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im asp production live or simply aaron or sweat tart im a youtuber and amnio equastria pony art type on there , if you have queastion about me go to my yt or amnio page

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When your life is as dull a gray as the world that surrounds you, the mundanities can make it all seem meaningless. Sometimes all we need is a little color -- or six -- to reintroduce us to what truly makes life worth living.

*6-16-2017 Edit, added Rainbow Dash tag because it triggered knighty.*

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Remember this pony? She's Valley Glamour, and she appears on Fake It 'Til You Make It.

Well, in this short story, Jimmy Hook is going to turn into this Pegasus. Follow him as he spends a nice time.

Commission for my good friend JimmyHook19.:twilightsmile:

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Pinkie tries to find the perfect joke for her inflatable body. It's much harder for her than it sounds. The joke finding that is, not the body.

Preview image by Missangest.

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Some short scenes I did for benzema2912 over Skype, because I was bored, or losing in whatever videogame I happened to be playing. He likes growth, and pays well for it, so I did these to get a bit more money out of the sucke....completely nice man who enjoys reading my writings.

Anyway, as always, commissioned stories, bought by benzema2912. If interested in getting something for yourself, ask, and we'll see about something. For now, enjoy some scenes of ponies growing out of proportion.

First Scene: Rainbow Dash gets a bit too big for her britches. Then her bedroom. Then most of Equestria, before ending up as one more pearl in the sky.

Second Scene: Spitfire has just started a big day at the academy, and pins a medal on her chest that starts to make even her day feel small by comparison.

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A second-person fic involving you getting turned into Derpy Hooves.
Shit happens, and hilarity ensues.

Each part will be quite short, but I intend to update relatively often.

Cover art by Ritzy Kinetic

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Fluttershy has never been one to make a big deal of herself. She's always tried to avoid undesired attention. But now all of Ponyville is trying to avoid her after a freak accident alters her perspective in a huge way. Cover generously donated by Fergarcia220, who is awesome.

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To vanquish a particularly troublesome bad guy Celestia called upon the sun's full power. She and Luna saved the day, but unfortunately the experience left her super-sized. Unable to move about without smashing something, Celestia has been indefinitely forced to sit still with nothing to do. Luna hatches a plan that will hopefully cheer her sister up and even get used to being huge.


Just a fun little story to stretch my writing muscles again. Not that there's much to stretch, ha. It pulls heavily from Blobskin’s mature story 7 Days of Macro Dreams but doesn't have much to offer in the way of lewd-ness. Sorry, guys - I hope you can dig it anyway.

Graciously edited by Habitual!

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You have some pretty serious insomnia. Thankfully, though, there's this beautful, cuddly pony princess that's figured out how to come to earth, and for some reason, she's chosen to help you with your sleeping problem with lots of physical affection and snuggles.

Within this tome are the accounts of some of the nights you've spent together, complete with graphic cuddling detail.

EDIT: Woke up to seeing this featured, 3/6/18! Thanks!
EDIT: Featured at #2 same day- Rock n' Roll!

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Derpy is ditzy, clumsy, and overall fairly, well, derpy. So in an encounter with Discord, naturally, she becomes cunning, malicious, and grows an affinity for...balloons? And who a better victim for her evil plots then the pegasus who already spends all of her time in the air—Rainbow Dash.

This is just a silly little thing; the first story I ever wrote and published. It features fun cartoon physics and inflation, as a fair warning. :rainbowkiss: (Originally published April 22, 2014)

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