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im asp production live or simply aaron or sweat tart im a youtuber and amnio equastria pony art type on there , if you have queastion about me go to my yt or amnio page

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Vinyl wasn't always Vinyl. Once upon a time she went by a different name and stalked the nighttime streets of Equestria looking for victims' blood to drink. That is, until she met Octavia. These days she lives as a mortal, happy in her relationship and eager to put her demons behind her - both literal and metaphorical. Unfortunately, when it comes to her family, her past just won't stay ... dead.

A full cast reading of this story can be found here. A new chapter will be uploaded on both Fimfiction and YouTube every Friday.

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Hearts and Hooves Day. Anon wants a pizza; Cadance wants to find him a marefriend. Only one of them is going to get what they want today.

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