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Scout screws around with a teleporter and instead of losing a limb, he finds three colorful ponies staring back at him.

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Comments ( 9 )

Cute and nice!

always more a demoman fan myself

Is this going to be part of a series?

Jest #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

Perhaps. It was part of a suggestion, but I had so many ideas connected to it that it may just keep going.

A TF2 crossover? I haven't seen one of those in ages! :pinkiegasp:

Yep, this was a great idea.

daww cute story.

sequel where scout fiddles with the teleporter again and summons more ponies?

like Twilight and the gang? including the cmc trio and spike?

10249654 I remember a SFM video where Scout used his i-pad to call up Pinkie Pie before a round of MvM.

Or even better... Scout messes with the teleporter and sends the mercs to Ponyville...

Hrmm... Spellcheck does not recognize teleporter.

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