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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


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Ok, this is a great introduction to the story. The buildup towards the introduction of this abomination we could only assume is some form of dregs from the candy mare was smooth and tense. Definitely a good starter for the next in the series of stories.

That is a disturbing picture

Man, that escalated quickly.

I mean that really got out of hand fast.

Mein gott! What a ride... Absolutely excellent work!

Sequel based immortality is a hell of a drug. Glad to see another one of these and I look forward to the next!

Oh my has our dear friend Knackerman falling into the pit that is horror sequels? A continuous chain that is hard to break.:trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Triplex deleted Oct 29th, 2017

Oh Knackerman! Why must you write such amazing stories like these that make us crave more sweet things to bite!? :raritycry: Will this saga ever end (not that we CandyManiacs (my own fan name for SStB fans :raritywink:) would want it to)).

Still, tops to you, buddy. Most folks would have run out of steam by now with this many stories. One question though; shouldn't this also count as a "Crossover" fic since it includes "you-know-what"? (No spoilers to folks who haven't read it yet).

Again, congratulations. I'd give this "last story" a sold 8/10. A bit strenuous in some places but your twists were pretty good. :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit I've been waiting a long time for this...

That's actually a fair point all things considered. I'll update to show it's a cross-over.

:pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed the story!

yes i have been waiting so long its finaly back the candy mare she is best non cannon pony

Kill all leamon drops they deserve tuture

Thank you for opening your mouth on that one Cadance. *Rolls-Eyes*

Go Jelly Mare she rocks almost as much as The Candy Mare

Right!? Poor little fella. Never hurt anybody. Just helped balance an ecologically diverse ecosystem.

Holy shit what a twist so good

candy mare smoke+rain cloud=acid rain with candy curse? anyway really exited also RIP bat 2017-2017 "we hardly knew ye"

...so... sunset dies=candymare free.... so the world is f**ked. i mean, EVENTUALLY sunset WILL die, if only from old age. also candymare infected sunset? not. good. (although i would try and make a deal with the candymare to travel the multiverse to kill EVERY LEMON DROP!)

...damn it gloriosa! you led it to equestrian magic! magic+candy curse=body!

soooooo.... emdd? (equestrian magic defense department)

f**k you cinch. hundreds of people dead and you only care about money. and you make CADENCE do it! that is just cold. i hope you get eaten first.

.... so.... sunset is going to harness the candymare's powers? like agent venom? that's be SWEET(no pun intended)!

A pony world where her legend doesn't exist, it's worst for them because they don't know what they're in for.

........ those idiots......... i just wish lemon zest wasn't the first to die. i feel like, if she was given more time, she could be as love as vynal.

You got insoeration for this chapter from SCP containment breach am i right or wrong

Yep inperastion from SCP

Twilight's family was wealthy enough that they could've made it an extravagant affair if they had wanted to,
I want my funeral to be off the chain, I'm talking a carnival, clowns and balloons, cotton candy, you name it!

I think it would be cool, but also stupid, if a super powers guy like Superman or Goku came down and just blew up all the Candies.

yes cadence did forget that the jelly mare could hear her

Yes candie achived her final form

As Starlight followed Trixie, she tried to recall what she might have eaten to leave the cloying taste on her tongue.

She’d just have to find something else to bite...

this means there will be a sequal i cant wait well i can but you know what i mean oh and do you think you can show us a pic of goddess candy mare you know the form candie was in before she was blown up

A Loony Tunes moment regardless of the situation.

What if the multiverse theory is real and the candy mare shows up because of you, Knackerman?

Then I will be very proud to have been the one to doom us all. :pinkiecrazy:

-le sigh- why is it that I always eat something sweet when I read these stories. If I become Candy Mare, you're going down.

Ok, I'm about to start the 4th sequel to Something sweet to bite. I'm in for a ride.

Well, he may be human. But he's still the same asshole, who tortured poor little Pumpkin Patch. I say.... RELEASE THE CANDY MARE!!!

How screwed would the DBZ verse be if Majin Buu consumed the candy mare?

Wow! So, this jelly girl is the candy mare? Well, wonder what gorefest we're gonna have the time around Knackerman.

Yup! This is getting exciting!

Yeah! Candy mare is badass!

Not as much as Vegito though. I'd love for her at full power try and fight Vegito(Buu Saga), and see him play around with her. She's like a little girl anyway.

Yikes! So diamond tiara met her demise.

Ummm... What? Fluttershy??! Yooooo what the hell is going on!?

the last chapter has 666 words 666 the devil's number

I don't know about you guys but I think the Candy Mare would make great Claymore crossover.

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