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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


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Will read later*, seems interesting.

*this statement doesn't enforce the author of the comment to actually perform the action mentioned in the comment; "later" is defined as an unspecified time frame between the moment when the comment was posted and the end of time*

Okay. That was... different.

Very well done, genuinely creepy. Didn't have time to read the whole thing so I just skimmed through it but you got some mad skillz as a writer.

Edit: Okay, just finished it now and my original opinion still stands. This is an extremely well done Grimdark and this is coming from a guy that usually doesn't like grimdark stories because the author relies too much on gore & dismemberment. In order to do something like this justice you need to build atmosphere (atmosfear?) and you've got this in spades.

Seriously, this is very well done.

Saw that picture when it, to my knowledge, first went up. I was wondering how long it would take for a related story to be written. Looks interesting.

:twilightoops: *whimpers*
Yes. I'm perfectly alright, yep, no fear of anything like this this year.
Very well done, this was shanazzilly written with only a few noticeable mistakes.

I likes. Fav + Thumbsup

Anyway, I look forward to potentially more ^_^
Gl, and Ave,

well... if i can't sleep... I BLAME YOU!! I am having to leave the landing light on tonight... i feel so silly!:fluttershbad:

This was creepy. Am I coorect in my assumption that Pinkie Pie became the new Candy Mare or am I just overexposed to Grimdark!Pinkie Pie?

Well-done, man.

This story is the works of an genius! Just, wow. I am way impressed with your writing ability here!

Keep it up, shower us all with nightmares and candy!

Decided to read this before bed.... Who the FUCK needs sleep anyways? Sleeping is for squares.....


Yeah, I actually commissioned the picture about three weeks ago, around the time I was finishing up this story. He really did a remarkable job.
Then you should hit up the artist I commissioned. Kvernikovskiy is very good.
Um...sure why not? Never heard of Mr.creepypasta, but I'm sure he's a heck of a guy! :pinkiecrazy:
Well, sort of. Anyone that ate any of the enchanted candy, knowingly or otherwise, was corrupted from the inside out and turned into 'somewhat' mindless candy creatures. Their lives become bound to the Candy Mare, and they live on as a new piece of her. (I say somewhat because some residual memories persist, otherwise why would Rarity have "kissed" Spike so sweetly?) The same partially goes for those whom the Candy Mare consumes. They don't get new bodies, but their lives are hers from then on. Which is why she giggles in so many voices. Those are the voices of every child she's ever eaten.
In the end the Candy Mare is very much alive and well. She's taken too many lives to properly die.
1374676>>1374882 1376035>>1376455
I'm blushing! :pinkiehappy: Seriously, thank you for all the kind words. For a horror writer there is no greater honor than knowing ones work has burned a little spot inside another brain. May you all have pleasant nightmares!
Right? You'd think the CMC would learn, but you'd be wrong. :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

I won't be eating candy the same way again...
And the best part is Halloween is just the end of this month....

1379142 Hes a reader of Scary stories on youtube
heres a sample

Sorry no nightmares here, I haven't had nightmares since I was a kid.

But that doesn't mean I don't like a good creepy story which is something in short supply in today's world. As I said, you built up atmosphere which is what it needed. Your story is definitely not for everyone but to a lover of classic horror, it's a breath of fresh air.

1379142 Well that would certainly explain it haha. It really is a great image.

Oh, that would be hilarious! In a good way. I don;t usually write my stuff to be read aloud, but it could be kind of fun. :pinkiesmile:

:rainbowlaugh: That's pretty accurate, isn't it? I'll have to tuck that away for later. Music is very inspirational, and integral, to my writing process. For a lot of the early parts of this story, for instance, I was listening to this song.

1379142 I hope you are satisfied by the fact that last night i had some weird ass dreams because of this fic. Them dreams were CREEPY....dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy_invert.png

I think the thing I appreciate most about this story is the fact that it manages to keep the "vibe" of the show on which it is based. Nobody seems out of character, despite the introduction of situations that these characters would never normally encounter, and the universe's sense of humor is carried over very well. Pace is good and there doesn't seem to be any unnecessary or irrelevant fluff and detail, but what needs to be described is shown and shown thoroughly. Everything ties together well and it doesn't drag out or rush through things. This has been one of the few fanfiction stories that I've really been able to enjoy; I stayed up rather late to finish reading it. I was very much reminded of the books and movies I enjoyed when I was younger (and still do, for that matter), wherein taking a less "scientific" approach to both fun and disturbing concepts manages to create an engaging and still rather spooky image. You've done a good job here of balancing the various aspects of both the holiday in question and the world in which it's set.

1384489 I think this fits the parts where she's being fed her father and the ending where they turn into candy ponies...Spoilers for anyone who reads comments first...

1384518 Very satisfied indeed! :pinkiehappy:

1397648 Thank you for your high praise. I do try to be diligent in my craftsmanship. I'm very much a fan of mlp, and if it wasn't for that love of the show, I couldn't begin to write a story like this. If something doesn't make sense in the context of the cartoon (or at least the fanon, which are typically sparked by little things in the cartoon) then I usually strip it out of my stories. I like it when things click together, and the human mind likes it too. We love a puzzle more than we love outright mysteries.
Thank you for your kind words, and I'm happy you enjoyed this story as you may have enjoyed when you were younger. Much like the cartoon, a lot of nostalgia went into Something Sweet to Bite's creation.

