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When life gives you inter-reality travel. - Crafting

what happense when life gives you inter-reality travel? I get to find out.

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chapter two: sugar.

OW. I don’t think my horn likes what I just did. Short-circuiting a spell hurts! I really need to make sure that my spells are completely filled, and Not putting any power thru before the micro-spell is complete! The quill I was trying to break is not going to be usable anytime soon, except maybe in a charcoal painting. Maybe something simpler would be a good start. A Beginners Guide to Spells is going to be usef-ow! Note to self: don’t use horn immediately after a short-circuit, it hurts!

Using hooves again, I flip back to the table of contents and look for possibly simpler spells. There's the second lesson, where it's labeled "components of spells," then there's lesson three, "Danger's of Spells," they must expect people to read all the way thru before doing anything, like people never get impatient. Lesson four is what I was looking for, "Simple Spells Anypony Can Do." I turn to, then read, Danger's of Spells, I don’t want to have my horn hurt any more than it already does. The lesson talked of spells short-circuiting, although they call it a “misfire,” as well as a note about spells needing to be “strengthened” if more magic is going to be put into them.

Simple Spells Anypony Can Do, is, just as the name implies, some of the most basic spells. Each spell has only two to four components, the equivalent of transistors, resistors, and all of the other -isters in a computer. The only difference is that these are called “glyphs”. each glyph changes a part of the spell, some change what it can work on, others change how it works, and still more change what it actually can do. I would need to learn everything to perform the spell I need, and I will.

The third spell in this section is for pushing something without using levitation, similar to the force push in Star Wars. It's a simple spell, only two glyphs. One glyph is for applying force the other controls direction, opposite to where the glyph is applied. There's an ink-well on top of a writing desk over toward the stairs, my horn doesn't hurt anymore so I levitate it over and set it on the floor. The objective is simple: move the ink-well, without breaking it.

The spell is only two parts held together by a thin thread, you only need circles and other geometric shapes to stabilize the more complex spells. both glyphs of the spell are simple shapes, there is no real precision in this, just don’t put too much magic in and it won’t explode. I check the book again, the spell certainly looks right. Now all I need to do is put just the tiniest bit of magic in! The spell-work is invisible to the naked eye, appearing as only a dull glow of magic. Most spells, according to the book, are created and used before magic ever even reaches the object. The only reason mine is directly on the ink-well is because of the direction glyph, pushing the object on the side it’s applied. Now to use it...

The ink-well moved! It wasn’t much and it tilted a little as it did, but it moved! I Cast a Spell! It may not be advanced and it may have sputtered and glitched as I pushed my magic into it, but that can be fixed! I can learn better spells and improve the “wiring” within them! This was all within only… 22:34, two hours of light study! Why is it dark out? 22:34!

All biological functions once again made themselves known. In other words, I am really hungry! That study session may not have been very intense but it most certainly was distracting. I hope this tree has a kitchen… what a weird thought. There’s a door near the stairs, it leads to what could be the kitchen as observed on my previous mirror-driven search. I hope there’s some food in there that’s non-perishable. If there is some food in there that isn’t non-perishable, I’m clearing it out.

The cupboard held a single box of crackers. It’s not a small box about 6 average-size saltine boxes large, but it still wasn’t what I was hoping for. I bring it with me back to the main room, where it’s... dark? When did the lights go out? How was there light to begin with? Why are there a bunch of ponies looking at the front door? And above all, how did a massive party get set up in under a minute? Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie would be able to do that, and there she is just finishing with hanging the banner. It’s a gorgeous banner, purple with yellow trim, it also says “welcome to ponyville Crafting!” on the front. I wasn’t expecting this, but I know I should have been.

I move silently toward the middle of the grouping of ponies, keeping my head low as to not be seen. Being in the middle, I can hear their conversations. One says “How long will he be?”, another asks “Where’s he from?”, and a final one announces “Quit down! we don’t want to give it away!”. After that I can’t take it any longer, I need to see their faces. I flip the lights on, oh, magic is defiantly useful, and put on my dark story-teller voice, “I’ve been here all along, I’m from a place far far away,” and switching back to normal voice “and it’s a bit late to say that don’t ya think?” Their faces are worth much more effort than I put in, but I’m not complaining.

I hear a series of shocked “huh?”, “What?”, and even a few “great whickering stallions!” I just stand passively, a huge grin and a spark in my eye. Most have turned their heads toward me, others are still failing to find the source of the noise so I help them out, time for an over-the-top cheery voice! “HI! I’m Crafting, If you haven't guessed. I would like to formally say that you all are quite kind, to put all this out for me. Although I must ask why any of you thought that I had left the library in the first place?”

I’m fairly certain that my vision wasn’t entirely blue three seconds ago. I’m also fairly certain that the blue is fur, and that that fur is attached to a pony. Looking up I see some rainbow colors and a face looking down at me. I’m looking up to Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony I know of, and she’s staring back down at me! This calls for the power of curiosity! “Hello! How's your...” checking my watch once again, I confirm it’s 22:40 “night going?”

