's attended family therapy without complaint.
Diamond has done everything that was asked of her.

And now, it's time for Spoiled Rich to hold up her end of the contract. As part of their joint effort to grow closer, come together as a family, and ease Filthy's mind, Diamond can choose a pet. Any pet she wants*.

*Terms and conditions may apply.

In continuity with The Silver Standard and Diminishing Returns. Familiarity is recommended, but not required.

Chapters (7)

Star Kicker is the newest member of Princess Luna's royal guards, and she has a lot to prove. After all, she has to show once and for all that she's better than her stuck-up skunk of an older sister. Fortunately for her, Luna is eager to give her the chance.

In the desert kingdom of Selerika, the tomb of one of Luna's old friends has been robbed and a priceless artifact stolen. Luna is determined to recover it, and who better to bring along than a unicorn whose special talent lies in finding lost things? It's a dangerous adventure full of mortal peril, but that comes with the territory of being a royal guard.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns

Harmonic bonds aren't the most predictable of spells. Sunset learned this the hard way with Twilight. Involving Moon Dancer will make things either extremely complicated, or extremely simple.

And that has nothing to do with harmonic bonds.

Knowledge of the previous stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline is suggested, but not required.

Cast: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Moon Dancer & Princess Celestia
Co-Starring: Coco Pommel, Coloratura, Minuette, Cheerilee and Raven with a special appearance by Philomena as herself.

Historian’s Note:
Set in the Wavelengths Timeline where the Sonic Rainboom didn’t happen, A Study on Chaos Theory occurs about two months after The Cloudsdale Report and three weeks after Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns.

Stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline in chronological order:

Origins Arc
The Alchemy of Chemistry
Bards of the Badlands
Grading on a Bell Curve
Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix
How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative

Applications Arc
The Application of Unified Harmony Magics
Princess Celestia: A Brief History
The Cloudsdale Report

Dreamers Arc
Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns
A Study in Chaos Theory
Teahouses of Saddle Arabia
As the Raven Flies

Cover Art by OverlordNeon
Cover Text, Chapter Header and Break Designs by Amber Spark
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark by MillennialDan
Celestia’s Cutie Mark by BlackGryp0n
MLP Book Vector by SnowedEarth
MLP Magic Aura Vector by AimeeLovesU
Moon Dancer Cutie Mark by AllyCatBlu

Beta Reader & Editor Credits
Little Tinker: Master of Systems at Poniverse & Scripting Engineer on The Manehattan Project
Beltorn: Commenter-at-Large on FimFiction
Cursori: Reader of Many a Pony Word
JayMan155: Artist & Author Extraordiane!
Corejo: Synopsis Combo Finisher

Word Count: 45,000
Version: 3.1

Chapters (14)

Sunset Shimmer originally went to Freeport to escape Celestia's influence, and to make some progress towards becoming an alicorn princess. She's certainly done her share of good in the infamous city of rogues, but after almost two years away from Canterlot she doesn't feel any closer to achieving her big goals. At this point, any reasonable pony could wonder if they made a mistake...

Faced with the unpleasant prospect of possibly going back to Canterlot in order to advance her goals, Sunset finds herself with one last option to preserve her independence: the great dragon Argentium the Runescaled, far to the north, wants to meet with her. However, her journey becomes far more than a simple social call, and Sunset has no idea just how much danger she and her friends will face.

Or how much she'll have to sacrifice—not just for her dreams, but survival.

Chapters (25)

Idol Hooves holds a special place in Equestria. He's probably the only exiled changeling to serve in the Royal Guard, or at least, that's what he expects, as exiles don't really broadcast that fact. However, it's well known that Princess Celestia loves all of her little ponies, and her guards perhaps more so, and that makes it one of the best ways for a changeling to discreetly feed.

But how does a changeling even get there, let alone get exiled in the first place? For that matter, why would it ever go to Canterlot? Set a number of years before the series proper, before Luna’s redemption, Idol details how he was exiled, the ponies he’s met, and the series of misadventures that led him to joining the Royal Guard, and should continue a good ways into the series, as something of an alternate perspective.

Soon, he’ll have to deal with a boisterous new princess to serve and a royal wedding in the works bringing a third to power. Will his old instincts bring this new life crashing down around him? What precipitates Chrysalis’s ill-fated assault on Canterlot? Is it really so wrong for a changeling to enjoy good craftsmanship to an obsessive degree?

New cover art provided by the fantastic Carnifex

And a TVTropes page here.

And an Ask Blog of questionable canonity!
Out of Idol Curiosity

Fanart by Norad2! Major thanks! Short For a Royal Guard

Art by Egophiliac of Idol and his Daring Duckie Please don't tell him what that brush is meant for.

Rating updated to (T), it's a bit darker than (E)
Comedy Tag added as well
And changed the character tags a bit.

Chapters (73)

It’s not every day you discover that your friend is in an adventure novel, but that’s exactly the situation Sunset Shimmer and Kukri Doo find themselves in when Puzzle Piece, Freeport’s foremost problem solver, makes an appearance in the latest Daring Do book. They only naturally ask Puzzle about it, and uncover a truth far stranger than fiction: a tale of adventure, intrigue, tyrant lizards, the mysterious dromaed people, and the fabled City of Giants.

A Freeport Venture prequel.

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to The Study of a Winning Pony

Life has been rough for Shining Armor. The changeling invasion has resulted in him losing his position as Captain of the Royal Guard. But that’s only the start of his troubles when he discovers that he’s the father of a daughter he didn’t even know about. Now he’s forced to face the consequences of a night’s indiscretions—such as explaining everything to his new wife Cadance. It isn’t going to be easy get his life back in order before anything else can go wrong.

A Winningverse Story.

Chapters (5)

Now available in print format, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

It turns out that the magical land of Equestria is not a flat plane covered by a bowl of stars after all. This is big news to Queen Chrysalis. If the moon is actually a place, then she can travel there, claim its magical energies, and finally get revenge on Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, and everypony else.

Of course, there are problems. One problem is that everypony else is also rushing to get into space. Another problem is that Chrysalis really has no idea how to do it. Fortunately a certain earth pony with a taste for cherries is willing to help... provided she gets to fly the ship, and provided Chrysalis keeps the space program honest and open and legal.

Together, Chrysalis, Cherry Berry, and a horde of brave-but-dumb changelings will make world history... or, more likely, they'll make a lot of really big explosions.

Inspired by Kerbal Space Program. Current cover art by Jason Meador aka texasuberalles.

TVTropes page here! Thanks to GymQuirk for making it!

Old cover art (and Changeling flag) here:


1-21-2017 Included in The Goodfic Bin's High Quality Fics! Thanks! Review here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/206510/the-goodfic-bin/thread/173558/submissions-folder-decision-thread-v2#comment/5750494


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