1401417 The best part about this sentence is everything! :pinkiecrazy: And funny that you could guess a few major parts I was writing while I was listening to this song.

1401684 oh ok i thought the candy mare was stalking me for a sec!
"Nightmare night, what a fright..."

This must be the scariest story I have read. This was awesome! :pinkiecrazy:

However, my plans for a nap are now scratched. :twilightoops:

1384518 How did you use that?

1439976 You mean this? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy_invert.png
I have the Fimfiction enhancements script downloaded. it gives you a lot more emoticons to use.

1440384 Pray tell, how do you get the enhancements script?

1440407 you can find it through the addon Greasemonkey, or you can just google it.

Sorry a messed up nap time. Though hopefully you've slept since then.

Glad you enjoyed the story!

I'm not one for creepypasta at all (I had nightmares after watching the Blair Witch Project), but this story was great! It kinda saddens me it has so little likes and favorites, it definitely deserves MUCH better!

I'll be checking other stuff of yours for sure!

Well, tell your friends! Maybe they'll like it too!
Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you enjoy my other works. :pinkiehappy:

I first read this when it was first published, and I must say, it remains one of my favourites on this site. It deserves more likes.

That Picture freaks me out, and I haven't read this yet, lol

hey just letting you know iv have grabbed this story for a review in the next few days ill post a link once its done

It should have been named "How Pinkie Pie destroyed Equestria", for how much damage she (unwittingly) causes. Anyway, while it had way too many writing issues and plot inconsistencies for me to love it, it was at its core a dark and suspenseful story. The descriptions tended to work more often than not, the world-building was interesting if not mind blowing, and while it could certainly use some heavy editing-down (yes, I know this is 1year old, but still), it was good enough to be better than ok. And considering how many things it had working against it, that is quite alright in my book.

hey fool

your little update changed a lot of good "its" to erroneous "it's"

k that is all :yay:

Comment posted by Doom_NinjaXx_42 deleted Jan 27th, 2014

the story is not bad but it's scary but I have a few problems with that there is no specific time on each area where does it take place when where and why I was so confused I couldn't tell this all takes place in the same day maybe you should probably read and edit and put it exactly where it makes sense:rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::derpyderp1::facehoof:?

The story intentionally occurs out of order. It was based on anthology horror, which often has several different stories occurring at once, disjointed by which character is experiencing the story, but connected by a common thread throughout. Times are referenced through-out the story but it might be easy to forget them by the end of the reading.

The scenes that are purely dialogue deal with characters in the past and all occurred before the founding of Equestria and the defeat of the Windego's. though important to the stories background, these scenes don;t occur in the week that the main story actually takes place in.

Applejack's scene occurs the night before Nightmare Night, set just after the CMC had their candy confiscated, and Pinkie Pie and Twilight had discarded it in front of the statue of Nightmare Moon (thinking incorrectly that this would purify the candy). This is why when Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo go to get Applebloom, both she and her sister are already dead.

Fluttershy's scene actually occurs towards the end of Nightmare Night, after the Candy Mare's 'defeat' at town square. It gives a pegasus eye view of what happens in Ponyville after the populace tried to 'dispose' of the Candy Mare's body by eating the cursed candy that composed it. It's not the true end of the story, however, as that takes place in Canterlot.

TLDR; *Light Spoilers* The story spans the week before Nightmare Night and the night itself, but does not occur in chronological order. There are flashbacks to the Candy Mare's creation but these are rendered purely in dialogue. Hope that helps.

It is nice to have a story with bats in it where they are not antagonists:

Because most bats are nocturnal, we do not see them well. This makes them scary because things we cannot see are often predators sneaking up on us, intent of eating us. Also, bats can carry rabies. This is sad:

Insectivorous bats eat flying nocturnal insects. 1 of the most common nocturnal flying insects is the mosquito. Killing all of the insectivorous bats would lead to at least a doubling, probably a tripling, and maybe even a quadrupling in the number of biting disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Rabid bats rarely attack. The most common way one catches rabies from bats is from picking up rabid bats:

¡Leave wildlife alone!

What's sad about bats right now is a lot of the populations are getting killed off by a fungus that attacks the bats while they're trying to hibernate. The lucky ones die in their sleep, the unlucky ones wake up in midwinter and starve to death unable to find enough insects to survive. The vampire bat is only a single sub-species of bats, but it's been demonized to the point that all bats are vilified as a result. It's a pity and shame given all the good they do not just for the environment, but for mankind in keeping the bug populations down. It'll be a very different world if we end up losing them.

I'm glad you liked the intro. I was worried it was a little too flowery. :pinkiesmile:


Some dumb apes accidentally introduced that fungus from Europe to the Americas. Since you are featured in Texan Bronies of Texas and mention the spread of fungus in North America, I figure that you probably live in the USA. In the USA, one finds only insectivorous bats. We have neither fruitbats damaging our crops nor vampirebats drinking our blood nor vampirefruitbats attacking our crops. Bats here are a pure good who eat mosquitoes. One only gets rabies from these bats if one is stupid enough to pickup a sick bat.

That was the scariest story EVER!!!!! :pinkiehappy:"Nitghtmare Night, what a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!"

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