She stares at me. Then says something! “I thought there was only one new pony in town?” she was looking at Pinkie Pie now so apparently wasn’t actually talking to me, somewhat disappointing.

I look toward Pinkie as well, wondering just what the pink party pony would say. “There is!” was the most anticlimactic thing she could have said, but fit so perfectly in the space that I feel it was somehow rehearsed.

Rainbow looks Back toward me, a quizzical look on her face. or muzzle? “hay. Where are your parents?”

I was afraid of this. I was hoping to put this off until I could have some time to think about just how I could make it so that it didn’t sound like some sob story. Perhaps I could use the whole “unexpected trip” wording? No, that would cause them to try and get me home, which could be rather troublesome in the long run. Maybe I could say that I have way’s to get home, but they’ll take a while to put into practice. That sounds like something plausible, even if they will try to help, they probably won’t try to help as much as a full sob story.

“Well?” oh, I haven’t said anything and the Rainbow-maned pony Is getting more impatient.

I clear my throat and speak directly to another sentient being for the first time since Pinkie. “Why would I know the precise location of my parents at all times? I mean I’m not omnipotent.”

now it’s Rainbow’s turn to look puzzled. “What? Are you saying you don’t know where your parents are?”

“No, I just don’t know where they are in relation to myself.” this is going to take a while.

“So if you do know where they are, just tell us just where in Equestria they are or something.”

“They aren’t” I’m probably going to regret saying that soon enough.

“They aren’t what?” now that is a confused face right there.

“Equestria of course.” Now is the deciding moment, her response and mine decide whether I can do what I need to, or get sent somewhere for “help”.

“Wait your parents aren’t in Equestria? Well, where are they then?”

This could work out, she isn’t immediately saying to get me home, nor is she implying that I need to go to them. I need my next words to be precise, as to not give the wrong impression. “I’m not entirely sure.” I wanted precise, not vague. hope I can fix this. “That isn’t to say that I don’t have ways to get back to them. It’s just that my little excursion into ponyville was unanticipated and thus unplanned.”

Pinkie wasn’t next to me a second ago. “yeah Crafting here isn’t even supposed to exist!” surprising but not untrue, I wonder how she knows? Most seem to ignore her, that’s a silly thing to do.

There’s an orange pony coming this way. Tan mane with a stetson? That is defiantly Apple Jack, no question about it. “Are y'all sayin’ that you ended up in Ponyville by accident? Because that seems rather unlikely.” Her voice has that southern twang that fits her character so perfectly. Perhaps the show was more toaccurate than I thought.

And now my vision was blue once again. What does Dash need to be in my face about now? I would have thought she would at least keep some distance. “Are you a spy?”

“Spy?” French accent is now on, “if you for even a minute could believe that I am a spy I’m not doing a very good job at it.”

“Aha! I knew it! Why are you spying on us?” If she gets any closer our noses would be touching. I also feel Like her eyes are way too magenta.

“I was being sarcastic.” I wish that I could finish with: Well I sole your face! But I can’t. ”I would also say that a spy would want to not be noticed, I, however, love to be noticed by all around me. If one were to use logic, me being a spy is rather improbable.”

“logic, shmogic. Only a spy would know that about spies!”

“And along that logic, you must be a spy to know that! Give yourself up, or face the consequences!” She blinks once, twice, three, I’m going to stop counting that, and makes what sounds like a poorly pronounced ‘what?’. “of partaking in these confectioneries, and enjoying your time here!” With that, I turn toward AppleJack. “I’m guessing that you provided the catering?”

It was apparently her turn to look confused at me “well yeah, but how did you know that? You haven't even had a single bite.” She thinks that it would be hard to figure out.

“LOGIC! In other words, you have an apple cutie-mark and the confections look to be mostly apple-based, I just came to a logical conclusion.”

“Well, he does have quite the way with words, does he not?” The voice would not be out of place at a fine dinner or a castle ballroom, It’s Rarity. I look toward her with the thought of showing just why some people think I’m crazy. lo and behold I can put that thought to use.

“I’m guessing you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feeling, do you not?” The look was worth it all, wide-eyed, jaw an inch low, and the perfect amount of tilt to make her look like she just saw a dragon eating a tree while playing the banjo.

“ah’m sorry? What did y'all say?” looks like AppleJack only caught some of it and the rest just slipped into oblivion, not as good as Rarity’s face thou.

“Easy, he said: ‘I’m guessing you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feeling, do you not’ and then Rarity looked like-” How Pinkie Pie of all people is able to pull that face off better than Rarity, I don’t know, nor care, it’s incredible.

“Ah know that Pinkie! Ah was tryin’ to figure out just what he meant by it.”

Oh, I just know that I will love using my crazy personality to confuzle these ponies to the point of much return. But first I shall tell them the meaning of the puzzling word. “Well to put it simply the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means ‘happy’, ‘joyful’, ‘excited’, ‘elated’, or similar words and phrases.”

“Ah, so that is what that means!” Rarity seemed happy just to know what I was talking about, Apple Bloom however walked up like she had just heard that polka was a crime.

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